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McDonalds Corporate Office Address: One McDonald\'s Plaza, Oak Brook
IL, 60523
Fax: (630) 623-5700
Phone: (630) 623-3000

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McDonald\'s Corporation is the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world, serving about 68 million customers in 119 countries every day. The company was founded in 1940 by brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald. Today, McDonald\'s has over 33,500 restaurants, which primarily serve hamburgers, fries, chicken, breakfast items, beverages, and desserts.

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Jasmine R. December 12 2012
Store 6449 is the worst store. The mangers are rude they barely speak English. They show favoritism to there race. The store is a complete mess. They only clean when they know a big manager is coming,! Half the store is Spanish they barely speak English. The health department need to come so many bugs in the machines.

reply to Jasmine R. January 15 2013
Jasmine is so true, today I was so bored all I am listening to is Filipino language I dont speak the language, only when a Supervisor or visitors to this store all you hear is english, store manager does anything about this, as soon as they leave then it is back to their language they speak about you but nothing is done the store manager is Filipino, favortism is very high here who gets hired here is father and daughter mother and daughter friend and friend and the list goes on and on the store manager has her daughter works here on weekends and on her days off from school and favortism is so high things just goes around in circle here the store manager made ray krock award no one knows about it not even after she has the award, yes she is ok, but what changes some of us english speaking goes through, the store makes it share, but not without us, she could not have done it without us, I also think she needs to listen to herself on who she wants to move up National Store Number 3787

Latasha Hamilton February 05 2013
I am at the McDonald's in Louisville ky inside kosair hospital and never in my life have i seen it this dirty im scared to even buy a cup of coffee out of here the lobby is a mess back line is a mess wish i could add a photo to this comment front line is a mess and no one is doin anything i so wish i could add a pic you need to see this mess where are the managers.....

Brenda Smith February 12 2013
I was at Your business in Columbus, Ohio at 3750 S. Hamilton Rd. I hit a pothole leaving, and damaged my car. I understand that this is Your property. I need to know who to contact to have the damage to my car paid for. The parcel Number is 530243506. I got this information off of Your website. "530-243506 ARCHLAND PROPERTY I LLC 3750 S HAMILTON RD COLUMBUS OH 43125 MCDONALDS CORPORATION." My insurance company will be contacting You in reguards to the damage done to my car when I hit the pothole on this service road.

If You need to contact me please do so at,or call me at 614-638-4127.

Thank You, Brenda Smith

Concerned Business Owner February 20 2013
Incompetent employees and managers.

Location: McDonald's at Park Place on Stone Mountain Hwy in Stone Mountain, Georgia. I am a business owner in the area and have also lived in this area for more than 15 years. If you are the franchise owner of this location you should be deeply concerned. This location consistently shows the incompetence of the employees and the management team. You would think that over time with all the complaints that I have experienced myself and feedback from my customers with the same experience things would be corrected.

The worst drive thru experience time and time again.

Never fails. It is always wrong everytime.

Customer goes thru drive thru and this is what happens.

At least one of the following will happen:

1. Order value meals w drinks: no straws given
2. No napkins given
3. Order chicken nuggets employee asks which sauce desired: no sauce given. Why ask if ur not gonna provide it for the customer
4. Missing items from order

There is a reason why customers go thru the drive thru

So they dnt hav to get out of the car

Customers don't want to have to come back for a straw, for ketchup, sauce, or bc an order is missing and it was the bosses lunch

Following through on a customers order is as simple as 123

A young child is more disciplined than the staff at this McDonald's. I am very sorry to make this comment, but if simple policies such as straws need to be given to the customer if they order drinks are a problem and the staff can't get it right everyone should be fired and placed back in grade school.

This McDonald's is pretty busy so I'm not sure if the franchise owner realizes the level of dissatisfaction among the customers.

I love McDonald's, but it's locations like this that really give McDonald's a bad name and a terrible image.

Personally I have never wrote a review for any company or business. Most places make mistakes every once in a blue moon. This location time and time again fails to perform the simplest tasks.

I have a number of businesses on stone mountain so my employees and myself visit this location probably 100 times or more a year. Usually for breakfast or lunch.

I just wanted to express my frustration and hope that you make the necessary changes to better your business, the image of you're company, and project competence for the community as a whole.

People who come to our area or town get an impression of who we are by the condition of our roads, the landscape, and the businesses they visit.

molly March 02 2013
I took a drive from kansas to california stopping at many mcdonalds for a sugar free vanilla latte. We never once got the right drink that we ordered. I thought it was only in kansas but iguess no one at mcdonalds can get an order right.

Mark March 03 2013
I used to love mcdonalds but spencer ma changed all that every time I go lath my sandwich seems to be dismantled to put fresh bread and extra sauce so they cAn sell the old food sometimes they don't even bother w that

Carl Pittman March 11 2013
i was at the MCDonalds on 5153 w Chicago Ave -Phone # 773-287-4687 ,I bought Fish Bites Regular and a Same Rock shake around 7:30pm--I took it back to the store and the lady said she can't do anything for me Because I had eat some of them up,I told her that I did eat them and then when I was almost do I look in the box and seen some hair in the Box,I know it was not mine,Yes I took pictures of it,my number is 773-621-4441 cell and home is 773-261-8589 --My Name Carl Pittman Thank you,

Cynthia March 13 2013
What r u doing to us-just saw what u r putting in our food-u should be ashamed i will never eat there again-no wonder i always get sick after-can't believe what u r doing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antoinette March 19 2013
My experience was terrible...i ordered a large fry and a large vanilla milk shake...the milk shake was watered down and it was gross...i took it back annd again the same highly upset....

work here May 06 2013
I was burned. Our first aid kit had no burn medicine.or anything in it. Manger made me St ay whole shift knowing i was hurt . I did most of the work while she did nothing.

DONNA S December 26 2013

Restaurant #11886

98 Weston St.


kim April 15 2014
The store in st.martinville mangers are rude. How a manger curse his employee out in front of customers his name is mike

sandie nunez April 25 2014
Hello i went to your drive thru today and picked up a happy meal for my grandson only to get home and give it to him and find that there was no sauce included no apples, andthree nuggets only AND NO TOY. This is NOT ACCEPTIBLE. This happened at store number 4441 on 51st ave and mcdowell rd. I also tryed to call the store TEN TIMES and no one bothered to pick up the phone.

Terry G. May 28 2014
Recently my wife and I were stranded in the Denver airport along with hundreds of other passengers caused by weather related flights being cancelled. The McDonalds manager and another employee stayed through out the night to assist customers any way they could ,this included young people with babies and small children and the elderly folks as well . Thanks for a job well done!!

thomas beauchamp July 12 2014
your big mac should truly be a big mac. try using 1/4 lb patties 2 pcs. of cheese and extra special sauce in fact u should capitalize on the sauce put more on and offer sauce on the side like ur other condiments the sauce is key try using it more. and maybe offer tomatoes and onions make the big mac the main burger of mcdonalds with options. yours truly long time fan.

Fara October 17 2014
Great store.
The best.
Located in Florida City, FL
Store # 10537.
Extremely pleasant employees, nice to the customers.
Great burgers. We travel many miles to go to this location.

All the employees are good, there is one that goes the extra mile to serve the customers, his name is EMANUEL GADISON.
Great guy.
The store is very clean, the ladies "powder room" is extremely clean.

We have been customers of Mcdonalds since 1961, there was a sotre in Miami on NW 7 Street, I remember with a torch for the French fries, above the roof.

God bless and have a great day.

Mr and Mrs Pino
Tony and Fara

Sally H. March 25 2015
3/25/15: McDonalds on Morgan Ave & Crosstown Hwy. The worse place to go. I have never experienced such stale chicken nuggets. Taste like they were just microwaved, french fries were old & wilting, salad turning brown & very soggy. You see the manager and he looked like he just does not care the way he looked lazy & very over weight. This is the second time today we had McDonalds and the food was just the same. Orders are always messed up. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT CORPORATE OFFICE.!!

JO-Ann Miele July 02 2015
I was at Mcdonalds on wolf rd in colonie, ny and it is a disaster, I wa sin line for over 20 mins to get coffee and they had to take the order by hand and than they had no large cups only small and the system was broke. I do hope you will look into this area. It is just a mess and no one speaks English so sad that a mcdonalds has come to this. I hope you will send some free coupons for this nonsence

Angela Kelly August 08 2015
The Mcdonald at the store location#5832 have gotten their last donation from me first and foremost their services is getting ridiculous as well as preparing and the handling of your food,plus the mangers on duties respond to complaints from the guests as if they have had no type of training and on top of all of the mishaps if you ask for water after all the scrutiny you are ask to pay for what should be a complimentary cup of water.

Greg Thomson October 26 2015
After what seems to be a few years, you have cancelled the Blueberry Pomegranate smoothie! This was the best thing McDonalds ever did. I never introduced someone to it, who wasnt amazed. I must have had 4 a week on average. The others just are not the same. Darn you!

Mr Ronald Harris December 02 2015
The commits I made was for the store in South Arlington, TX. Store number 5467. Save your money, or take it to another establishment.