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Barnes & Noble Corporate Office Address: 122 5th Ave., New York
NY , 10011
Fax: 212-675-0413
Phone: 212-633-3300

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Barnes and Noble is a book retailer which originated in 1873 when Charles Barnes launched a book-printing business in Illinois. However, it was not until four decades later, in 1917, when the first actual Barnes and Noble store was opened by Charles\' son, William, and G. Clifford Noble in New York City. Today, Barnes and Noble has over 700 retail outlets and more than 600 college bookstores. Aside from books, they also sell magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, games, gifts, and novelty items. They are also one of the leaders in eBook sales through their consumer website.

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Beela December 30 2012
Because she kept dropping the damn thing and evletuanly the Nook was going to break. So, I broke down and bought her this case and it was great and for a decent price too. She keeps it on her Nook all the time now and I never see her without that thing. The straps on the top aren't the prettiest thing in the world, but she doesn't mind and she says it doesn't detract from the readability, so no problems there. All in all, good buy

lucy smith October 22 2013
have a nook and with sixty one dollars on it. today I went into barnes and knoble to purchase the table nook with it and the store was unable to give me the credit even with it showing on my account.well my last purchase in that store they took my card and trashed it. the credit will show on your book for your next purchase. this was a gift for our 44th anniversary
please help me. lucy smith spokane washington 509-220-1583

thank you

Frank March 18 2014
Went to the Barnes and Nobel Book store tonight and when I asked the clerk (Mr. Tyler ) about coffee selection to possibly make a purchase he stated that he wanted to see if I had any coffee in my mug directing me to open same. Sounds like a real invasion of privacy issue to me and I asked if he had a warrant. I think it is high time that B&N starts treating customers like me on a more friendly basis. Perhaps this is one of the reason so many of the B&N stores are failing around the country like this one at: 150 Swedesford Road, Devon, PA ?

I have been going to this store for many years and never been confronted with such a unfriendly clerk.....