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Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation Corporate Office Address: 2525 E. El Segundo Blvd. , El Segundo
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Vera Palomino November 25 2012
I live in Chandler Az. I was in your store in Chandler on Warner and Arizona,this past Fri. I feel as a customer I should report the conduct of one of your managers, Kevin. I feel he doesn't have people skills not very friendly, and he gave me the impression he is not a very happy employee. I did not like the way he spoke to one of his employees in front of customers. If this problem is not taken care of I will not shop at Big 5 anymore, I was a loyal customer. I worked in retail for many years, and I was taught to be more professional at all times. I hope this problem is taken care off. Thank you.

Matthew Evers December 01 2012
I bought a nice baseball glove for my son and he decided to play soccer. The best they can do is give me an in-store credit. I love Big 5 but really feel I paid them they should give me my money back. Money is tight I was a special ed teacher and got a concussion and now can't work. I have 9 kids and no work so you think they could look up transaction and give me my money back.

sally January 20 2013
When I went to big 5 in santa maria ca one of the managers was standing around talkin to his worker but made the girk worker do everythng and tham got mad at her for cleaning when he had told her to strt cleaning very unprofeissonal the managers name was brian

Brian March 07 2013
I'm writing you to complain about your store manager in Tigard,Oregon.
Last December, I went to your store to by my son a .22 rifle. Your store manager, a well dressed young man, probably in his early 20's helped me. His demeanor with me was that my business was a hassle for him as his attitude was short, "snippy" and clearly a rude "tone" I've never experienced in a retail store. After assisting me with the paper work at the gun counter, he "marched" me over to the cash register counter and rang-up my purchase and then, holding his open hand against by back, virtually escorted me in a "ejecting" way out the door. I recall saying to myself never to return.
Two weeks ago, I was at another store close by and I decided to go back to BIG 5 thinking my last experience was a "off day".
I was asking a sales person about weight lifting equipment for my son and if they had more of what I wanted in back stock. He went and found the manager and lo and behold, it was the same manager from October. Again, he seemed very irritated and rude with having to help me, but not quite as much as October.
I've lived in the store area all my life. I'm in my late 50's and in fact, I own multi-tenant commercial/retail real estate not far from your BIG 5 store. I'm a business man and father to two kids.
I will NEVER go back to your store(s) again. I've already told several of my friends, associates and neighbors about how customers get treated in your Tigard store. Actually, I'd been in that store several times before and was treated very fine as a customer should expect but, not with the guy you have there now. I haven't seen very many customers in your store the two last times I was in your store. I think I know why. If your store goes dark, I guess you'll know why too.

scaledbk652013 June 06 2013
I was just in the Concord store #437. I was not asked if I needed any help. But I had all three employees and manager plus a black loss prevention employee standing next to me while I was shopping. Then he went to the outside of the entrance waiting. The other two employees were in isles in front and back of me. Made my shopping a bad experience. I will not shop AT big 5 again. The cashier said they have a lot of thieft THERE REALLY ?SPORTS AUTHORITY HERE I COME!

David July 19 2013
I have visited your Brea Store on a few different occasions. Each and every time I go into that store, I see the same store manager jumping to the assistance of anyone who is looking for help. I was there this week, and you could tell all was not well. You definitely got a vibe that there may have been some sort of employee issue, or whatever, but the entire staff was a bit on edge. However, he continued to assist at checkout in a very helpful and courteous manner, everyone involved did. I wish I had co-workers with that kind of positive attitude at my work! I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for putting the right person in the right spot to get the job done right. Keep up the great work, and even better sales !!!

Angela Lopez August 21 2013
Hi I just wanted to ask a question. I have always liked buying my shoes from Big 5. My complaint however is that, everytime I read one of you advertisments, 90% of shows on sale are for men. As women struggling in todays economy, it would be nice to have the courtesy towards us. I am a woman with a 15 year old son. My income is disability. It would be nice to buy a pair of shoes with the same discount. I have always used LA Gear, and it is rare that they go on sale.
Thank you.
Angela Lopez
1827 S. Maple ave
Yuma AZ. 85364

Larry Boss November 02 2013
I have been shopping at your store in Moreno Valley for 10 years and have purchased several long guns over those years. Tonight (11/1/2013) a new guy named MIKE informed me that he would not sell me a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun That you have advertised for $299.99 because I intended to give it to my wife as a gift. He absolutely refused to let me purchase the weapon because I intended to gift it to my wife. I completely understand that any transfer of ownership in the future will need to be done through one of the many FFL holders that I use. However, I have been a loyal customer for years but I intend to stop doing business with your chain in the future and I will make it my business to let the gun using community know how anti-gun Big5 has become. I will of course purchase the weapon from another customer friendly store. You need to train your people that it is in no way any of their business who in my family uses a weapon. MIKE is not able to force his beliefs upon me. He may not like guns. Then he should not work for a company that sells them. As an NRA Life member, know that I will let everyone know how you treat law abiding gun purchasers. I have NEVER been treated this way . I am a retired, disabled vet with nothing but time on my hands and I will use it to make certain that everyone hears about this

Shebrena November 10 2013
I wanted to report the rude behavior of your manager in the El Cajon, CA store on Saturday November 9th (I believe is the date). At any rate I went to return an item I bought. Right of the bat the employee looked at the Manager who immediately said I can only give you a store credit. He was very rude and uncompromising. I spend a lot of money at Big5 and it has always been my first choice. But Dick is right across the street and I will have to consider it now. It turned out thatpurchase had not been made there. I said thank God. Went to Walmart and return the merchandise hassle free. I will not shop there if I will be treated rudely, honestly I think he was prejudice but I have no proof.

al April 05 2015
Please forward this to all purchasing departments:

Do you really think that if a D is a little to tight that a 4EE wont be excessively to big? This is not good for business.

I suggest that you offer D and 2EE sizes in store.

I cant tell you how many times I have NOT purchased shoes in your store because the shoes you offered were either to tight or excessively to big.

One more thing; men do not like bright colors (yellows, reds, orange) in or on their athletic shoes; offer shoes for men with darker colors in or on the shoes. We will buy more.

Brad OLBERDING May 27 2015
Would like to know if you offer any school sponsorship, we need two large
Ez ups for summer passing league, would you be able to help us aquire

EP Hartman CTC June 22 2015
MY wife went into store #132 today to buy a pedometer.

After paying for it, she asked one of the workers if he could help her assemble it so she could wear it.

HE said "NO!" They they were not allowed to do this....NOW, this lady is 81 years old!!


A.R. November 05 2015
Complaints are because they fired all the good managers that actually helped customers and were nice to the employees.
Former employee of Big 5.

Mark Mancini February 10 2016
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