Bassett Furniture Corporate Office

Bassett Furniture Corporate Office Address: 3525 Fairystone Park Hwy., Bassett
VA , 24055
Fax: 276-629-6333
Phone: 276-629-6000

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deb fennell October 25 2012
What is the difference from buying from corporate or buying from a bassett furniture direct franchise? I feel as though the pricing is different and there are discrepancises as far as what must be purchased at full price vs a sale price.

Jan Churchill February 06 2013
In Nov. 2011 I purchased a coffee table and two end tables at the Bassett Furniture Store in Las Vegas. They looked to be in good shape, but several weeks after we purchased them my husband noticed that the coffee table around the edge it was all bubbly and cracked. I contacted the store and they sent a gentleman out to fix it. Well, it still looks like hell (I'm not blaming the repairman). It looks like where the two pieces of banding meet they were not installed properly. Anyway, I went back to the store and they told me it was no longer their problem?? They had the same coffee table I purchased on the floor, which I checked out, and it was in good condition. I really like their furniture, but don't feel compelled to give them business again because of their attitude.