Asurion Corporate Office

Asurion Corporate Office Address: 648 Grassmere Park Dr. Suite 300, Nasville
TN, 37211
Fax: 615-837-3001
Phone: 615-837-3000

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-816-237-3000

Asurion or Asurion Corporation is a consumer technology protection service provider based in Nashville, Tennessee. Although the company primarily offers wireless roadside assistance programs and wireless handset insurance, they also offer several other services including mobile security, electronics protection, technical support, and data back-up services through various wireless carriers in North America. Some of the wireless companies that are serviced by Asurion include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell Canada, Verizon Wireless, Telus, Tesco, KTF or Korea Telecom Freetel, Metro PCS, US Cellular, Rogers Wireless, and Virgin Media.

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Maria Fourquet February 18 2013
Your service is the worst I have ever experience. It is a joke. One person does one thing and the other one undo it. It has taken 13 days and no phone replacement. Your customer service is a -0. Your company has no respect for the consumer.

Yolanda Magwood March 13 2013
I am highly upset with your replacement service. I was promised a phone in two days it is now day nine NO PHONE REPLACMENT DUE TO WHAT EVER! Iam a loyal costumer of SPRINT over a decade. I am requesting compensation for your lack of responsible customer service.. This is crazy I refuse to pay 150.00 for a iPhone 4 which is being giving away for free or the maximum 49.00. The fact that I don't still have a replacement is NO JOKE...ASURION COPERATE YOU NEED TO EAT THIS FEE OF150.00! Your service STINKS.

LeeAnne Walters July 01 2014
What is the point of paying for Sprint TEP, downloading the app to my phone, thinking I have coverage for ALL my data and can locate my phone in the event is is lost or stolen and it DOESNT WORK!!! NONE of my data is stored, my phone was stolen a week ago and this "general location" for GPS is ridiculous! !! Hell I can draw a circle to around a town and call it location and only charge people $5.00 a month! To be told you can oy offer an sincere apology and that you dont recommend people use the TEP and turn around and tell me to upgrade to TEP plus, spend MORE money for somethijg that DOESNT WORK?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Sprint needs a new company because this is UNACCEPTABLE

Sonja Harris December 04 2014
My name is Sonja Harris. I purchased two Nokia cell phones for my daughter at a local Walmart store. I purchased these items on the same day and called customer service to do a claim. I was told by representative that two labels would be sent. I only received one label so I called. I was transferred to different people. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told by Belinda "we have no supervisors in our department. I finally spoke with a supervisor after calling several times trying to get someone to assist me. Belinda along with others were quite rude. I later spoke with a supervisor name Rick. He seem concerned and assured me he will handle this matter. I received another phone call denying one of my claims. I was told I would only be reimbursed for one phone and that they paid someone else for the other phone. This is not may fault because I never received any reimbursement. This was the first claim I ever had with Walmart. I will NEVER purchase a plan or purchase anything that require a plan because I was treated unfair. I was told that I could not get my money back. This is some shady busy. After reviewing the other complaints I can certainly see how you treat your customers and will not want to do business with your company. I will continue to dispute and seek what is rightfully due to me. I am very dissatisfied with the customer service from Asurion. You should have better customer service skill workers and supervisors who is considerate. I am going to let family and friends know that your protection plan is shady and not to use it. I dare you believe I am going to allow you to insult my intelligence and I have proof of purchase with the serial number and phones. The person you paid did not have that information and definitely did not have the phones. Your customer satisfaction fails on all levels with me and I see others as well. You should be concerned of not satisfying your customers. Its really sad.

Shannon Escoto July 08 2015
Your company is disgraceful and I fully intend to put this out everywhere I can. Refusing to honor a policy that has been paid for over 2 years is bad business. The fact that your company has no appeals process is ridiculous.