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Kohls Corporate Office Address: N56 W17000 Ridgewood Dr, Menomonee Falls
WI, 53051
Phone: (262) 703-7000

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Kohl\'s Corporation is a chain of department stores in the US. Founded in 1962, Kohl\'s currently operates over 1,000 stores in 49 states and is the fourth largest US department store today, based on sales, behind JCPenney. Kohl\'s stores sell a variety of goods including clothes, shoes, accessories, small electronics, toys, and luggage. They also feature several exclusive lines such as Candie\'s, Chaps by Ralph Lauren, and Tony Hawk Apparel. Aside from their brick-and-mortar stores, Kohl\'s also has a website where consumers can shop for almost anything that can be found in an actual Kohl\'s department store.

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Sandra Tinman December 15 2012
I have absolutely HAD IT with your website! Every time I use it, the new password from the time before won't grant me access to my account, so I correctly answer all the security questions, but still am denied access. I'm all out of passwords and patience. If this is not straightened out,I'm done with Kohls. As it is, I don't shop with you unless I am with someone else who allows me to pay for my items on their charge and then reimburse her in cash. This is ridiculous. There are other stores with websites that present absolutely no hassle. My password remains functional time after time. Your customer service rep. told me you(or your IT Dept.) could find the problem and fix it. I appreciate your taking care of this problem.

Sandra Tinman

John Johnson December 28 2012
Hands down the worst customer service ever! I made an address change 28 minutes after placing an online order, six days later delivered to wrong address anyway.The worst part is I had customer service contact at least 4-6 times in between order date and actual delivery date. We bought a nephew for his wedding back in October about $500.00 worth of home furnishings, and another $150.00 on this order.
Had no problems with store personel back in October, and only bright spot with this most recent order was a manager at Sanford,Florida Kohl's-Mrs. Janice Santiago, who tried her best to help me with this problem. Your emails to customers from customer service are also misleading and downright inaccurate. Communication with your company and shipping vendors needs vast improvement, as I worked for Fed Ex for 5 years. Because of the way this whole ordeal was handled, you will probably not have me back as a Kohl's customer. Sincerely, John T. Johnson

emma lee bowers December 30 2012
as a kohl's shopper i had a most unpleasant experience sat. dec. 29th at the lancaster,ohio location. i purchased 2 pillows at 50% off but there was a sign stating buy 1 get 1 for a dollar. when the cashier rang them up only the 50% rang up. i asked her if she could check on this for me which she called the manager to do so. when "skip" showed up she told him the issue which his immediate response in a very nasty boisterous tone was"well they might as well be 50% off. he never checked. we told about the buy 1 get 1 free and he stated that it was not correct that i was already getting them for 50% off. i told him that he did not need to get nasty or scream at me i was just asking. people in management positions need to be customer friendly. he certainly showed his true colors to many people on sat. night.
from one of your faithful customers,
Emma Lee Bowers,Lancaster,Ohio

David Maynes March 08 2013
My family and I will no longer do any kind of business Customer Service is a joke . I had a Kohls Charge Card for 3 years paid on time spent alot of money at kohls .Sustained a injury at work because of a co workers negligence got behind and now my account is closed and will no longer do business Ill get my childrens clothes at a place that deserves my business .

Susan Pomeranz 3/9/2013 March 11 2013
I am in Milwaukee and trying to apply on-line for a position. I must have registered a long time ago and forgot my password. I cannot answer the security question correctly and cannot login as a new person. Extremely frustrating and there is no phone number or email address to contact. Very frustrated.

carol hoffman February 10 2014
I cannot get through on any phone to get a straight answer about my w2s . When I finnally get some one on the phone they always transfer me to a computer and no one calls back or answers me

helen kazimiroff August 01 2014
When we go shopping to any of your stores, we see throughout ALL your stores are NOT NOT for Seniors!!!!!
ALL your dresses are up to our CHINS!It may be OK for R ONCHY kids of BAD parents but decent people and us Seniors no longer shop there!!!ALL we can buy that will fit ,are your Ts but we get them cheaper in WAL:mart and just as nice!!
Sears and Pennyes think of US!!!!!

Sheri Todd May 01 2015
I want to give praise to store manager Nancy
at Kohls dept store in Montgomery, Alabama.
She is outstanding in how she treats every customer
in the store..She went out of her way to help me today
on Friday, May lst when I was shopping for croft and barrow
white and black tank tops for myself.
She is a great employee!
Sheri Todd
Brundidge, Alabama
334 735 5536

Sheri Todd May 01 2015
I want to compliment Denise in customer service at the Kohls
Dothan Alabama store.
She went out of her way to help me on the telephone today
and I appreciated it.
Sheri T in Alabama

Kathy Latshaw June 06 2015
I am disgusted that you Stopped honoring your expired Kohls cash. I tried using my $40 today and was told I could not. Guess what?? I returned Everything I just bought - $160 worth - and WILL BE SURE TO PASS ON TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO NOT SHOP AT KOHLS ANYMORE.