State Farm Auto Insurance Corporate Office

State Farm Auto Insurance Corporate Office Address: One State Farm Plaza , Bloomington
IL, 61710
Phone: 1-800-782-8332

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-309-766-2311

A Fortune 500 company, State Farm Auto Insurance or State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company is a company that mainly offers private auto insurance in the US and Canada. Founded by George J. Mecherle in 1922, the company is now a leading provider of not just auto insurance but also home insurance and other insurance products (through its subsidiary companies) in the US.

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March 05 2013
I would like to comment on your costumer service in an office in Winneconne Wisconsin. A few months ago my friend called your company and received a quote of $20 a month. Their was an arrangement made were there was a check left for the next month because Farmers wouldn't release her right away,so she not going to receive insurance until the next month. Then they proceeded to put the check through not just once but multiple times resulting in $175 worth the check fees. She then paid $54 last month and was told the initial payment was more than the rest. she figured fees and what not ok. The bill that was received this was still $43 not the $20 she was told, therefore bouncing more checks. There have been multiple phone calls made, and nobody has a definite answer.My friend is not able to read or write, but she knows when something is suppose to be $20, and it is not. I believe your agents are taking advantage of my friend and just keep taking and taking. Brian Gibbs is his name. She can not get a hold of him, and is always speaking to the secretary. The latest bill is $42.95 a month. That is absolutely nuts for someone who has an impeccable driving record, and has had insurance continuously. I m take her to see my new insurance agent I got after you guys as well. One whom is going to treat her with respect and take the time to help her understand and not take advantage of her and her bank account. I also used to have state farme insurance, and thought they were a horrible company to do business with. I hope someone takes the time to look into what is going on. Thank you for taking the time to read this.