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CVS or CVS Caremark Corporation is the second largest drugstore chain in the US and is a leading pharmacy benefits manager in the country, having over 60 million plan members. It was founded in 2007 through a merger between CVS Pharmacy and Caremark RX. Today, CVS has more than 7,300 retail and specialty stores which operate under the Longs Drugs and CVS banners. They are also able to offer comprehensive prescription management services through their CVS Caremark Pharmacy Services division. Aside from these, they also have MinuteClinic, a walk in clinic which offers medical services in 570 CVS Pharmacy stores nationwide.

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LuAnn Fries October 23 2012
There is a missing child in our area and a friend of mine went into the CVS in Malaga NJ and was told by the manager that they can't put up posters. I understand how that could get out of hand. But this is a childs life that could be saved maybe by someone in that store seeing the poster. I for one will not be spending any more money in your stores. How very sad what this world is coming too.

g lippert December 21 2012
the CVS located at Belcher road and 580 store number 4987. there is a gentleman working there by the name of Derek who is on a total power trip he is rude. he speaks to you in a condescending manner in which he thinks he is superior to you. I have heard him be rude to customers and employees alike in front of customers. I will NOT be back to that CVS to shop because of him. I will need my prescriptions and all. you might want to consider sending someone to that store to watch his manners with the employees and customers..

Genevieve H. Dotson December 23 2012
I am seriously considering going to another pharmacy in South Lyon, Michigan; because of the service at the pharmacy counter in the store. I can walk in to pick up a script my doctor has called in or one of the rapid refill and the help will leave me standing and wait at all the cars in the drive thur. I droped a script off last week and said I would come back later, when I went back later it still wasn't readyand wouldn't be for another 15 mins. So this ment another trip up town to get my script. I DO not want to use the drive thur. I want to be able to talk to the pharmacist if a script has changed. I would like the people at the counter to recieve the same attention as those lazy people at the drive thur. store no8066

Lynette S. Ratliff January 13 2013
The Eakin Road pharmacy has become a joke when trying to get prescriptions. I have had nothing but trouble everytime I go in. Not saying that the people are not helpful, but when I call a script in the morning before a 3:00 next day pickup and I don't get there until 6, I expect it to be ready not told it could be another hour. I just got a discount coupon for 2012 because I was in the top 25 for spending at this CVS. I hate to say this but I will be changing my scripts over as they come up unless things change. This has been going on for the last 6 months not just since Walgreen's stop taking Molina and everyone is coming to CVS, that is a cop out. Get more help for filling the scripts.

felicia January 15 2013
The CVS pharmacy on Malibu rd/California is one of the worst nightmares a doctor's office can have when calling a Rx in!!! You are put on hold(sometimes right away,without being told anything)and the average hold is minimum 5 minutes,minutes you hold and nobody comes on the line to say anything!A lot of times you get disconnected after 5 or more minutes!!When you finally get somebody on the line they act aggravated,to the point of being rude!!!!We have few patients we told to change pharmacy and they did!I wish the corporate reads this and will do something about it!!!!! If they need more staff,give it to them,if is just mismanagement,change the manager!!!!

Tiffanie February 05 2013
OKC location misfilled 2 prescriptions. Took it upon themselves to change the prescriptions without communicating this with me. They have lost our business. Not only that but the guy at the window has always discriminated against me..very rude always. Today THREW the prescriptions at me. I was very nice. He has issues but again it has cost them costumers!

Kathleen February 22 2013
CVS at Park and Jupiter in Plano, TX has lost our business. I am an RN and this is the 3rd time that a prescription has been misfilled for myself or my husband. This time directions were BID instead of QID causing an infection to not get better and now I am looking at a root canal :(. The last time my husbands pain medication was misfilled with a medication that he is allergic to. I know when your are busy or short staffed there can be honest mistakes, but this is just a lack of caring and attention to detail that could KILL someone.

holiday Bob Demaz March 12 2013
This is about the CVS Pharmacy in Mira Mesa I called in my prescriptions over a week ago and I am I'm still waiting I checked with my insurance provider and they said they never did get a call from the Mira Mesa CVS Pharmacy show they call them today I cannot tell you how many times I have walked in that store and walked right out because their lines were so long Half of them the employees there you cannot enter stand there in English it's so poor and the rest of them they all look like They have this blank look on their faces like they could care less. From now
on I will be doing business with someone else.

Thomas M. Lawler March 13 2013
There seems to be a big problem at the CVS in Madison, CT. I understand it is due to employee hours being cut...what a damn shame...
I have been a customer at the pharmacy for 3 years...the help that is there are complete strangers and don't know their ass from their elbows...I can see if they were all trained properly, but that isn't the case. The last time I was in there, I had to wait for over an hour for a prescription, that I had called in the previous day...I am usually a very patient person, but having these new folks there, I am not so patient anymore...I am seriously thinking of taking my $45,000 business elsewhere, like Stop and Shop which is right down the road. I doubt I will get an answer from Corporate...I am sure there is a change over there as well...I say put the regular people back and forget the morons...The manager, Doug is a very nice person..and works his tail off for you people, and for what...Probably other people have more money invested than I have, but I am sure, you will miss my best to you, Thomas M Lawler
70 Woodland Rd., Apt. 1G
Madison, CT 06443


Jean Brown March 15 2013
The CVS on 40th Street NE in Washington DC has terrible customer service. Not only has this pharmacy repeatedly dispensed the wrong medication to me and other customers, but you have to wait from 30 min to an hour to receive medication placed in two or more days earlier. The lines are always long because your medication is never ready for pickup. Something really needs to be done about this. There are many people especially the elderly who never check their medication to see if it is correct and I hate to think what type of reaction they incurred and never knew why.

Susan Briscoe March 16 2013
I am very unhappy with the service I received at the Manassas, VA 24 hour CVS pharmacy this morning. I usually dread going there anyway because the service usually stinks. This morning it was before 8:00 a.m. and I had phoned in 7 RX the evening before. Six of the RX were filled and the other one was not for some reason. I asked the staff member, George, if he could fill it and he told me it wold take 30 - 45 minutes. I was the only person in the store and in the pharmacy. He told me he was the only one there and he had to wait on someone at the drive-through. I still didn't see how this could take 45 minutes. I spoke to a manager because George was obviously not going to put any effort into helping me so I could get on with my day. The manager spoke to him and asked me if 30 minutes was o.k. I said if they were busy, yes, but I was the only person in the store waiting for my RX and why did it take 30 minutes to count out 30 pills and put a label on it. I stood there at the counter and George had the RX mready in less than 5 minutes. I was outraged at the lack of concern for customer time and service. Management was not that helpful either.

derek adams March 20 2013
I will never shop there again because of this policy about weight form a person that struggles with his weight.

mark March 21 2013
As a former member of your company and a trusted customer now. I am disgusted by your new policy to know the weight of your staff. We know what you are up to. This a form of weight discrimination. We are disgusted! SHAME ON YOU!!! We all will think twice about shopping with you!

mark March 21 2013
shame on you!! Treating you staff like slaves!!!!

tiffany March 26 2013
I think that your policy to fine employees if they do not discclose medical information is dispicable. Is this a HIPPA violation?

If this policy is inacted, I will no longer frequent in anyway, CVS. I will take my business to Rite Aide, and never set foot in any of your stores.

April 09 2013
CVS have BAD customer services. I had problem with a Store Manager that treated my granddaughter and I like we were noting.

Pat Parrigin April 13 2013
Your store manager, Eugene, at the Sunset Blvd., Henderson, Nv. #8787 is the greatest. He was so very very helpful and patient to me even though the store was so busy. My thanks to him and to you for having such a great employee.

crystal m April 14 2013
I understand people can be asked for an ID when buying cigarettes, but when your employees pick and choose when and who they ask, after they just sold you the same exact thing the night before (and I do not look like a teenager!) is ridiculous. This company has absolutely no customer service, and the consumer pays for that when we spend our money there, but it seems like we are paying for them to be rude to us! In Santa Cruz there is now a Walgreens down the street from the cvs on front steps, 2 blocks down on laurel st!!!

bud hudlow April 20 2013
i have requested more than once that i do not take carvedilol anymore. they keep filling this prescription i can not get this message across can you help me thanks 3782 north cobb parkway Kennesaw ga 39152

Tami Francis April 25 2013
April 24, 2013

I am writing this to make a complaint against CVS Pharmacy, located at 621 SW 3rd Street, Leeís Summit, MO. Ever since they moved to this location the service has been horrible. You have to wait in line anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. I never had any problems prior to the move. I have encountered the following issues:

April 24, 2013 I called CVS to find out if I had a prescription ready. I was told that it was being worked and would be ready in 30 minutes. Forty-five minutes later I went into the store and was told that it was still being worked at it would be 15 minutes. After waiting 15 minutes in the store the Pharmacist came to me while I was shopping and asked me if I were there to pick up a prescription. I said yes, it is only cough syrup so I donít understand what is taking so long. The Pharmacist went to the younger guy in the pharmacy and I could see the Pharmacist who approached me had given the younger guy the cough syrup and the younger guy began to put the prescription together. Within five minutes the prescription was ready. I canít believe I was lied to on more than one occasion about when the prescription would be ready and they didnít begin to put it together until after I was promised the medication. It was well over an hour before I received the medication.

On another occasion I called to find out when a prescription would be ready. I was told in a half hour. Two hours later I sent my daughter to pick up the prescription and they told her it was not ready. They told her they would text me when the prescription was ready. I received a text about an hour later so I called my brother-in-law who was getting off work and asked if he would pick it up on his way home. When he arrived he was again told it was not ready. After five hours I went into the store to pick up the prescription. When I arrive at the pharmacy I was told again that the prescription was not ready and had to wait about 20 minutes on the prescription. I was extremely upset because by this time I had had two text messages that the medication was ready.

On another occasion, I told them I did not need a certain prescription (Amitiza) and they told me they would pull it until I called it in. The next day I sent my sister to pick up a different prescription and the Amitiza that I was told had been pulled was in the bag.

On a different occasion I was called about a prescription (folic acid) being ready on two different occasions. When I went into the store to pick up my prescriptions, the folic acid was not in the bag. I called the pharmacy to let them know the folic acid was not in the bag and told them I would pick it up the next day because I was close to home at that point. As I was on the phone with the pharmacy I received a call telling me the folic acid had not been picked up. The next day I received an automated message letting me know the folic acid was not picked up.

This is the most ridiculous service I have ever had with any retailer. It is very aggravating and annoying. Sending automated messages do not work because once you arrive the medication is not ready any way. I spend a great deal of money at CVC but if this continues I will take my business somewhere else.

Rose Pierce April 29 2013
This is in reference to store number2684 located in south jersey. The pharmacy department. The tech" Stephanie Bennet" who is in charge is unprofessional and is in violation with the hepa laws. She belittles the workers in front of the customers and disscusses the medications that they are on infront of anyone that is at the counter. This is so wrong , and harrasment. Which now she is breaking the bulling laws that are inafect. These workers are feeling intimidated by her. They are so afraid that they will lose their job if they say anything back. All this store has to do is run back their tapes and they will see what I am talking about. They need to do something about this woman before this store wines up with a big law suit. No one should have to work under these conditions. I have seen all this first hand while shopping in the store. I feel really bad for the employees that work in this pharmacy. No one has the right to be humiliated by a co worker who thinks she can controll their life. Please somone help these workers and do something about this woman. Thank you.

Alice Lindsay Meekins May 02 2013
I use the pharmacy at store #2166 in Philadelphia, PA. I get outstanding customer service there. Kudos to your entire staff. In particular, my pharmacist Jesse is the best. He smiles and addresses me by name every time I see him. He is courteous and knowledgeble. I trust him. If you reward your employees in any way I certainly hope this young man is acknowledged. I work at the public welfare office so I know the public can be quite a handful. He gives great customer service and I spend my money there in part because him. Thank you

thelma lager May 03 2013
Your monterey Park store on Garfield Avenue (Ca.) does not ever offer carts. Since this forces me and many others to head straight for the prescription refill counter, then leave the store this means you are not getting sales from "browsing." So I purchase toothpaste, aspirin, soaps, candy where they do provide shopping carts for convenience of those you advertise as "important" to you. Bunk.

Donna Lempin May 04 2013
At my local CVS Pharmacy here in Waldorf Maryland there has been a wonderful young lady working by herself. And usually when you have an individual that has been at work all week stressed out the individual is tired, aggitated and angrey. This young lady was not she was very helpful, proffessional and kind. I wish the corporate office would get enough staff in the White Plains/Maryland location so that she does not have to be by herself. If there are individuals that do not want to come to work, just let them go and hire individuals that would like to come to work. Our CVS in White Plains,Maryland needs help. May 08 2013
the customer service in Baker, LA 70714 is the worst ever....I brought my rx to the pharmacy and she said it will be ready in 1.5 hours...went back to get it and it wasnt prepared. she said we can fix it in 5 minutes.....a whole lot of racism going on in baker, la

Belinda May 11 2013
I was in the CVS store located in Oxon Hill, MD (store#1511 Rivertowne Common Center) one of the managers named Jessica was very rude and ignorant. My purpose for being in that particular CVS was to copy some photos for my mom. She happen to be in the photo department helping other custmers out. Once she was finished with them, I asked her for assistance. She looked the other way and acted as if she knew nothing about the photo copies. I continue with my business and figured it out on my own, once I was finished I asked if she could cash me out, she intern told me to get in the other line, which by the way was down the aisle. Because she said that she had to help some guy that had just walked in the store with the same issues or similar to mine out. I did by trhe way get in the long line, right after I got in the long line, she yelled next customer. I feel that something needs to be done about this kinda of treatment.

LoriA B. May 12 2013
Store #2164 has the worst customer service in Mt. Vernon. A cashier named Ashley is rude and not professional. I will be going to Target from now on.

Eileen M. Herold May 14 2013
I shop at the CVS located on Merrick Rd. in Baldwin, N.Y. Yesterday, while shopping I was SHOCKED to hear through the PA system commercials and jingles in Spanish. This is America, our language is English. This is an insult to all Americans to see and hear our country changing into, among other things a Spanish Country. Any non speaking English person, if they want to live in America MUST learn OUR language, not force us to learn theirs. You may believe this practice is a help to these people, and certainly a huge financial benefit to your corporation, but the truth is you are encouraging them to not learning English. I am an advocate for America, and if this practice is not stopped I will organize as many Americans to boycott CVS until this is changed. If it continues our voices will become louder and louder for America to still be America, WE SPEAK ENGLISH, IT IS OUR FIRST AND ONLY LANGUAGE....

4437225315 May 14 2013
My 13 yr old was told to empty his school bag and pockets because the cashier thought he may have stolen from the store. Store in laurel bowie road in Maryland. Manager was contacted and she denied it without checking store camera even when I requested.

Doug Davis June 01 2013
My wife just came home from your store in Half Moon Bay CA where she went to purchase deck furniute which was on sale. When she asked to purchase the item she was told that they were out of the item. the store manager was present but made no offer to take her name and have the product sent to the store so that she could purchase the item/ She made a special trip to purchase this item only to be told that they were out of the item and there was no offer to take her name and order the item for her. Great customer service LOL. I expect a call from the store manager and let my wife know when it would be at the srore so she could buy it. Her number is 6502438086 that if yor company gives a shit about your clients.

Doug Davis Half moon bay ca.

Las Vegas, NV. Upset customer June 05 2013
CVS has bad customer service and r racist.

elizabeth clack December 05 2013
I am iplanining on getting in touch with Northstart since when does someone qualify for northstar and your pharmacy still charges for the perscriptions. I have yet to have my refund returnd to my debit card just how long does it take to get a refund it was at the CVS in greenville texas on dec 3 when i went back they said they refunded my money I have yet to see it. myemail is CVS knew i was on northstar. Now do I need to contact northstar to let them know how you handle things thank you

Juan J Ortega January 25 2014
I am submitting my complaint online due to wanting to get a certain issue resolve. The other day I went to a CVS store that to honor a rain check that I had , because it listed 5 cokes @ cents . The store only had one left to make good on my rain check. They told me to forfeit my rain check for that one coke or wait untill they had more cokes to be able to use my rain check .The store manager said that it was corporate store policy. I thought he should have been able to keep my rain check and give me a new one for the remaing four cokes . Bottom line your store manager has problems dealing with the folks he serves .This store is located in Harlingen around the 2100 block of south 77 sunshine strip .

who? January 29 2014
CVS 2031 All I have to say is this store really cares about the customers from the store manager Larry to the helpful friendly pharmacy staff they need to be acknowledged! I love them all very friendly and helpful!!:)

fromer customer April 01 2014
Less than impressed with your updating your comment/complaint list. 2012-2013, plenty of them. What about 2014?

Hannah Caron June 28 2014
About a year and a half ago I encountered a bad experience trying to get a prescription filled for my husband at CVS. My husband has had quadruple bypass surgery and also has a defibulater. He had an emergency condition and needed to be taken to the ER. After spending a 12 hour shift at work I had to rush home and take him to the ER, we then spent 4 hours in the ER. He was released but needed 2 prescriptions filled. We drove across the street to CVS but were told by the 2 young ladies behind the pharmacy counter they could not fill them because they were closing in 7 minutes and refered us to another CVS further down the road which would have been out of my way going home. I could not believe they could not find the time to take care of a customer. I drove a half a mile down the road to a Walgreens and had superior service. The gentleman saw the exhaustion and frustration in my face and was extremely compassionate in taking care of my husbands needs. I had reported this complaint to your offices and had received 1 phone call from someone with customer service but I was at work and instructed to call them back. I often work 70 to 80 hours a week on top of caring for a disabled husband and was unable to respond back in a timely fashion. I found it surprising that no one bothered to follow up with my situation. I stopped patronizing your establishment for almost a year with the exception of my husband receiving his 20 some different medications and my 8 to 10 simply because all our medications are in your system.
Now last week at your location at 2501 Second Loop Rd. Florence SC 29501 I was treated so rudely by one of your associates in the pharmacy department that makes me wonder why I am not pulling out all of my husbands and my own prescriptions and never shop at CVS again. The date was 6/18/14 at 8:29 PM. There were 2 associates at the counter assisting customers with 1 person in front of me in each line, as the customers left I moved into the next available line. The young dark skinned lady asked me for my information which I responded with my husbands name and date of birth. The prescriptions were promised for 8:00 PM and it was going on 8:30. The young lady proceded behind the counter and I saw her dumping pills into a funnel - I presume it was some type of pill counter. She then went to the window for outside car pickup, about 2 minutes later one of the pharmacists called out my name and placed a brown bag in the patients waiting pick up basket. The young lady kept walking behind the counter between the counter and the takeout window. I kept trying to get her attention to no avail. I finally had to interrup the other associate a young man and explain I had been ignored and that it was extremely rude. I told him my order was in the basket and that the young lady needed to finish my order. He attempted to also get her attention but also was unsuccessful. The young lady could of informed me my order was not quite ready yet, and I would of been satisfied, but she never even once came back to inform me of what was going on or even acknowledge me again. I arrived at 8:29 and did not leave until 8:50. The young man did complete my order and I also emphasized my deep dissatisfaction for being treated so rudely by the young lady. The young man was extremely helpful and apologetic for his fellow co-worker. I find it very disparaging that in todays workplace we hire personal that have no communication or customer service skills.

Hannah Caron
1815 Longwood Dr.
Florence, SC 29505
843-665-3122 Home
843-610-8074 Cell

Alene Simmons July 12 2014
I am a long time customer of your CVS Pharmacy located on Long Beach Road, Freeport, New York. Recently I have depended on the Pharmacy department due injuries I sustained in a recent car accident and a fall I suffered in my home resulting in a fractured bone. I was treated at the hospital and by my doctors, and prescribed medications. However, it was the knowledge of the personnel at the above cited store that helped me understand and confirm details of my medications to in terms I could understand completely. Sherene (Assistant) and Kevin (intern) took the time to explain details and confirm what was told to me by the many doctors involved in my care. They are professional, approachable and knowledgeable. Even in this busy location, Kevin Gualbance explained and confirmed the need for my medications in a manner that was understandable and of great value in understanding what blood pressure if affected by my fast pace when rising from a prone position (which caused me to faint previously). It means the world to understand and therefore prevent myself from injury in the future. They are a great accent to your company.

amanda cicero July 28 2014
I have beeen a silverscript customer for a long time at cvs ,but need to let you know your canal streeet pharmacy has many serrious issues and would appreciatee you reessponding too this. I havee ordered supplies they have ordered the wrong ones on 4 occassions havee let me go back and foorth with wrong products and told them not to order a prescription theey ordeereed it anyways and to make things even better customer service says I will give you a freee gift for your inconveniencee and this is what theey gavee me a 3.5 candy bar I thought that was insulting also. I would please like somone to coontact me as I believe these people theeree are not professional and the lady that ordereed my products last friday is replacing tthe orginal manager too mee thats disgraceeful. thank you

J Remele September 20 2014
Can you tell me where to find info concerning wheteher or no there are GMO products in CVS brand vitamin B-12 1500 mcg capsules
Product no.B4360 00a?

Lois McFadden October 20 2014
The CVS Pharmacy in New Lenox, Illinois overall is a good ,friendly and convenient place to shop.
Unfortunately, recently picking up a prescription on Saturday the amount was $90 but I was unable too pay for it then. On Sunday the cost of the VERY same prescription was $149, SAME PRESCRIPTION.
I think you have not heard the last of me.

Leslie Ireland March 19 2015
First let me preface that I spend alot of money in your stores. I received a coupon in the mail for 30% off my next purchase plus a $5 coupon. When i got to the checkout counter my bill came to $120 and change. My savings
was $2.00!! The clerk is an absolute gem tried to appease me but i was to angry. This is the old bait and switch routine. I will go back to Walgreens, they have never done anything like this to me.

ps: Please do not tell me that i needed to read the fine print either about sell items...a bunch of malarkey!

Leslie Ireland

maria Thompson April 06 2015
The CVs located in Lawrence park shopping center is the worst pharmacy around the prescriptions are never filled they tell you 20 minutes and its been almost an hour when they called and said this morning it was ready. I have already taken several of my prescriptions out of here. The staff is unbelievably rude. I have complained before but obviously with no results. I am just going to move all my prescriptions to acme they are much more competent and nice there. This CVs is horrible. And I am still sitting here waiting for a prescription and the cashier is unbelievably rude no

Seymour Rosebthal , April 22 2015
I have never been so disgusted with your so called free deliverer service. I called yesterday for a free delivery of my 2 prescriptions. I am 88 years old and do not drive and I need my medication. I called 3 times today to inquire about the delivery and all I got was excuses. A big rip off. I am about ready to change to Walgreens.
I could have died waiting . Please have someone call me at 954-989-3869. Seymour Rosenthal

Judy August 10 2015
CVS store located at Melrose, Vista Store# 6368. Corey the cashier is very rude. He was arguing to a customer. Manager told him to stop few times and he kept on going arguing with a customer. He needs to get fired or go to anger management.

Jose Rivera September 13 2015
I am very pleased to say that a young lady in your pharmacy
In your. Zephyrhills. Store on 301 in florida named courtney
Has made mw feel like theres more to life than medication and pain
I was having the most horrible day in my life
But this young lady after a few words gave me inspirarion and hope
This young girl should be recognized for here call od going beyond her duty
I am pleased to have met such a person ans from now on will not go any where else
Thank you so much
Regards Jose Rivera

JERI STINNETT October 05 2015

Lauren Newton October 09 2015
My CVS pharmacy has been charging my account reular price for the Latuda and I have had a discount card on file for over 8 months. The pharmacy told me to call the makers of Latuda but it is not there fault that CVS did not give me the discount it is CVS fault that they did not check it or put it in the system. I would kindly like someone to get back to me on this matter asap.
Thank you,
Lauren Newton

Peter Gennello October 13 2015
Tired of constantly having your people calling me to tell me my scripts are ready to be filled.I am 57 years old I no when they need to be filled and when unless you plan to assume all cost of scrip stop calling me I have told the pharmacy this many times,called 800 number it still happens one week I received calls six days in row including labor day.if your stores are over staffed lay someone off also teach them to count. Thank you

sherry simons October 14 2015
Very upset I tried to use my coupons and was totally made a fool of because they could not figure out my card that matched the coupon that was given to me last time I made a purchase and the lady behind the counter could not figure it out meanwhile the line back up and she never figured it out and made me look like an idiot I will never go back to CVS again I will only use walgreens

Cathy wilson October 17 2015
I went to use the bathroom on Lafayette Blvd. in Fredericksburg VA.
This was around 9:45 am. The bathroom light was not working so I had
To use my light from my phone. When I went to wash my hands there was
No soap in the dispenser it was bone dry and the bathroom smell like
Urine. I know the bathroom is not being cleaned daily. How are the employees
Are washing their hands. I told the cashier about it but she said she would take
Care of it with a grin on her face.

Lorraine Cicero November 07 2015
My daughter has prescriptions filled cvs hanover st north end.the past couple of months they have performed poorly on my daughters account. I would appreciate manager of this district pharmacy to please contact me at 617-543-8820" they have not performed properly I wish to speak to a higher up thank you. You will be amazed at complaint I have you will not be happy

Norma Norman November 30 2015
I went into CVS store #4362 on November 23, 2015 to purchase some items. I used my CVS card and received a $2.50 coupon on Colgate. The CVS ad stated that the price was $3.00 so all I would have to pay was $.50. When I looked at my receipt it stated the price was $3.99 with the $2.50 off. Sidney was very nice but the cash register rang up the incorrect amount. Please help me in this manner. Thank you.

Norma Norman
31830 Larkenheath Drive
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543

Phone: 813-746-5240