BP Corporate Office

BP Corporate Office Address: 01 Westlake Park Blvd, Houston
TX, 77079
Phone: (281) 366-2000

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BP is an oil and gas producer and refiner that is based in the UK. It is currently the third largest energy company in the world, behind Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell, operating in more than 80 countries worldwide and producing about 3.4 million barrels of oil every day.

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bonita sergent November 28 2012
this store is in cincinnati ohio at the corner of Galbraith and Colerain Avenues....please fix this ASAP!!!!

Shari January 04 2013
BP is the worse fuel company ever, all they care about is money, it is quite clear that they don't have any respect for business customers, all day I get a call from BP and they are constantly hanging up on me when I answer, I have made numerous attempts to speak to a supervisor, and I am always told that there are no supervisors available. Your CSR's are the rudest, ignorant people you can have work for you. WE will be closing our business account next week.

MICHAEL February 21 2013
There is trash all over the lot, the inside of store is not kept clean, and all the trash cans are over flowing. The worst I've ever seen this place. I won't be back till you clean the place up!!!

MICHAEL February 21 2013
There is trash all over the lot, the inside of store is not kept clean, and all the trash cans are over flowing. The worst I've ever seen this place. I won't be back till you clean the place up!!! Rt4 and High Street in Hamilton, Ohio!

Sally Stumacher May 30 2013
I want to make a complaint about one of your managers at your Irvington, NJ Nye Street BP Station
We pulled off the NJ Tpk late last night with a flat and since my husband is handicapped, asked if the
attendant who wasn’t busy at the time, could change a tire for us and we would pay him. He then told
us he would do it for $70.00. I told him that was much too much and he said OK $40.00 then or else
you can wait 3 hrs for AAA to come, which is what we ended up doing. I can see him refusing to change
the tire altogether, but to ask for between $40 and $70 seems like he is using your gas station as a
rip off scheme for older citizens, which I think you should really look into, because this does NOT reflect
well on your business, especially when this is what you consider a manager. Feel free to contact me via email
if you need any further information. He was the manager in charge at 11:00 pm at the Irvington BP Station
on Nye Ave. on Wednesday, May 28, 2013
Thank you

lois shaver June 27 2013
You have some of the worst people ever working at the midland michigan store..I went in a few months ago to get a bone formy dog n they changed the price 3.00more right infront of menot that I woulda pqud that price! Then last night I accidentally left my credit there n called twice to see if it was there r not. Then went back todayn colby toldme it was under the counter not that I believe him! People there are just very rude..they had my number n coulda called me back last night or today....they have no working with customer skills whatsoever n I surely hope it is dealt with...thank you for your time.

Malinda Clayton June 27 2013
I have a complaint about an employee at one of your franchise in Montgomery al,on colisiem blvd,the women that work in this place are rude and dress terrible to be in the present of the public. They solicite men for money asking to keep the change of customers.They all kind of men hanging around the store as if its a drug connection.And the one name rhonda houston has been having an affair with my husband. They are not professional at all I have been wanting to get in touch with someone but never knew who to contact.

John McClaskey December 01 2013
BP is the gas I have used for years. I was given a 30 cent a gallon gift card for shopping at KMart so was quite excited about the reduction for gas. However, I visited the BP station on the 6100 block Belair Rd, Baltimore Md 21206 on 12/01. The attendant took the coupon but said he was new and did not know how to enter it so suggested I go to another station. I did!! I went to the Sunoco who gladly accepted it. Of course their gas price is 15 cents more a gallon from the start. I can not understand if BP does not like or honor the Shop your way rewards, why did they agree to be part of it?
John McClaskey, 410 254-7764, jmsb3@verizon.net

Ms.Pam December 21 2013
December 21,2013 BP gas station 1312 East Busch Blvd. Tampa, Florida 33612 @ 1:15pm, this gas station has the worst customer skills I have ever encountered, customer service skills need to be severely addressed. The cashiers customer service skills are so poor that they will be the cause and source of an altercation amongst the customers. The cashiers overlook other customers that are waiting to be served and take other customers that have just walked in the door, this is unacceptable and bias. The customer that is already in the line waiting to be helped should be helped first, this is how unnecessary words, disrespect and altercations can be avoided.

sue March 26 2014
I Was Recently in your BP Gas Station in Hazel Crest ILLINOIs
the address is 17460 S.Kedzie Hazel Crest il.60429 I went thru the carwash and when I came out of carwash to wipe my car off I noticed that my car had been severly scratched it has circular motions ALL THE WAY AROUND MY CAR my ENTIRE CAR IS SCRATCHED. I went in and talked to employee HE WAS VERY RUDE TO ME and gave me manager name and told me there is NOTHING they will do for me. I Had to come back to store several times to speak to manager LUKE THATHAMKULAM he then told me he was NOT gonna do nothing at ALL for Me TOO BAD FOR YOU and then told me to leave his Store . I told him I was going to contract corporate and my LAWYER . Her Stated SO WHAT!!!!! and when I was leaving the employee gave me the finger.....

Lena hayman July 01 2014
My comment is the clear racism i experienced at the BP gas station on rt 27 North Brunswick, NJ... The Indians there are very disrespectful calling me out of my name. I voiced my dismay for this issue and I need corporate to know that they really should invstigate the people they allow to buy franchises here in the US...Im very pissed off and would like to file a formal complaint.

Wanda flood September 19 2014
Problem with store in FarmVille va 434607 3719.

jason stier November 23 2014
I was in your store located in edgerton wi stop n go. There was a employee named cecelia talking to the customer in front of me discussing smoking mirijuana (weed), and obviously she did not care i was standing there. She works the 11 p.m. til morning shift i find that highly disgusting and something needs to be done!!!

Joe L. Hiott June 10 2015
I received a new card in the mail, it does not have correct date of member since 1970; show 1994 which is wrong. I want it changed and synchrony bank will no do it until you BP people tell them to. I will not activate the card until my info is correct!

I expect a reply from BP as to why?

Orr August 11 2015
We have been members since 1957.
#1 Our cards will not work 1/4 of the time at 901 Buford Rd, Cumming, GA 3004. They work at other locations most of the time. My brother and wife will not use the above station. NOTE: Our old cards (Chase ) had problems also and a number of employees could not use it inside or out. (Sometime it worked inside and not outside.)
#2 We cannot sign-up on your site because our cards only have 16 numbers and it asks for 19 numbers- Cirrus.
#3 I hate trying to sign-up on your site
A) It will not let me use two letters in a row for password. I notice you use two and even three numbers in a row on the credit card
B) It requires a phone number whether we want to give it (for our convenience) or not. We have not asked for any of your phone numbers in the 58 years we have been members.