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Recognized globally as the second largest broadcaster behind the BBC, CBS or CBS Corporation or CBS Broadcasting, Inc. is a major commercial broadcasting television network in the US. It started off as a radio network, when the United Independent Broadcasters network was created in 1927 in Chicago by Arthur Judson. Over the years, the network has gone through numerous changes; and today, it continues to run a radio network, as well as a portfolio of several big market television and radio networks.

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Kim Reed November 11 2012
I know I am just one person and my opinion doesn't mean much, but I will never listen to Gary Danielson call another Alabama game. I don't care if I watch in silence. He is obviously bias against Alabama. Every Alabama game I have watched on CBS, he has shown his bias. Thank you for letting me vent my frustration.

Steve December 02 2012
I totally agree. I was so pissed during the SEC Championship tonite. He was loving on Georgia!!

JONATHAN DELOACH December 02 2012
Sometimes you expect bias when an announcer has played for or coached at one or the other schools on the playing field. But, Gary Danielson took it to another level with last night's SEC Championship game coverage considering he has no relationship at all with either team.

After every successful Georgia scoring play, praised was immediately heaped on Aaron Murray or Gurley and then, the sound of crickets after any successful Alabama scoring play, especially after the go ahead touchdown was scored. Go check the replay of the many, many seconds of absolute dead silence after that play.

The bias reached a peak when, at the end of the game, the Players of the Game were announced - Alabama running backs Lacy and Yeldon. Danielson had to add-in, while the broadcast was actually going off the air, that Murray should have received one. Face it Gary, winners are recognized and losers are not, even with the all the bias that came out of the broadcast booth.

I would only hope that the SEC would tell CBS if you want to continue broadcasting games of the most dominate college football conference in the nation, things need to change in the broadcast booth. Thank goodness, that neither Gary Danielson or Vern Lundquist will be calling the BCS game and hopefully, last night will be their last SEC game.

Sharon Dusenka December 14 2012
After not watching any soap operas for over 30 years I've been watching the bold and beautiful and I don't get to see it. Often because I'm usually busy at the television is on I'm not really watching it but I do take time out to specially watch that show now in the evening most of the shows you have on television I don't care for and if there is one I do like usually it ends up being a I rerun I used to watch CBS exclusively but that stop when you started promoting gay people especially on Ellen and the view and other ships I'm not going along with it and if you're the bold and the beautiful is not on after the special report but I'm I'm going to really really consider cutting it out completely