Coca-Cola Enterprises Corporate Office

Coca-Cola Enterprises Corporate Office Address: 2500 Windy Ridge Pkwy., Atlanta
GA, 30339
Phone: 770-989-3000

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Coca-Cola Enterprises is a producer, retailer and seller of the non-alcoholic beverage syrups and concentrates of the Coca-Cola Company. They are most popular for their flagship product Coca-Cola, which was invented by John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist from Columbus, Georgia. Aside from the Coca-Cola beverage, however, they offer over hundreds more brands in numerous countries and territories worldwide. Some of the other brands and products that they market and distribute include Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Chaudfontaine, Ocean Spray, Capri Sun, Monster, Schweppes Abbey Well, and Relentless. They are the anchor bottler of Coca-Cola products in Western Europe and was also formerly the anchor bottler in most of North America.

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ronald richardson November 13 2012
I own a pharmacy and have been a customer of yours for about 15 years. Today I encountered the roudest and unprofessional delivery representative of Coca-Cola I have ever seen! I know i am not one of your large customers but if you have guys like this representing you it is just a matter of time before your sales will reflect your representation. I have called on this matter before but nothing has been done about it. outlet 8835432 RTE 375 DRIVER 1785 LOAD HSl05