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Equity LifeStyle Properties Corporate Office Address: 2 N. Riverside Plaza, Chicago
IL, 60606
Phone: 312-279-1400

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Mike Grattan August 24 2013
Corporate management made a serious mistake in not explaining to the residents of Venture In in Show Low, Arizona of the change in management. The rumor mill only leads to distrust of the management of the corporate structure.

Lois Kaiser September 27 2014
Our park is looking more and more like trailer trash. There are weeds along the outside wall that is facing the street for all the passing cars to see. Inside the park walls weeds are growing. The corners are littered with trash. The maintenance man was fired and there has been no replacement. Tenants are reminded to take care of the weeds around their homes. This rule should apply to the park also. I was proud of my home and the ELS Community when I moved in 7 years ago. Not so now. Our roads are in need of resurfacing. It is not safe for bikers and walkers. One needs to be very careful. The lot rent increases each year with little or no improvement to show what the increase is being used for. My heart aches when I think of what it could be with proper management.

michael d elliott May 29 2015
foothills village in az. needs a management change the manager off the resort has caused more residents to leave the park and move to other locations , she has no people skills at all and she should be removed