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AT&T Corporate Office Address: 208 S. Akard St., Dallas
TX, 75202
Phone: 210-821-4105

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AT&T is a multinational telecommunications corporation which traces its roots back to the original Bell Telephone Company established by Alexander Graham Bell. Today, it is one of the largest mobile telecom operators in the world, serving over 100 million mobile customers across the globe. It owns several subsidiaries including AT&T Corp., AT&T Mobility, Southwestern Bell, BellSouth, and AT&T Teleholdings. Some of the products and services that AT&T offers include wired and wireless voice and data services, fixed-line and broadband internet services, and digital television subscription packages.

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Keaton Collins December 11 2012
I would really appreciate if someone from your Corporate office would call me. I am a customer of AT&T and as a customer I am requesting a call from your office.

alexandria weinberger December 13 2012
i need someone to call me asap

Jantzen Smith December 27 2012
I would really appreciate if someone from your Corporate office would call me. I am a customer of AT&T and as a customer I am requesting a call from your office.

bettye d January 22 2013
Under Cover Boss needs to come to their at@t store in Fayetteville, NC located on Skibo Rd. I needed to ask a question about my an app on my phone. There were four employees standing around doing nothing. I asked if they could help. They acted as though I was a nuisance. One said he had a customer. Must have been invisible. He made no move to help anyone. They started back talking to each other. Will never go back. I will do business online or go to the Ramsey street store.

MS January 24 2013
How come you can't get a "person" on the phone when you need one? And when i did get a person he couldn't help me at all. First of all he was in yhe Carribbean. What! And the 1-800 phone number he told me to call was for the pone book service. Did he just give me a number to get me off the phone or what. I think so. SOOOOOOO AGGERVATING!!!! I need support with signing in and only have one more time to try or I will be locked out. Thanks for nothing. I guess I'll have to create another email acct just to start over as a new customer. More tahn one way to skin a cat!!!!

Gary Cicotte February 02 2013
Commercials using kids is stupid and annoying. They know nothing about economics or making decisions about purchasing Internet providers. I was thinking about signing up for ATT Uverse, however, hour obnoxious kid commercials for Uverse made the decision easy. I just went with Direct TV.

Anne Ward February 07 2013
Sick of being outsourced! When you ask to speak to someone in the states they first put you on a very long hold then continue to transfer you over seas. When you insist on speaking with someone in the USA they hang up on you. AT&T you are a multi jillion dollar company. Bring your jobs home! I could use one myself! I could have driven to the New Haven CT office I was trying to reach today 4 times there and back.!!!!!! From now on that's what I'll do instead of calling!!!!!!!

Shirley Riddle February 09 2013
I bought an iPhone 4 through AT&T two days ago. Out of the box it was already malfunctioning in that my phone speaker would not work. I understand that apple does the warranty work on these phones, so I called apple and they told me because of my situation that the store should be able to do something to help me. I am a United States Marine, home on PCS leave before I go to my next duty station in North Carolina. Until Feb 20, I do not have an address for apple to send me a new phone to and the nearest apple store to my current location is over a hundred miles away. I went to your store on Big Hollow rd in Peoria, and was met with disrespect and absolutely no help at all from your store associate. The associate would not even cancel my contract because the phone they gave me was not working. This phone was an upgrade and the associate would not even put me back on my old phone until I could get the iPhone in working condition; mind you this should not have even been my responsibility to begin with seeing as how your store gave me a phone that was not working. So after six years of loyal service, I will be canceling my contract with AT&T, and paying the 38 dollar restocking fee for a malfunctioning phone that was given to me by your store. I understand that you have store policies, and I am not angry that the associate had to follow them. However, I am perplexed that any company would hand a customer a phone that they are not absolutely certain is in working condition, and then a day later not stand by that product and help the customer fix the problem in any way they can. Every AT&T store associate is a direct reflection of the company. My experiences with your associates show me that it is definitely time to leave. I will advise anyone I know that is looking for a new phone or changing their phone service that AT&T is not the place to go if they are looking for good customer service.

Patricia March 01 2013
It's very obvious that AT&T cares absolutely NOTHING about their customers, their service is substandard (both customer and products), their commercials are pathetic, and they need to go out of business!

Garrett Lesnevich March 12 2013
I have two phone numbers on my account, one of which is no longer used. I have been attempting to cancel this number but have been given conflicting information. At an AT&T store in Westfield, NJ I was allowed to upgrade my phone using the allowable date for the number I now want to cancel. When I originally inquired about canceling the number I was given the option of waiting until March or paying $325.00. I elected to wait until March. Now I am told that the number can't be canceled until January of 2014 or pay $195.00. I believe there was some confusion between the two numbers. Either way I've been paying for something I don't use and will be paying more because of this confusion. I am about to cancel the number I still want, it's time is up, and pay the fee to cancel the other one as well. So that I can be done with AT&T all together. Upon explaining this to one of your customer service representatives they basically siad they couldn't help me and to go ahead with changing providers. Does anyone at corporate want to rectify this situation? If so please contact me promptly.

michael t. kelson March 16 2013
Please contact me at my cell no at 850 449 2690. My address is 7029 balboa drive in Pensacola fl. 32536. I've been att customer forever and have Uverse also. Problem relates to HTC 1x phone. Was supposed to havegotton replaced with Samsung galaxy s3 phones forme and my son. Phonew have been problems since we've had. Lose service all the time sim card and phone problem. Can't be fixed. Messages get messed up. New software program deleted all my sons pictures and video. Spent hours on phone with customer care. They pronrsed new galaxy phones then sent parts of a refurbished phones to me and my son. Sim cards don't fit tight in current phones. I've checked internet about that issue . My son gets the same message 8 times often. Or he gets messsges from me I didn't send or I send a message and and he gets part of the message with parts of messages 2 or 3 months old. Ive had 3 sim cards and my son 2. Ive lost services 4 or 5 Times a day. There are other problems stated when we got phones. Tech cant do nothing else. I don't want customer care to call me. I want your office to call me to bring a resolution too. Thanks

michael t. kelson March 16 2013
I typed a long message about my problem and submitted but don't see below. Don't know what appended. Please call me at 850 449 2690. If this fails I will call you. Thanks