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Big Lots Corporate Office Address: 300 Phillipi Rd., Columbus
OH, 43228
Fax: 614-278-6676
Phone: 614-278-6800

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As the top broadline closeout retailer in North America, Big Lots has over 1,500 stores in the US and in Canada. Big Lots sells a wide range of merchandise that have been returned, overproduced, or discontinued, usually at 20 to 40 percent lower than discounters\' prices. Some of the items that a typical Big Lots store carries include consumables, toys, clothing, furniture, housewares, and small electronics.

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Allan D. Basford December 24 2012
Today I was walking past the dumpster at your store on Central Avenue in Chino CA. I observed the lady.manager and some EEs filling the dumpster with.what appeared to be some pretty good items. As I glanced into.the dumpster I was verbally assulted by the lady.manager. She was overly distressed I may be digging into the dumpster, which I wasnt. At first I was playfully joking with her about what was in there. She was way disturbed I might see something. She kept overly accusing me of digging into it. She says this dumpster belongs to big lots and you cant even look at it. I may be wrong, but what appeared to me was they are taking good items from the store, placing them in the trash, then coming back later to get them. Something was amiss bevause no one should get that upset about one walking past the dumpster and merely looking at its contents. If I am wrong I apologize, but she and the EEs were way to concerned about what I might find. I would love to see what their loss rate is at that store. It.appears alot of stuff is going out the backdoor.

Laura Currie January 24 2013
On 1/17/2013 I was in your store #1811 in Farmington Hills, MI. There were 2 registers open. register #2 the cashier Gathia was doing her best to service the 14 customers in line. The main register had two cashiers working it, one ringing and one bagging. The customer did have a large purchase, being in retail myself I believe one of the cashiers could of opened a third register to get the 14 customers through the check in a timely manner. That is not what took place, the two on register were joking and carrying on with the customer, asking why he was purchasing so much,etc, etc. The bagger looked at the customers in line and proceeded to put up the yellow chain closing her register to the 14 customer in line, When I finally did get to the register I asked the cashier why her manager did not open another register, because she really could really use some help. The cashier told me the manager was on the register behind me. I completed my transaction and politely proceeded to ask the bagger on register 1 of she was the MOD, she stated yes, I asked why she couldn,t of opened another register to service the customers in line. She stated did you see the size of his order? I stated yes but you could of taken a few minutes from bagging, assisted the other customers then returned to bagging. She stated sorry for your wait. I asked for her name and she pulled her sweater over her name tag and again stated sorry. I walked out of the store, put my purchases in the truck , I went back into the store approached the same woman and asked her for her name and the corporate number. She stated I'm not the manager she is, pointing at the cashier, I asked her for her name and the corporate phone number, she told me she was too busy for this and call the number on the receipt if I want to talk to the manager in the morning, she continued ringing the customers purchase with no regards to me. This is not the first time this has happened but it was the worst. I hope you seriously hope you put some consideration into this matter. If not for the customers your store would have no business, the consumer really makes your business. I would really appreciate and response to this matter. Jim the manager did call me and when I returned his call he had already left for the day and will be back on Friday. I will try to contact him again, but I feel you should be aware of what is taking place in your stores.
Laura Currie
23057 Hawthorne
Farmington, MI 48336

Danny Potter February 25 2013
My wife & I was in your London, KY store today and the men's bathroom was disgusting. The toilets had feces all around the insides, there was feces in the floor and people had actually stepped in the feces and tracked it all over the floor. The toilet paper was sitting on top of the dispenser and unraveled into the nasty floor. There was no soap in the soap dispenser. The water faucet was broken and the paper towels were exposed on top if the towel dispenser. My wife said the female bathroom was in the same horrible conditions. There was also feces in the floor all around the drain hole. It appeared to her that one of the toilets had overflowed. One of the toilets was stopped up with feces and the other toilet had feces residue all on the inside of the toilet bowl. Needless to say we left out cart sitting and immediately exited the store after seeing these horrible conditions.

Lady k May 02 2013
Dallas tx sorry sorry str mgr in big lots on abrams and skillman what type of mgr do not want sales ass to help customers he need to be let go I will not be back he need to remeber thats how stores make they money by being nice and helpful to the customersi really dont shop this company but after this I will not be back

Shelley Shoaff December 19 2014
I do not think that you should be open on Christmas Eve till 10:00P.M. . Everyone else is closing around 6:00 P.M. or sooner. This is a time for family and for the people who go to church on this day. As for my family my brothers birthday is Christmas Eve so we celebrate it this day as well. I have a family member who works for your company so I have a reason to say something. I wish you would rethink this decision.

Thank you very much