Domino's Pizza Corporate Office

Domino's Pizza Corporate Office Address: 30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr., Ann Arbor
MI, 48106
Phone: 734-930-3030

Customer Service Contact Info:

Founded in 1960, Domino\'s Pizza or Domino\'s, Inc. is an international chain of restaurants which primarily serve pizza. It is the second largest pizza chain in the US, behind Pizza Hut. Aside from vegetarian and meat pizzas, Domino\'s Pizza also serves several other items including chicken wings, boneless chicken, pasta, sandwiches, stuffed breads, beverages, and various dessert items such as chocolate lava cakes and cinnamon sticks. Today, Domino\'s Pizza has over 10,000 corporate and franchise stores in the US and in 70 other countries worldwide.

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loretta yannucci November 16 2012
I just got a pan pizza and it was very doughy ! It was cooked on the bottom and around the back but the middle was soft and wasn't cooked. I had to take a Zantac because it is repeating on me. Just thought you shoud know. Thank you

tina b February 05 2013
2 nd time my order took over 30 mins late on a call ahead carry out order & go figure food was still cold.... No more of my $$$ for u dominos..

jackie grater March 28 2013
I need to talk to someone about the worst service from Dominos

jackie grater March 28 2013
Ordered a pizza for dilvery & they never showed up & they claim to have knocked on my door with no answer yet i was sitting here with my door opened waiting for them.

Jerry L April 07 2013
store number3825 in punta gorda florida got my order wrong and was very very very rude when I called to complain and had the nerve to want to charge me another delivery fee .. this is so wrong

Jerry L on april 6,2013 April 07 2013
Store number 3825 in Punta Gorda got my order wrong and when i called to complain they were very very very rude and then had the nerve to want to charge me another delivery fee to correct it ,, this ios so wrong on all levels... is domino so broke that they need to treat steady customer this way?