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Founded in 1965 by Alan Stillman, TGI Fridays, or Fridays, is a chain of casual dining restaurants which serves a wide range of dishes including steaks, appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, chicken, seafood, and desserts. Aside from these, Friday\'s also offers an array of alcoholic beverages which includes their Ultimates, their Shakers, and their Friday\'s Freshest line of drinks. Today, the chain has more than 900 restaurants in 60 countries worldwide.

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Denise Rivera November 26 2012
i purchased the frozen stuff bake potato with bacon and cheese fully loaded and i was amazed on how good they was. I was just wondering if you have any coupons that you can send me so i can purchase more of your delicious food.

Lori December 18 2012
I found it necessary to let the corporate office know that there is one TGIF (Tech Rd, Silver Spring, MD) that is truly making TGIF a real pleasure to visit. We eat out several days a week and try different restaurants for a variety but we always end up back at this TGIF. The mgr. Rob has done a superb job in training his employees to make the patrons feel special. I made it a point to get most of the "special" employees names; from the time we walk in the door, TuTu, and Ronny welcome us like we are special then there are our favorite waiters; Betty, Adam and Andre. We have to take turns asking for them so they dont feel left out, but its a very difficult choice when all three are there. They treat us like royalty and it really make us want to keep returning. Rob is doing something RIGHT and getting it right 100% of the time. Even Rob makes a special visit to our table to say hi and shake our hands. You don't get this type of treatment from some 5 star restaurants and I felt it only right to let you know that we really enjoy their way of treating us like family. Whatever Rob is doing with these employees to have them show patrons so much respect and great service should be cloned and used at all your locations.

Nancie Sarich 12/30/2012 December 29 2012
I went to Fridays in Langhorne, PA with my grandson around 4:30pm. we say at a high top at the bar while waiting for a friend to arrive. My grandson (8) was watching the TV's... A red short red headed server/bartender? with stripped glasses finally came over to us and took our drink order.. I told her we were waiting on another party. She brought our drinks and that was the last she waited on us. After my guest arrived and no one came to take the order he walked up to the bar to order himself a drink... We watched our original server/bartender chatting for some time behind the bar then put her coat on said good by to her co-workers and left... I soon summoned a hippy and busty short haired bartender/server? over to our table and asked if our waitress left? She said yes but we share ????? We placed our order by now our drinks were empty and asked for another... another long wait while we watched the staff behind the bar entertain themselves and the manager a tall very friendly dark haired man brought our food to us. Had he not we were ready to get our check and leave... The restaurant was not full nor was the bar busy... There were 4 people behind the bar and one female server on the bar floor. (A rather large, dark haired girl who's shirt rose half way up here belly...although she was quite pleasant the site was unattractive.
I have been in the food service business for over 30 years. Management for the last 15 years.. This staff was inconsiderate to their customers needs. Unprofessional in their behavior. And lacked what I would consider a respect for the corporation's guidelines... I demand 3 things from my employees ...consistancy in the treatment of customers and fellow employees alike,,structure in procedure and how it is carried out in an appropiate fashion and deciplin in knowing that when you are at work you work.. There is no down time when you have customers.... I should know who my server is (and if they are leaving) and I should not have to look for them !!!!!! If my daughter did not work for Fridays I would not be returning...I have 7 children 6 of which have waitressed/bussed/washed dishes and hostess/hosted... I am proud to say they earn their money and have a following.... The team I saw the other nite... I would only have followed them out the door. The manager was the best part of the visit !!

Maryann Grassia January 03 2013
On January 2, 2012 my grandson and his girlfriend were in the 42nd Street area of NYC and went to the TGIFridays for lunch. Chrissy ordered and $18 hamburger, which, after she took a few bites, found a wiry hair embedded in it. They immediately called the server and showed it to them. They took $7.00 off their bill.....are you kidding me???? A customer finds something like that in their food and you deduct $7.00 from their tab??????? Well, guess just lost an awful lot of business........that was a very bad business decision.

Teesa Brown 8102620068 January 07 2013
i was a recent employee at a TGIFridays in Duluth,GA. I moved back home during my three week training due to an emergency at home in MICHIGAN AND was reassured by my general manager that he would mail my pay card off to my Michigan address, With the understanding that the money was going to be for my return, He also told me when i came back i could pick from where i left off and that he looked forward to working with me when i got back. Now that was in Sept. and now its January. who can i call to get my money?

Pat Doidge January 19 2013
my husband and i had lunch yesterday at the Hobart, In restaurant and had burgers...they were pre-packaged and no flavor and the jack daniel burger sauce was watered down....the tea was good.....we will not be back.....Steak and Shake has a better burger.....we used to love the burgers at TGI....the server was very good.....i felt sorry she had to serve the food she did....

Tim February 17 2013
Dear TGIF Management

Earlier this evening my son and I visited the Oswego, IL establishment on Route 34, as we have regularly since its opening. As for myself, I have enjoyed the hospitality and meals from TGIF for the past twenty plus years in a number of states.

It was the 6 PM hour and a wait on our part was expected. I was informed of a twenty five minute wait for a party of two. After 30+ minutes both my son and I noticed few to none of the waiting customers were being seated even though a flow of served customers were exiting.

It was then my son, myself and at least two other waiting parties noticed an entering party of three approached the Maître de and were informed of a forty five minute wait. However, the Maitre de then whispered something to the arriving party and in turn, this party was immediately seated with no wait what so ever.

When I questioned the Maître de of this, he informed me of TGIF’s new promotional “Front of the line” seating. With this, a party can go on line, sign up, and then just approach the maitre de and state “front of the line”. There was no proof given that this “priority customer” actually signed up for this promotion.

I requested a manager and was received by Nick Zywica. Mr. Zywica was polite and upheld TGIF’s “front of the line” seating. He was at a loss of words when I stated my disappointment and informed him of the loss of a regular Oswego TGIF customer. With that, my son and I departed.

In conclusion, I am disappointed with TGIF policies that automatically seats incoming customers over waiting customers due to an on-line promotion. To state I will never enter another TGIF restaurant is fallacious. However, I plan to never venture again to the Oswego TGIF and will voice my tale with local family, friends, neighbors, volunteering associates, school functions and anywhere I be able to place in conversation the experience of tonight.

To think, my meal would have included one of your fine dinners such as the salmon with lobster sauce and a glass of your upscale wines. Perhaps your on line promotion will bring similar returns.

I did submit an on line comment to your website but the bottom was cut off due to the 2000 maximum.


Houston Hedspeth February 21 2013
Its appauling of how you treat your guests and or former employees. The one thing I learned in service was that. When one person makes a misstake everyone makes a misstake and your company is only as good as its employees. call me 281-961-7812 I would like to speak to corporate. I surely diserve you time for my service to this country and my loss.

Mary March 04 2013
Ate at the St. Claire, IL rest. on Sun.3/3/13 had the bourbon salmon w/2 sides and a dinner salad. The salad was made from old lettuce, no crunch and boring, but I was hungry from driving all day so...the salmon was floating in oil, the sides were cold as was the cornbread except for the side they burned. The manager knew, took the sides...10 minutes later I got new ones......bad, bad, bad!!!
My husband got the rib steak and shrimp combo. The steak was so tuff he could hardly chew it, but who wants to send food back, right?
Needless to say, a fifty dollar meal was worth.......well, when I got home, I ate cheese and crackers...........BAD EXPERIENCE WON'T GO BACK!!!

Jackie Stevens at March 13 2013
Here's someone who is judiciously looking for your fozen food products. We eat at TGIF restaurants and always have a good meal. I also like many of your retail products, but am having trouble finding one of them. We love your Chicken Fajita kit, but are having trouble finding it. WHERE CAN WE GET THESE KITS? We have been to 4 groceries stores in Florida looking for it and none of them are carrying it: Winn Dixie, Publix, Hitchcock, and Sweet Bay. Please let us know where we can find it. Also, we love the spinach and artichoke dip! We keep that on hand and serve it when guests drop in and it is always a big hit. Please do not take this off of the markey. We are looking forward to a reply to this e-mail.

Brian M March 15 2013
I have enjoyed your restaurants in the past. I especially enjoyed your restaurant inside Sam’s Town Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. However my most recent visit to your restaurant inside the Gold Coast, Las Vegas, Nevada was so disappointing I have reservations about going back to any of them.

I visited your restaurant inside the Gold Coast Casino on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 about 8:30 in the evening with 10 other family members. I’m sorry I do not remember any names of your employees, but I am sure you will not have a problem identifying them. There was hardly any staff that I saw. We were seated inside the restaurant and we ordered a couple appetizers. Then we placed our orders with no issues. The issue started when we had to wait almost an hour for our food. This was not a busy night at all! Our appetizers came out and then immediately after, our food started coming out. Appetizers had to be eaten with our diner. The service was very slow but my perception was to blame the cook.

My main issue of the night and the reason for writing is this. I had ordered the Rib Eye and Lobster Tail which came with a baked potato. I requested the potato with butter, sour cream and chives. I ordered the steak medium rare and the lobster tail grilled. The meal took almost an hour before I received it. When I received it I immediately noticed that my lobster tail looked much different someone else’s lobster in our party. My lobster had burn marks around all the edges and was cut in half. I have never seen someone cut a lobster in half to grill it. I questioned the waiter on my lobster; he giggled and said, “Well, we are told to tell you that the grilled lobster looks like two puffy shrimp.” Ya. That’s exactly what it looked like, shrimp that was burned around the edges. I was told the other lobster is “steamed.” Looking at the two lobsters, I could immediately see there was no way there was the same amount of meat here. I have had a grilled lobster in the past at other restaurants and they were never cut in half and looked this nasty. Of course, I got the evil eye from my wife, telling me to just eat it. The waiter walked away. I began pulling the meat from my two puffy shrimp. As I pulled it from the shell, the underside looked a bit grey and moist, almost watery. I pulled all the meat out and set it on my plate, as I watched the other person who ordered the lobster pull out at least three times the meat. I’m thinking to myself now, “This is grilled. It should have seared marks on it. That would make the meat dryer and more firm. Why does this meat look so wet?” So, I know my two puffy shrimp are just not right.

I decided to try and concur my rib eye…. My favorite steak! I cut into my steak and found it to be well done. Ok, almost medium. It had an ever so slight touch of pink in part of it. Now I’m thinking, “Really? I ordered this medium rare.” I cut a couple pieces of the “medium/well” steak and did not find it to my satisfaction. By now the waiter came back around to my side of the table. When he approached me I picked up my plate and told him to take it. He asked what the problem was and started telling me that this is the way they cook the lobster. I had to give my opinion at this time. I again told him it was not cooked properly, it was grey and wet and it does not look like I received the same amount of meat. Then I explained the steak was not medium rare that it was hardly pink inside. The waiter said, “But that’s the way we cook them here.” I just told him it’s not right and I didn’t want it. He did offer to cook me another steak and Ideclined telling him that it already took almost an hour to get this and I was not going to wait. Besides… when you go out with friends, family and guests, you expect to eat with each other, not be the lone survivor at the end trying to finish your food.

A person that said he was the manager came to our table. This guy has no business being a manager. He got our attention by saying, “Who sent the food back?” Really? I am sure the waiter told him who it was and he should have approached me with a little nicer attitude. Be bent over talking over my shoulder with those shinny “bling” glass earings and said, “What’s the problem with your food?” When I explained about the lobster the manager told me that the lobster was cooked fine. I explained my issues and said that it looked grey and wet and that it was not near enough as other lobsters. The manager’s explanation was, “Well, it looks like you put butter on it.” I told him I did not that I haven’t even eaten any and I had no intention too. We went back and forth with the lobster then he changed the subject. The manager told me, “I cut your steak further into the middle and there is nothing wrong with it. It was pink in the middle.” That’s when I fired back and told him, “It’s not pink, it’s brown… I ordered medium/rare!” First of all, I don’t where this manager gets off arguing with me. I already explained my complaints to the waiter. I was done and I was fine. The manager was trying to tell me that medium/rare is pink in the middle. Everyone knows that a medium rare steak is red and warm in the middle. As he started arguing his point again by saying the steak was prepared properly, my voice got louder and I just had to cut him off by saying, “...and not only was my steak and lobster not prepared properly, if you want to get down to the nitty gritty, I didn’t even get chives on my baked potato! Who is it that can’t even prepare an entire plate properly?” He asked if I would like another plate. I explained no that the first one took way too long.

You get good and bad service everywhere. Sometimes, things just happen and I understand that. I do not complain about a lot. There have been times in the past where my steak was a little over cooked. I’m sure it has happened to everyone. I just deal with it. But, to get service like this… being told the lobster is supposed to look like two puffy shrimp, getting an over cooked steak and a pissy manager… I have to complain. Who tells people that lobster looks like two puffy shrimp? I still can’t get over that. And who argues with a customer about the way their food is cooked when they can see it in plain sight for themselves? I am very disappointed with T.G.I.F. at the Gold Coast Casino.

Paula L April 04 2013
What happened to go Service - My husband and I have just come back from lunch location 302 W Army Trail, Bloomingdale IL (stay away) one appetizer 2 burgers not to difficult especially if you write it down. Think again, I happened to be placed looking into the kitchen. I watched the manager blonde woman act very unprofessionally - putting her hands on a young man associate neck, attached 2 more associates over with an ice tea urn they could not open. Then the 2 hamburgers arrived my husband asked where the appetizer was and the associate said he would speak with the manager. Our initial server after some time informed us that the manager wanted us to know we could have the appetizer with the meal or to go. There were in our section 2 occupied tables and 3 other tables with people in the whole place. Where is your Management and customer service training? When the staff exceed the customers at lunch hour and the staff like to play in the kitchen you may need to rethink your customer service, we will rethink our lunch choose much more carefully.

mrs lees April 27 2013


SUSAN August 06 2013
Same stupid things here from Front Royal Va, Rude waiters waitress just a late night hanout for underage kids to drink We will nevee go there again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick Lutz January 29 2014
Live in Lincoln, Nebraska You closed your Fridays you had here in Lincoln along time ago Cause O street construction was not good for business. my question is did your reopen a new one.......Or are you going to open one I google and no restaurtant in Lincoln. please email back with some answer Lot a people loved your place Thanks you very much.

Rick Lutz

helen s. February 02 2014
Took our grandson out for his birthday. Had a wonderful meal but when we tried to use our bonus bites $5 coupons we were told we could not combine them. You see, we bought a lot of people Christmas presents and received $50 worth. We are from out of town and cannot go to tgif like we would like to. Also, they expire end of this month. Do not think these coupons are worth it. I will definitely re-think going to your restaurant and spread the word about this unfair policy. Could you please let me know what your company is going to do about the $40 remaining bonus bites that I have in my possession in news Jersey.

Deborah Johnson May 18 2014
On May 17, 2014. Me and my mother stopped to have dinner at the TGIF in Moline, IL. We were waiting to be seated when a white couple came in. The waitress seated the couple and left us sitting. After seeing this. I ask to speak with the manager. I explained what had happen. He said I will seat you right away. I said if you think you will get my business ever again you are sadly mistaken. This kind of discrimination is ridiculous and I will be filing a law suit

sandra clarke 6116 old black horse roanoke, va 24019 June 23 2014
We met our daughter and her family in Charlottesville, VA at this location, Sunday, June 22, 2014. This was the worst dining experience ever, we were seated at a rickety table in the corner, asked to be moved after the table tilted, we were moved, server came to the table, asked if she had taken our order, which had been placed 20 minutes prior, I had to seek a hostess to have our beverages refilled. Server came to our table, after 45 minutes, asked, "You have not gotten your food?" My reply, "no." her comment was , "Oh, good it is STILL in the window." Had the food been good, we could have accepted the terrible, horrific service, the food was cold. We had ordered 2 kids meals, our daughter ordered appetizer boneless wings, our son-in-law, the club sandwich with fries, my husband and I ordered the 3 appetizers for $15.00, totaling $53.00 including tip $60.00. Our experience was 1 hour and 40 minutes. We arrived at 4:45 left at 6:45. Upon asking our server, she was new. Horrible experience

I am disappointed that you all discontinue the White Russian the Pina Colada the mudslide drink in the store is it possible that you all can send Mesa White Russians and pina colada

Jack Murray October 23 2015
I have found the ornagal menu for tgi Fridays from1976

Allison Pindell January 29 2016
Case # 002593901A
It is totally unacceptable for you incompetent chain of command show such blatant disregard for my incident. For the past 6 wks I have been very patient while you people in position, up to your Director of operations, James Hartner has done nothing. I refuse to accept a gift card to Fridays. I could never go back there. At this point you guys have pushed my patience and my experience far enuff. I expect a resolution Immediately, 4435109005 or