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AutoNation Corporate Office Address: 200 Sw 1st Ave., Fort Lauderdale
FL, 33301
Fax: 954-769-6537
Phone: 954-769-6000

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AutoNation is an automotive retail company that was established by businessman H. Wayne Huizenga in 1996. It is the largest automotive retailer in the US today, with over 300 dealerships across the country. Aside from selling used and new vehicles, AutoNation also offers a number of leasing and financing options as well as a variety of auto insurance policies.

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James G. Booker February 15 2013
I have dealt with Mike Shad Nissan Orange Park for about 13 - 15 years and this time they are losing our business and really feel that they have possibly committed fraud on our last deal in May of 2012 when we purchased a 2012 Altama. I would appreciate a phone call from your office as soon as possible.

brandon scott April 29 2013
I was trying to fill out anapplication online for a job at auto nation, but there is a screen that pops up and I can not fill out the application because of this. Ihave tried call to try and fix this problem but all I woul get is computers.Bad technical support and and problem solving help. You nee someone to answer the phone instead of computers.I cant talk to a computer and tell them what is happening, but that is your own fault for the laziness

Crystal July 13 2013
When taking advantage of the 3 day money back guarantee and leaving my other vehicle in their possession the stereo was stolen. I have had to call Autonation northglenn daily to get updates and a week later still no resolution. Manager Riley has poor customer service and the GM Matt still has yet to call back or step in to resolve the issue. I will never recommend or use any auto nation due to this. Poor customer service, no follow up, no resolution and less then great "deals". Shop somewhere else.

no name November 24 2013


Dear Sir or Madam, Can some one from your off connect me
regarding a problem I have regarding a 2005 Totota Corolla
purcahsed on 10/28/13 at the Weston location?
I have a series of e-mails to & from that location that I will
forward to you if you like.
Thank you for responding.
Patrick Fittipaldi
Home Phone#954-450-0655
Cell Phone# 954-802-3672

unsaticfactory custumer January 27 2014
yesterday at round noon i went to you dealer in kendall to purchase a 2010 altima we were there aroun 2pm and the sales men told us to wait around 45 minutes for the person who those the paper work, 2 hr pass. and nothing,so we went to eat some thing we came back around in 40 minutes, around 6pm, we were still waiting for some one,we had to leave the dealer emty handed,i was there buying my son first car,you dont know how desapointed i am with dealer and the service i spend 5 hr of my life waiting for some one to take care of my paper work,i can say many bad experience i had at this dealer,all i want is a phone call from your corperate office to explain to me why i had to spend all this time with my family at this dealer and not been able to take the car that we went for,,walter quint 7862801330

Laurie Deardeuff June 24 2014
My name is Laurie Deardeuff and my husband and I purchased a car from Autonation Chevy Delray on March 22, 2014. Actually it was a wedding gift from my mother, and it was purchased under my name. We asked for something safe and reliable since I live in Lake Worth but travel back and forth to work to Boca each day. We purchased a used 2002 Ford Taurus for a total of 5000.00. They threw in 2 oil changes and 1 years roadside assistance The first thing that happened, since we drove off with temp plates, we were told that our permanent registration would be in the mail that Monday, well two weeks later when we still hadnít received the correct registration and inquired about it, we were told that the manager who did our paperwork was fired for not filing the paperwork correctly!! We were issued our correct registration later on that week.
Exactly 1 month to the date of purchase on my way home from work at 8:10pm the car died on the entrance to I-95 and Yamato Rd. When I called roadside assistance they didnít even have my name on file, due to the negligence of the original manager that got fired. They finally verified the information with the store and dispatched a tow truck. The diagnosis was the car needed a brand new transmission. After going back and forth with the manager they agreed to pay half of the transmission repair. The total of the repair was 2000.00.
About three weeks ago, again on my way home from work at 8:30pm my car breaks down yet again. With no indication of anything going wrong, it starts to smoke. I am on i-95 by myself. I pull over as far as I can and stop the car. I had a little bit of water which I put in but once I had shut off the car that was it. It was dead. I called Roadside assistance. I was stranded on the side of I 95 by the on ramp by Gateway boulevard for almost 5 hours before the tow truck came. By that time my phone was dead and I couldnít charge it because the car was dead. My husband couldnít come get me being this was our only car, he kept calling roadside assistance back from his end. Seems they called a tow truck place from all the way North and then he got lost and couldnít find me.
We had our mechanic look at the car, and he told us that the radiator blew which blew the engine. The car needs a whole new engine which at the minimum would cost at least 3000.00. so 3 grand for the engine, 2 grand for the tranny, now were looking at the total cost of the car. When we called Steve Page the general manager the following day, he seemed very upset by our troubles and assured us that he was going to make good for all our troubles by switching out the Taurus for a comparable used car. Well Itís almost 1 month later, and all theyíve been doing is stringing us along. I can only imagine how many other lemons they have sold to other trusting, unsuspecting people. Arenít certified mechanics supposed to check these vehicles out when they come in, before they are sold?
Worst customer service ever. I wouldnt send my worst enemy to buy a car here with all the hassle and run around they give you.

SD March 12 2015
The fact that this company does not have a reasonable route for working customers to register reasonable and constructive criticism about the company speaks volumes about your approach to customer service.
Failure to have a corporate customer service department which allows customers to communicate problems does suggest that the opinion of your customers is of little or no value to you.
As a working female, I do not have time to schedule a call which will likely conflict with my 12-hour work day. It is this very attitude that empowers your customer service employees working at local offices scattered through out the nation to be poor customer service advocates.

Frank Migliore May 07 2015
Working for this Company is a JOKE! They are so large that every Employee is just a number. There is never a feeling of personal contact and no encouragement ever, no matter how well you are doing! STAY AWAY!

michael nixon July 21 2015
i purchased a 2013 200 m on april12 from them the inner fender well fell off the car after taking the car back to them i was told it was something in the road that we hit i stated that the car had previous damage and pointed out the bondo and cardboard that could bee seen after the fender well fell off and explained that the car had been repaired poorly and that what caused it to fall off this car was still under the manufacters warrenty as well as a extended warrenty that they sold me the sales said i could buy the parts at list price or trade the car in on a new one butt i owned the car i cancled the extended warrenty and have been waiting three months to get credited back ! i am having to take them to court DONT BUY FROM AUTONATION THEY ARE SHISTERS IN THE HIGHEST DEGREE THIS CAR WAS GIVEN A CLEAN CAR FAX STAY AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!

randi bernstein September 29 2015
bought a car at hyundai 104 in colorado they loaded items in finance that they wont cancel been trying for days to get in touch with charles the manager or the area manager and all i get is an answering machine. going to contact atty general of colorado if i dont herar from someone