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Bluefly Corporate Office Address: 42 W. 39th St., 9th Fl., New York
NY, 10018
Fax: 212-354-3400
Phone: 212-944-8000

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Eric baguisa October 25 2012
I purchased a pair of boots a couple of days ago. Today the same item is on sale for $40 off the price i paid for them. Free shipping. I called and asked if they can do a price adjustment since its only been a couple of days. The lady rep wouldnt do it. So i asked for a return sticker as ive decided to return the item and place a new order and buy the same item to get the $40 off offer. She put me on a long hold after she offered to check if she can give me the $40 off instead of returning and rebuying. She came back with an offer to help me place a new order. Wtf? I am returning the shoes and will never order from you again. Ive been a customer for years. Instead of gaining $320 , less $40 and making a valued customer happy, you just lost $360 and a customer. Whose the loser now?

Tonya Ward October 31 2012
After considering that your policies are not customer service oriented, why would I complain to the company. I think it makes more sense to disassociate myself with the company. Honestly, with the attitudes I've encountered, most likely no one cares.

Kelly Medlock May 13 2015
I believed that Bluefly only carried authentic items. I purchased a Prada handbag a few years ago & am now trying to sell it only to find out it is a fake. I have a picture verifying this. I want reimbursement for $800. If Bluefly is an honest, ethical company, it would reimburse me. Bluefly needs to check items before claiming them to be "authentic".