Aetna Corporate Office

Aetna Corporate Office Address: 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford
CT, 06156
Phone: 860-273-0123

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-800-738-7674

Aetna, Inc. is a leading managed health care company which offers a wide array of health insurance products and services including: medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy, long term care, group life, and disability plans; and health care management services and medical management capabilities for Medicaid plans. Established in 1853 in Hartford, Connecticut, the company aims to help individuals all over the US achieve health and financial security through providing them with easy access to cost effective and high quality health care. Today, Aetna works with over one million health care professionals and 582,000 specialists and primary care doctors in more than 5,400 hospitals and medical facilities to provide their members with not just quality health care services but also useful information which can help them in making more informed decisions about their health and financial well-being.

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Amelia December 31 2012
First let me start by saying that whtveaer companies that have given you this lame excuse for not hiring you are not worth your time. Corporations are ultimately microcosms of the real world so it would seem to me that if you fit in the real world as a functioning member of our society than if given the opportunity you would fit into any corporate culture. If it would give you peace of mind in your next job searches try to meet people who are already employed there to get an idea about what kind of people thrive there. I'm not psychic but I think you may be getting this brush off because they may feel you are over-qualified (too much experience) and that you may not be trainable to fit into their established way of doing things. Try to reassure them of your willingness to grasp all parts of the processes and protocols they have in place while incorporating your knowledge and skill sets.

gerald r. borchert August 22 2015
very frustrated. need to contact someone in accounts payable . problem. mother died who had atetna. notified Aetna same day. Aetna responded with email confirmation. she died 1st june 15. again emailed same day. on the 11th of june they withdrew from her account 500+ dollars eventhough they knew and confirmed her death on the 1st. we have been trying to get that money back. of course it needs to be sent by check to us. we have send notorized copies of your own paperwork back to you. still nothing. who do we talk to or email. very frustrated. email or phone 414 587 4032