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AutoZone Corporate Office Address: 123 S. Front St., Memphis
TN, 38103
Fax: 901-495-8300
Phone: 901-495-6500

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Founded in 1979 in Arkansas by J.R. "Pitt" Hyde III, AutoZone is one of the leading retailers and distributors of aftermarket automotive replacement parts and accessories in the US today. The company is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and has more than 5,000 stores in the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Brazil.

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AEC Insulation November 30 2012
I am disturbed about the firing of your employee for defending your store with his personal weapon.I, and all of my business associates, will no longer patronize your stores. cpc

W.K. Strang December 04 2012
Regarding the recent firing of your former employee in York County VA who stopped a robbery and saved a life and who is a hero,
You have lost a customer for good...being me.
Me? A do it yourself hands on man who is a firefighter, and I will pass on your actions to my fellow FF's in the municipality that I work for...Im sure they already know.
Shame on you.
I would suggest you do some research on the history of this great nation.

RSimons December 05 2012
My employees and I also will never go to an Auto Zone store again. Your corporate decision indicates the total stupidity of your Human Resources Dept. and therefore your organization. You are getting great public relations from this decision.

Glenn Bauernfeind December 06 2012
I just saw how you fired an employee for protecting himself, his co-workers and prevented an armed robber from committing his crime. His reward from your company was to FIRE him because he used his personal firearm in defense of the employees of the store. Your company as a very warped, politically correct view on the real world. There are bad people and this young man did what was necessary.
You have a store closer to my home but I will now drive out of my way to go to NAPA. I cannot support your company as long as you punish employees for doing the right thing. Unless we stand up to criminals we will never defeat them.

Douglas Hurd December 10 2012
I am concerned your HR people fired an employee for defending your store with his personal weapon. As you know the Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees an individuals right to carry and use firearms in the protection of life and liberty. Your policy has alerted America that you do not recognize those rights. Consider that your employee had not stopped the robber and someone had been injured by the robber, you would have been liable for millions of dollars in punitive damages for not allowing firearms in your stores. Your decision. Really bad one. dh

Ernest quintana December 16 2012
The guy that works at auto zone named Brad Reed a really bad employee , he gives bad costumer service he doesn't care about making sales for the store. It seems like he is just there because he has to be there.

Cheryl Sturgeon December 20 2012
Dec 12 2012... tonight we were in town doing some Christmas shopping and our car started having some problems.either the battery or the alternator. We pulled into Autozone store #1196 and had the best experience ever. There were 2 employees on duty. They checked the battery for us and said it was the alternator that was the problem.We didnt know what to do as we live in the next town over.Lyden the asst. manager was on duty and he went above and beyond the call of duty for us. He removed the alternator and installed a new one right there.It was 30 degrees outside,but he acted like it was no big deal.4 women are extremely impressed with this store and will be telling our story to all our friends !And we will be driving the extra miles to patronize this store ! I want you to know you have 2 fine young men working for you . There names are Lyden Christensen and Suad. your company should be very proud of these two.

Teresa December 23 2012
My boy friend is employee for Auto Zone store 3898. The manager needs to check out cause he wrote him up cause he had to use the restroom he didn't the boss. He's not in grade school are anything he threaten to write him up for no reason. He been with your company 6 yrs and never been late or called in sick. He got a dime raise in pay. What about incease of living? Not

geovanni February 09 2013
my name is giovanni and today I had a bad experience at 6240 Dashwood store houston tx buy a anti leak for my transmission but a mechanic told me outside the store that was the engine to return to change it right then and the cashier told me go to the line and a man named Juan Reyes and told me where the other liquid and said it started already and you rudely told me I had to give in my hand as I do not leave it in your car and I I said I am not a thief and told me that I was not offending me a thief and told him I wanted to talk to his manager and told me I do not care what you want to talk to his manager and did nothing just told me this ignore him crazy I feel offended because I customer of you for over 10 years and no one ever treated me like crap so the service does not work give especimo there ever return to his shop was damaged and his manager did not make out had another customer complaining that man Juan Reyes also going to throw all their customers if they do nothing thanks

Thomas Potter, Missouri February 19 2013
I seem to be the "Johnny come lately" with regards the dismissal of employee Devin McClean in Virginia. But late or not, here is a consistent thought. Auto Zone, I have many other car parts outlets all about, in the St. Louis area, and many without any affiliation corporate or any parental ownership that involves Auto Zone. Therefore, exercising my financial rights, I hereby place Auto Zone on notice that no additional purchase of any product will be made at any Auto Zone store. It is obvious that the defense of another and placing ones life in danger is the highest form of bravery and doing it with a gun places this act at the very top and puts our 2nd amendment in clear relief against Auto Zones muddle headed corporate response. Corporate silliness triumphs again! And more money is lost too!

Tom Potter, Missouri

Janet Braswell March 08 2013
I am writing about the poor customer service that I received from two of your employees at Store #513, 1328 N. W. 23rd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106. I waited and waited to be served. The sole employee visible was Ali Ahooei who was waiting on a customer and had another customer waiting. I asked Mr.Ahooei if there was anyone else working besides him. He replied "yes". The waiting customer said I see two people talking in the back. Well, those two women--Lisa and Lynn--came to the front and stood by a cash register talking. No one asked if we needed any help. (I was there about a $1699 purchase I had made of a rebuilt transmission.) Finally after talking to one another one of the ladies came over to help. I told her to forget it--evidently they didn't care about customer service. I told her I would wait for Mr. Ahooei to help me. You should have seen the look on her face. No, I'm sorry ma'am. But I did tell her I would lodge a complaint. Now your corporate office here wasn't any better. I called yesterday and today--left my phone number each time--to lodge a complaint. It is now 1:30 pm. and I still haven't received a return call. I GUESS YOU DON'T NEED THE BUSINESS. WITH ALL THE PEOPLE OUT OF WORK, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER HIRING SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO WORK.

louis a luibil May 09 2013
please find my missing order #626363198

BH junure December 31 2013
On 12/26/13 I took my battery in as it was dead and would not take or hold a charge. At the 1340 Silverado store it was checked and I was told that battery was very low, what did I leave on, Nothing! I was told to come back in an hour as they had to charge it. One hour later I returned and was told they it would be a half hour more. I explained that was unacceptable and got a blank look with no reply. I then asked to have the battery back and explained I would use this AutoZone battery core at their competitors and by a new one. I received a blank look and no service was offered to resolve this issue. I explained that this time lost to me was unacceptable and that I would be sending in a complaint, no comment or offer was made to resolve this matter. The battery I bought at thier competitor was be working fine.

Ron Tarry March 17 2014
I order parts on Thursday sales associate said it would be in the next day I didn arrived I called Saturday mid day still no part . I talked with store manager left him with instructions to call me when part come in he did not call I took the initiative to call Monday March 17 2014 at 6:30 pm part had arrived early that day.....Poor Service

Anthony Tiglio/ April 04 2014
I Was Recently Asked To Give A Refferance for A Former Employee I Had Off&On For 3 Years.He Is A Drug User And A Thief He Lost Me Thousands In Lost Revenue/Established Customers I Have Had For Years Refuse To Let Him On Their Property.Now He Delivers For You People In Morro Bay California 93442.Why Ask If Your Store Ignores The Warning?I And Some Of My Customers Are Now Going To Boycot This Location If This Does Not Change I And At Least15 Of My Customers Will Never Visit Any Of Your Central Coast Locations Again!!

Dale Courville August 25 2014
I worked for AZ about 12 years ago in lafayette , la warehouse . Been trying to call anyone about my 401k . 337-322-8430 or daleman3000@ yahoo. Com

jimmie calloway June 28 2015
i think the changes u maded to the store 0345 is the worst things u could ever done the one n their dont know half the time what they looking far u have tell them over and over again i brought parts for a motors iam putting togather an the parts was wrong now that i need them and they goin tell me they out warrant an i have the recept with me an it not open how can header gasket not have a warrant when it not open this is it i had enough that two time this happen on yall parts that was sold to me wrong from the start i knw there more store an that what i will do

Terrence Smith July 26 2015
i need a refund for paying for online order and in the store when i picked up my order regional manager Chris Nunez called i called him back no answer.I should not have to call and go online to complain to get my 72.00 refund i will spend in your store anyway.

Randall Austin November 23 2015
Was offered a conditional offer of employment by email. I accepted after waiting over 2 weeks for my background checks and all to go through. After accepting this offer I was completely ignored as I tried to call store manager at store 2002 in Lawrenceville GA.......then I was given an email to write to of a Ms Sheryl Young at the District office in georgia so I wrote this email address and was told by Ms Young "Oh I tried to call you several times today but got no answer"...I cannot answer my cell phone at work....Im sorry but most companies have this policy......I still have no clue as to why I was offered a conditional offer and then swept under rug.....this is not how to run a business then to be talked to this way by Ms Young made me feel like a child......I am boycotting this company and writting a long complaint on a complaint board online about the way this company treats people......I have even been in that store to shop and was completely ignored so left.....I think the CEO of the company needs to know how Autozone in georgia treats people its wrong and Im spreading it to as many people as possible........I am not happy I accepted a conditional offer of employment and it says on my employment website "OFFER ACCEPTED>>>ON BOARDING IN PROCESS" on boarding who not me I think the CEO needs to make a visit to georgia and find out whats going on nobody will give me an answer as to why the Store Manager wont give me an answer as to why he wont return my calls or why he offered me a job then swept me under it time to get an attorney....I was told my info was given to the regional person Mr Donovan Mathews but I guess he is too scared to cantact me also