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Benihana Corporate Office Address: 8685 Nw 53rd Terrace, Miami
FL, 33166
Fax: 305-592-6371
Phone: 305-593-0770

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melanie mansfield February 14 2013
I have been a frequent flyer at Benihana Dearborn since the end of time. Ive been dining there for many years and the service has completely gone down. The staff there have become rude and unattentive. They change rules on a daily basis. One day youre allowed to eat and drink at the bar and the next day youre not allowed. Ive tried to order carry out twice this week and was told it would take one hour and forty five minutes. That was the wait time for two veggie fried rice. I asked them for corporate number and the manager came out to try to talk, but it was too late. He tried to make me think he was corporate.

Diane stunick April 05 2013
I did not get my birthday certificate for April coupon for my birthday my email is could you please send it. Thank YouBn

Diane stunick April 05 2013

did not get my birthday april coupon

Janette Berish April 30 2013
Trying to get a phone number to talk to corporate. I emailed with no response. I would like to discuss my experience in your Michigan restaurant and a bug in the food and manager still insisted I pay for half.

Thomas S Opitz January 13 2014
I have not gotten my B-day coupon as of yet. I have gotten them before. My B-day is 01-27-1959. I did get a letter in the mail saying some changes to the use of the coupon. I would like to use it on Thursday,since my daughters is on the 17th but have to use hers on the 16th. What are the chances of getting this by Thursday? I love the food. Thank you Tom

roberta nizzico February 01 2014
I have my birthday coupon for January and it expired on the 30th I will be in florida and made a reservation for benihana in Orlando on 2/21 would it be possible to reissue this coupon so I can take advantage of my birthday there isno benihana in yonkers thanks rats25@verizon,net

Karen Sarmiento May 28 2014
I live border line of Orange county and LA county, Southern CA. We have a very broad variety of Japanese restaurants; however, no Benihana where we all work (Downey) We used to go to this great/great restaurant called Sambis, on Firestone Blvd., with a piano bar also, besides the restaurant, but they closed it down last year. The space is still empty/for rent. Please consider opening one!!! Great busy area, a block from Stonewood Mall. We miss our happy hr and great food. Nothing could compared to that Sambis except Benihana.

james h parsons February 10 2016
i see that many others have not received their birthday coupon according to comments

Shyreese Guyton March 29 2016
I lost my birthday certificate and it runs out Thursday and I want to use it