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Planet Fitness Corporate Office Address: 113 Crosby Road Suite 15, Newington
NH, 03801
Phone: 603-750-0001

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Planet Fitness, L.L.C. is an American franchise of fitness centers that is based in Newington in New Hampshire. Founded in 1992, it is considered to be one of the most innovative health club brands in the US today, with fitness centers that have state-of-the-art exercise equipment and friendly personal trainers. Planet Fitness is most known for having their Judgement Free Zone philosophy, which basically means that their members can relax, have fun, and get in shape without being subjected to the look-at-me attitude which exists in many other gyms and fitness centers.

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Donna J McKee November 24 2012
My sister went to Planet Fitness in Logan Utah and was not allowed in because she was wearing a scarf. A blue and yellow flowered scarf. They know why she was wearing it,they could see why. A year ago my sister was diagnosed with cancer. She has lost her hair! They said she could go in if she took her scarf off! Really???!!!! How cruel! Does the CEO Michael Grondahl approve of such rudness? Does he know? Or maybe he is the one inforcing it? Who knows. That is the most awful thing to do to a woman that has been through what she has been through and still going through. No compassion,caring or kindness from Planet Fitness. I feel sorry for you. I'm sorry for sounding so upset,but this is my only sister. The only one I have left in our family. You will never know what they go through, how they feel about themselves,how apperance is so important to them, especially a woman. And wanting to work out to feel better about themselves and told to take her scarf off! I'm amazed at such cruelty. I don't expect Michael Grondahl to see this. I expect it to be deleated before anyone important will see it to do something about it. But that's ok. Someone from Planet Fitness will see it. What they do with this is up to them. Thank you and have a blessed day.

karin blue November 29 2012
it is very difficult to cancel member ship

Vic Kraft December 12 2012
I just re-joined your Bangor fitness center. I had left two years ago. I have a problem though. I have a back injury. My L-5 is crushed and have two slipped disk. This is a military service connected injury. I am a disabled vet. I follow a P.T. program called the McKenzie Treatment, with added exercise which straightens my alignment shown to me by a chiropractor and the first exercise which is a seated twist. I use a wooden or metal stick to perform this exercise. Using a stick I performed this exercise at your facility two years ago. I supplied the wood sticks. People broke them, so I went out a purchased the metal one when I rejoined. I brought it in and left it as I did the others. I was told today that it was a cooperate policy that they do not allow this exercise or the use of a metal stick. I asked if I could bring in a wood one and was told no by staff. Well that is just one fine thank you to us Veterans. If Planet Fitness is a no judgement firm, then why the total disregard for disabled veterans. Making no attempt to accommodate a person with a life changing disability in my view is alarming. Vic Kraft member number 3883

Mr.nice guy December 24 2012
Hialeah Gardens PF in florida is a joke, the staff is a joke and the manager is a disrespectful jerk. I walk in with a guest, do all my lifting and when Im finishing up to go do cardio the manager says my guest cant use the treadmill because her has jeans!! C'mon man we worked out for hours and now when we are finishing up to do cardio we cant!! WELL PF LOST A MEMBER FOR LIFE

keith johnson January 08 2013
Today was my first experience at planet fitness, I was waiting in line at the front desk for 8 minutes. Finally after waiting and listening to the staff behind the front desk talk about how they hate woking there.. I was approached with " have you been waited on".
I repled " No I have not" ..he said " new customer or member" i said " new customer"
he gave me 5 forms to fill out didnt give me a chance to expalin that i had already signed up online and was there for the tshirt key chain and tour...when i asked for the manager he said I am the manager when asked for a coperate number he said we dont have one..and said do you still want to sign up?
I left along with the 9 people who came with me..I would rather spend more money and be in a judgement zone rather visit planet fitness and save money.
its ashame that the staff there in the west philadelphia office are so rude, the gym actually seemed nice and filled with eqiupment...
if this company wants to open up another 500 stores there better train or replace the front desk staff a.s.a.p.

SchlRN January 14 2013
Today was the breaking point for me. I go to the Planet Fitness in Horseheads NY. I tolerate the lukewarm shower I must take but on several occasions it has been downright freezing. Every woman in the place complained. We have been continually complaining and the problem persists. It's not like we have 30 woman showering in the morning. We have about 10 of us total and there is no reason the facility can't alleviate this problem. I am hoping corporate gets on them because the "I'm sorrys" are not cutting it any more

Karen Fugate January 17 2013
I go to the planet fitness in Ocoee Fl. and the building is ALWAYS HOT!!! It makes it pretty unbearable to work out with being so hot. I have asked them repeatedly if they can turn the a/c down. They did it once and that was the only time. Any help would be appreciated.
thank you

tammy kleinsteuber January 23 2013
New Braunfels center is a horror to deal with... good luck cancelling your contract or having anyone call you back!

Jesse January 23 2013
I was just treated like crap, cause I was jump roping. By the manager himself and talked to like I was an idiot and told me I was intimidating people by jumping rope. Completely unprofessional and to lie saying I was intimidating people and that it wasn't a normal form of exercise. Never said it was a liability issue. Then some tool from corp calls me and is a jerk to me and talks down to me as well. Says he takes Mng word over mine and that he, get this, answers to no one!!! He emphatically states he answers to no one, he does what he wants. I'm gonna contact an attorney as I feel perhaps I've been discriminated against. I hear Morgan and Morgan are good. Vic Kraft from above, you def have a legit issue with you disability. Def write the CEO of company Michael and contact an attorney.

Albert Perreard February 06 2013
I love this place and the staff are amazing!

angry February 13 2013
Very difficult company to do business with. The corporate office is not helpful and very rude. They do not care if you have a problem and I was told only two employees work at the corporate office. Maybe that is the problem.

surprised February 13 2013
westfield ma facility has nothing but rude, uninterested staff. They are more concerned about what their plans for the night or what they are going to order for dinner, than waiting on people. The manager himself continually states how he hates his job and doesnt want to deal with the members. Judge free zone maybe members are judge free but not the staff, all they do is talk crap about the members as soon as they leave the desk.

Eric February 16 2013
I visited planet fitness and was thinking about joining....until I discovered that they have no Squat Racks

AnneMarie February 19 2013
How about replacing or trading some of the stepper machines for some rowing machines?

LORA LYNCH February 20 2013
I do not have a black card but thought I could use another Planet Fitness in another location for a $5.00 fee. I recently went to Las Vegas and on February 11, 2013 I went to the 3300 E Flamingo, Las Vegas. #702-547-1200 around 7:00 am and was told by the gentleman working the desk that they change the rules last June and the fee is now $20. We planned on working out 3 days while on vacation but the fee is almost the same as a year memembership so we did not work out. I thought it was $5. Is this true for this location or was he trying to rip us off?

E. Premdas February 26 2013
My name is Elfa F.PremDas I have been a member of your Gym for almost a year now .I was so excited to have a location so very close to me and cancel my membership with 24 hour fitness which I was a member for years. The location at the time I enrolled was brand new in all aspects. The manager at the time was a very accommodating, so I decide to also enroll my husband and purchase 2 black memberships. We attend quite often and were happy with the location, but due to unforeseen reason we decided to down grade my husband membership to basic service. I call the first of the month of Feb and spoke to young lady and advise her of the situation, at first she couldnít find my husband acct in computer after several minutes she located him and reassure me that the process was corrective and he was then downgraded. Needless to say I was happy, a few days later I check my bank account and the membership for my husband was taken out for black account. I went to Ives dairy location where I have our membership and explain to them I had down size my husband membership the beginning of the month, the young man behind the counter seem overwhelm and began to look for a manual to refund me, he couldnít do the transaction and seek help from the manger Ms. Cindy she was very cold and not to friendly she began telling me that the membership could not be downsize I would ďhave ďto pay an additional fee, I again ďtry to explain that I call the 1st of the month and was reassure that it would be no problem to downsizeĒ Ms. Cindy became a little annoyed and talk over me somewhat raising her voice, I ask her to let me have corporate number she said they donít give it out, and I just ďHave to forget about downsize until I pay the feeĒ. I was never so upset, I was under the impression your organization was so very different than the other gyms. Make me wonder if I did the right thing in join this location. I never wanted to cancel any of the membership just downsize my husband due to his health issues. Also at the time of the joining your gym I was told I could downsize at any time. I guess that to was wrong informationÖÖ.
north miami,Fl.

Mel March 04 2013
All the complaints that everyone is talking about is all In Your contracts. If you took the time to read them and put them away somewhere safe you would know. The black card has a 1 year contract, always did always will. Downgrading is considered cutting your membership for another which comes with a $58 dollar fee .. I'm reading all this from the contract I was smart enough to keep. And if you are really lucky the highlight and circle all the important points. As for the jeans.. Really?! Who worlds out in jeans? The also have a big sign saying no jeans flip flops or headgear. If they didnt stop you as soon as you walked in its because they thought you were probably going to change. They do walk arounds ever half hour or whenever they can. That's probably when they saw you.

JT March 06 2013
I have been a black card member for almost a year. I love the gym. I have not really had any complaints as far as they gym or the employees they all are pretty nice. My problem is their tanning. It is nasty!! The particular one I visit is in Ohio and they use the same towel to clean any and all of the beds after each person has gotten out. The "cleaning solution" they use to clean the beds I do not think is anything but water. You cannot smell any type of cleaning solvent in there. The bulbs have brown marks or like burnt marks on them which indicates that the bulbs are or have not been changed. Now granted, we as black card members do not pay all that much for membership. It really is a great price, but they could at least keep up on the cleanliness of that particular area especially wtih the spread of MRSA and staph infection. I personally have learned and bring in my own sanitizing wipes like germX and give the bed a wipe down before getting in and my own towel.We have brought this issue to the franchise owner of the club and he shruggs it off and says that they do not have a washing machine available in the club to be able to use clean towels all the time. lol
Other than that I agree with the person before me who commented everything else is in the contract that members sign when joing.

Garry March 08 2013
The full time person at the front desk and the manager at the Pompton Lakes Planet Fitness are rude and impolite and treat there guests like crap. Since there is only one person at the front desk, the manager is sitting in her office doing nothing, if they are signing up a new member, you have to wait until they are done signing up that person to give your number to enter the gym to start working out. This is a problem for everyone entering. I love the facility and the price, but please do something about these terrible employees before myself and many other members leave and go else where. Aren't we supposed to be treated like guests.

John March 11 2013
Planet fitness in Malden location staff is horrible . Don't listen to you. On my fist day they spose to walk through and show m ethe stuff but no one did that I WILL Never recommend this location to any one .they have no parking space hate it

Lisa in Charleston, SC March 15 2013
We tried to cancel our membership and because there was a balance (last month and current month because they always bill in advance???) They would not let us cancel the membership.
Then I find that they took an unauthorized draft from my checking account. Buyer Beware

Maura Burns March 16 2013
I have been a member of Planet Fitness in Rocky Point, Long Island, NY for over two years. It has been an enjoyable experience, overall. Nothing more, or less, than exactly what I needed.... Close to home, clean... Unfortunately, my entire experience is now tainted as it has been made extremely difficult to cancel my membership. I just recently moved into a new neighborhood and decided to upgrade to the local LA Fitness. It's been amazing!

Now, I just want to stop the monthly charges from planet fitness.... Why do you make it so difficult?!? This is not good member service.

Tangela Decembre March 25 2013
I am a black card member at the Planet Fitness in Orlando and the manager was down right rude to my husband and I. Ms. Gordon needs some etiquette training on how to talk to customers with all the hand gestures and neck movements. I asked her who she thought she was talking to in that tone of voice. If I was a white customer would she have been so rude..sorry just putting it out there.

jeff tryon April 01 2013
i tried to get a membership and cant because they dont take cash. that sucks when u want to get fit ,but cant if dont a credit card

Mike Ryan April 01 2013
I am an elderly gentleman and I find the music loud and geared to only one generation. Perhaps you could survey the age groups that attend the gym at various times and play the music that appeals to the different generations. Extremely loud is not necessarily motivating. Please consider my suggestion.

Pat and friends April 02 2013
WE be long to the Turnersville N.J. gym and have found that its very sloppy. the entrance is dirty and s are the floors around the machines. we have talked to staff with no results..

Pat April 02 2013
I belong to Turnersville N.J. gym which has become very sloppy. dirt in enteance and all around the machines.

Christopher head and jody jenkins April 06 2013
We were kicked out for wearing tank tops and my passed was used as an excusable although I had been at the same location from 1999 to 2007. I want a free membership for life or forever I will post about the misshappenings of Ron HUELING and the jackosn Michigan PF!!!

Member April 08 2013
Staff @ Middletown location is the worst, rude, inconsiderate, self centered, childish, inexperienced, bunch of chattering little girls, members desrve better, just one or two good workers, the heavy set guy is truly dedicated, he keeps the place clean and fills the frig all the time, they need more like him, the girls must be family cause all they do is chit chat and ignore member

ruth thompson April 09 2013
Today,4/9/13 I went to your hoboken address. The girl was very nice, the place looked clean and I was about to join until she said the monthly fee had to come out of my checking account. I am 71 years old, do not plan on leaving hoboken soon, so I think my word on paying would be enough. I do not trust anyone with my checking acct info. Very bad policy. I knew there had to be a catch.

Cathy Schaar April 12 2013
This is not the first time, I have walked into Planet Fitness to find the messes that I do find.

Maybe we need another cleaner, that certainly would help.
They can have 8 of my hours, if thatís what you wish to do.

Last night, you at one time had, Savannah, Andrew, Steve, T.J, Joe and one who wasnít on the clock selling memberships at the front desk.
Bottles were empty (I donít have a problem filling them, but they shouldnít be empty) The locker rooms were a mess.
I am not sure even what time Steve Left, he was not there when I left, so hopefully he punched out way before that, he told me he was working until 2:30 am, I was looking for him to help me, to make up a work order list for him, as well as remove a paddle lock from Locker #61. I tried to do it Sunday night but I couldnít get it.

The reason I made the comment ( was I being punished for taking time off, to spend with my brother, that was in the horrific auto accident) is because, You can tell when someone wipes down or makes an attempt to help clean the locker-rooms. Or cleans at all.
The insides of both of the lockers had dried salt water from the snow, dust, candy wrappers, I found nasty used band aids in the first shower stuck to the floor. The menís toilets were very dirty, I mean with dried poo!
The showers were not clean (we have scrubbing bubbles.) The stall doors were dirty with hand prints and lotions. The mirrors in the menís locker-room was crazy water splashed. The black rugs were a night mare.
The trash on Friday in the locker areas was way more than it should have been
I removed the mop heads from all the mops and placed in the wash, Jamie when I came back in Sunday in the menís locker area, they were still off the mop handles.
The shower walls had soap scum on them and the faucets that it took extra cleaning.
I had women members tell me, how the cart sat in the same place for the time I was off, they can tell when PF gets cleaned or not.
The ladder still remains out in the 30 minute area, I understand, you are probably making sure it is dry up inside.
The tanner walls have lotion splattered on them, the mirrors are untouched.
Down at the bottom of the tanning units, where the door is attached is sort of dirty and dusty, as is the outsides of the units.
Look up above the doors the vents are in need of being wiped down.
The trash container outside the tanner units smell (cans from the guys eating tuna)
The break-room is a mess. Behind the grey box to the right when you walk in, where Steve leaves his lunch is a decomposing apple, plus a yellow rag.
The micro-wave after each use, does not get wiped out, the refrigerator smells.
I threw out dishes that were left on the shelves, that had dried food in them.
I feel like I need to be someoneís Mom down here! No-one including our members pick up after themselves. I understand I get paid for cleaning up after them, but really! The paper towels in the towel can is crazy! We need to come up with another plan. The members are confused!
I came in on Sunday evening and worked, it was the usual no one picked up or tidied up the Locker rooms, The toilet paper in the womenís locker room was filled, but the floors were a mess, the sink area was clean, the mirror were water spotted. The hair blower was laying on the counter, with the filter part on the floor, the little womanís trash cans, were a night mare, whomever places the little brown bags need to open them for those ladies, because they ( those women) place whatever inside and most of the time it doesnít land in the bag.
Candy papers, dirt on black bench inside changing area, stall doors dirty. The locker area trashed, both inside and on the outside of the lockers.
I had so many of the women members comment of the cleaning, I explained to them, I was off and that you were working with half a crew.
Those black rugs at this time arenít helping with the cleanliness, they need swept all of the time.
I rolled them up and placed them in the closet.
The menís locker room Sunday was the pitísÖÖIt was out of toilet paper, the stall against the wall. The first stall had the adult poo diaper, a comment was made to Steve about it and he commented back to one of our regular members that it will probably sit there for a day or 2. (Why didnít he take care of it) and why all of the sudden is this happening, If this person who has the condition isnít person enough to take 2 minutes more to dispose of his items, why should he think that we want his mess to handle, this is a health Issue!
I had 2 members tell me, it sat there for 2 days, and that they were just about ready to contact Corporate. They mentioned it also to the staff! This isnít the first time we have received disgruntled folks from the locker-rooms.
Should you want proof, about the diaper incident, I can get names and member numbers.
They also commented that the floors and black rug were untidy, as well as the showers, not to mention the floor equipment. Someone from Planet Fitness told them, that you, were never in a business like this before, so people do talk, they also told me, that from what they understand someone told them that you were busy and never here. I told them that was not true! I wasnít exactly sure of your hours, but I did know you were here.
The towels are getting washed with the brown paper towels, it took me about 15 minutes extra on Sunday to separate the brown paper from the towels before they were washed, the same as of last night, however that was not the case of who placed the towels in before me. (mess), the washing machine area, is always a mess, I have to pick up after my fellow employees and I just donít understand what is the deal here.!
I suppose this isnít the right time to ask for a raise, but I feel I deserve one. I think we need to hire a extra cleaner, like I said before, it really was a shame that Tracy didnít get along with me, and I didnít agree with her more, on her insights, but she was a awesome, cleaner.
We had the equipment wiped down, the floors were swept and mopped, the tanners were cleaned, the place was looking good!
If you want, and donít like my honesty then you can replace me.
The sweeper parts need replaced now!
I had to yellow tape the sweeper head to the metal handle some time ago, and now the brush head unit is broken, and keeps breaking. I offered you to buy what I have, if you want it, cool if not then you need to get them items ordered soon or we wonít be able to use the back pak sweeper.
I have 2 of my own sweeper there, we need to order shower curtains, cloth would be nice.
I donít mean to sound harsh I like you and I like Planet Fitness, but we need both the hours and people to clean, we are 11,000 strong now!
Which means, everything is going to look and be dirtier.
We need a new plan!

Jessica April 16 2013
I just had my car broken into and your associate did absolutely nothing did not even look surprised. He did not offer a phone or anything, did not care. After speaking to the detective assigned to my case this is not a unique case it happens alot here. I no longer feel safe, and we have never been treated well at this location either. No one helps, no smiles and its always filthy. Stay away from se military planet fitness in San Antonio tx! Very Unhappy "Member"!

April 18 2013
I just called customer service and this lady was totally mean and unprofessional , with the answers, I made my transfer 3 months ago and I am not still able to use my new location , but they are still charging me the monthly payment ! Wow , This is a trashy gym

Dirty mess during the day in rockville md. April 30 2013
I just cant believe how five staff members allow the place they work be a giant mess with paper towels and empty water bottles all over the place... including the locker room just a big mess.

what a mess April 30 2013
Im a member at the Rockville Md PF and its a total mess paper towels and empty water bottles and candy wrappers all over the place. I rather workout over night will its being cleaned how can the gym look like that during the day with five members at the front desk it just amazes me.

Upset Customer May 18 2013
I signed up for my Planbt Fitness membership on March 6th or 7th and was so excited about joining. On March 8th I was in a car accident, since this accident i have not been able to step foot into Planet Fitness and yet im still being charged monthly. I called to discuss cancelling my account and being refunded as I have been injured which has caused me to stop working and driving. Not only were the 3 employees I spoke with unsympathetic, the manager tld me "Well Life isnt fair" because i explained to him that it was not my fault nor was it fair that i am being charged monthly when i havent even RECIEVED my membership card in the first place, and i physically cannot bring myself to the gym. im a single mother of 2 children that had expectations of being a member at planet fitness, but in reality im a single mother of 2 that is now unable to work & drive that is being taken advantage of because of small print in a contract. I understand contract purposes, but is it that hard to see that im not trying to "beat the system" and weasel my way out of a contract. I simply ask that im refunded the months i was unable to use the membership, along with further cancelling my membership. Even when i become well enough to drive and work I WILL NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE EVER THINK ABOUT GOING TO PLANET FITNESS AGAIN!!! Im not even a member for 2 days and im being treated horribly. I wouldnt even consider myself a member, because i never recieved my card never recieved my planet fitness shirt never stepped foot into the gym after i signed up. IT WAS NOT MY CHOICE TO GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT & HAVE MY ENTIRE LIFE ALTERED. My priority is the health of my children and myself, not paying a so called "judgement free zone" gym.

Eric Merhout May 18 2013
HORRIBLE, lost a 2 year customer due to their lies.
WALKED in and cancelled membership AFTER year term expired. Was told by Adrian that it was done, was charged the VERY next month. Called and they said I must not have come in. LIES and JERKS! REFUND me! Going to the BBB now

Y.G June 04 2013
I am beyond upset that i have stopped in to cancel my membership 1 yr ago and i still have been charged every single month after that. I have no problems with the gym itself i actually love it. I just dont have a babysitter or the time to go.i want full reimbursment.!

nauseated june 9 2013 June 08 2013
Libby Industrial Pkwy So Weymouth Ma tanning beds No 3,4,5 are dirty, deplorable and buggy....The rooms need to be sprayed for insects and the walls & floors need to be steam cleaed....How can you advertise a good experience when the experience is nauseating & disgusting....

wv June 10 2013
I have had no problem with Planet Fitness Embry, great experience! However I moved to another City and joined the Planet Fitness Stone Mountain and I have had nothing but billing issues, rudeness embarrasing remarks. I really want to cancer my account now./

Denise Davis June 25 2013
I am a member at the Gunhill Road, Bronx, New York gym. It was 90 degrees here today. I went to workout and the thermometer read 77 degrees in the gym. First that is very warm inside a gym. For health reasons the gym is not killing bacteria with such warm conditions. This may be a OSHA issue. When I spoke to the staff they stated that the temperature was locked . I suggest someone at corporate does something about this issue. I see a prior posting also complained about the temperature at a Florida location. Is this a rule of the gym?

Alveatta Palmer August 21 2013
Good Afternoon I am member of a planet fitness in Maryland I have made several attempts to cancel my membership with not success I have not been an active member of the gym for over 1 1/2 years that can be proven I am not in the area to go inside the gym so I opted for a certified letter and still has not been canceled I called they all keep saying the same thing I am not incompetent I know the policy tried to abide by the policy and still not cancelled even told me I owed a bill for back in December 2011 but they been taking 10 every month on automatic draft, I called Corporate and they were less help spoke with someone name Brittany and she was even worse then calling the gym itself there seems to be no easy way to cancel the membership however very easy to sign up I am disgusted with my experience. The customer service sucks and because its so difficult to cancel they keep getting money from folks that do not use their raggedy ass gym the corporate office should look into the convoluted policy whose allowed to do business in their name if they care. I will take this as far as I have to for as long as it takes I will not tolerate anyone stealing from me.

Peter Campolla September 06 2013
would like to get some information on Christian Baca she was a trainer I would like to get her phone number or you can give her mine she worked in the Las Cruces NM

Myriam Castan December 21 2013
The process to cancel ones memberships is difficult and unnecessary! I have cancelled my membership twice via certified mail and my membership is still active! This is ridiculous! When I joined I worked near a planet fitness gym. I no longer do and have been having problems canceling my membership! You need to correct this, it should not be this hard to cancel a membership!

Joey January 25 2014
I experience was great with PF. I used there facilities both in NJ and FLA. I decided to cancel my membership so I went to the closest one by my house. I went in personally instead of sending in a letter. I went to the Edison PF mon Rt 1 and spoke to a young lady. She did what she had to do and that was that. I asked if there was anything else I needed to do and she no. Looked at my account and noticed PF was still deducting my dues. I called Edison and spoke with MR JOSEPH SUMMERS (who goes by JOE). I explained my situation and he found nothing pertaining to my cancellation. I had to describe the person and he quickly responded by saying no body by that works here. He was not getting it. WHY WOULD I TAKE THE TIME TO CALL THAT FACILITY IF NONE OF THIS TRANSPIRED. MR JOSEPH SUMMERS DOES NOT HAVE THE MATURITY AS A CLUB MANAGER TO HANDLE SITUATIONS WITHOUT BEING RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!! HE WAS BASICALLY TELLING ME I WAS NOT TELLING THE TRUETH. I found out that I would have to cancel my membership at the original facility I signed up. It does not make any sense to me if PF is Nation wide and your able to go to any place that PF is located then why do we have to cancel at the original place where we signed up??????? NOW THAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! Word of advice to Corporate, WORD OF MOUTH IS THE BEST ADVERTISEMENT! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO LET MR JOSEPH SUMMERS KNOW THAT AT YOUR EDISON BRANCH ON ROUTE 1.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this situation.

Crystal Clark January 30 2014
Your employees need to be the ones cleaning the tanning beds. They are gross.

Sophia Buzo January 30 2014
I live in Melrose Park and signed up as a member at the gym located on Mannhiem road. It is SO DIRTY all the time and the heat must be at 80 degrees so the smell is unbearable!!! The bathroom are filled with dirt as the machines are and im afraid to touch anything in fear of getting a staph infection! PLEASE tell your staff to clean instead of standing around and put paper towel rolls in dispensers not in the side! I may be canceling my membership soon as the environment is becoming unhealthy!

D.B January 30 2014
I emailed them twice in the past week to inquire about a location that I heard was coming to my area but no response so I called their corporate office in NH to ask to speak with the person who is responsible for responding to the emails and was transferred to their voicemail. They advertise $10 to join and $10 a month after seeing many of these online comments and the cost that they charge I can now see why they do not respond back-CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS.!!!!!!!!! SO THEREFORE I WILL NOT BE AT ALL INTERESTED IN JOINING THEIR STUPID GYM

Lynn Brown January 31 2014
You have those dryers in the restroom that say you want to save trees but on the floor you have paper towels for people to wipe the machines. My suggestion is to have cloths and they can rewash these cloths cause it sounds like you want to save trees but in the mean time you are killing other ones so I think it would be a great idea to have cloths on the floor and they can rewash everyday. They can take a new one like they do with the paper towels and wipe machines seems to me this would save more money in the mean time too. Just a thought cause it is kind of a double jeopardy with the dryers in the restroom,

lynn brown February 03 2014
The planet fitness I go to has the best workers and the friendlies employess and clients I have ever met I love this Gym I enjoy working out in this gym. I never felt better about working out in my life till I came here all the employees are amazing. The gym I go to is on Hoffner and conway very happy there. I also think the cloths would be better for cleaning the equipment it would save a lots of trees and you could buy washers and dryers and save lots of money on paper towels and lots of trees.

Diana Symonds February 09 2014
In January 2014, using the internet, I joined Planet Fitness in Apopka, FL Just recently I went in for my very first time for my first workout. When I had been in previously, no-one had ever told me I needed to have a lock for a locker. No-one showed me around .. did not know where the bathroom, showers or changing rooms were located and was told where to go. No-one ever instructed me how to use any of the machines. I was on a treadmill-like machine and had no idea how to turn it on, adjust anything or what to do. I finally figured it out a little then went to the bikes. Again, had no idea how to use this machine and my knees kept hitting the handle bars and I did not know how to adjust anything. After about 45 minutes, I realized I was on my own and no-one was going to explain anything to me. I want to cancel my membership .. only being there one time and not given any assistance or explanation of anything I feel this is not the place for me. Please consider this to be my cancellation notice.

Robert Godin February 26 2014
I am quite a bit aggravated. I have been a member of Planet Fitness Woonsocket ever since it opened 7 years ago. I was informed that they are having a live Disk Jockey of which is only going to play Spanish music. I did not join a gym to be entertained by loud, live music. I feel this is also extremely rude and prejudice to only play one races music. We are a diverse gym of young, older,black,white, Asian, as well as other cultures. I suggest Planet Fitness Woonsocket change their thinking regarding this. We are a gym, not a music club. We are supposedly in a judgement free zone. Maybe a better option would to be a free guest day, with free snacks , as many other options that are more appropriate for a "gym". This is not meant to hurt anyone in any way, but as a feeling of which alot of people are going to agree with. Thank you

Robert McCarter April 04 2014
Have you not realized that you spelled judgment wrong? There is no E as in judgEment. Perhaps you should reconsider who makes your marketing decisions.

Shawna April 28 2014
Me and my family have Been a member at south gate michigan for nearly 4 years. Turned my daughter away when with a group of friends because her 10$ a month. There was an error in checking account. (The payment was PROCESSING) Instead of telling her to workout and make sure the payment is there tomorrow.. You will NOT be able to work out today. She sat outside and waited for her friends. NOTHINGBLIKE TREATING HER LIKE A CRIMINAL. NEEDLESS TO SAY AFTER THE MANAGER WAS SOO UNPROFESSIONAL ABOUT IT.. I CANCELLED MY WHOLE FAMILYS MEMBERSHIPS OF 4 YEARS. REFERRED ALOT OF PEOPLE THERE. WILL BE DOING THE OPPOSITE NOW.

Charles Fyle April 29 2014
Dear Sirs,
I just want to send a note of gratitude to the corporate office regarding your general manger at Whitehall Planet Fitness in Charlotte NC. The ultimate professional, she reached out and made my transition to Raleigh extremely easy. Seeing Heidi on almost a daily basis at the PF facility in Charlotte, she was always helpful and friendly at all times as well. A pleasure to be around.
Keep picking those great "people persons" for your manager...Sincerely, Charles Fyle

lulu April 30 2014

Larry Napolitan May 05 2014
I belong to planet fitness located on the millersville rd. Lancaster Pa. and these are my comments, first of all the music too loud -- now tracey at the desk tells me she turns it down and than by it self it goes loud again--- please spare me--- and second the music is real trash--i think they would do a lot better with holding on to people if these two things were taken care of. Thank you

Jennifer Elsaid May 09 2014
When you can finally reach someone in corporate headquarters they claim to have no affiliation with the gym you are inquiring about. The gym carries their name, logo, and claims no intimidation yet the employees are the ones doing the intimidating. I would highly recommend anyone take their business elsewhere

Brenda Holland May 21 2014
I just wanted to send a note to say that the Planet Fitness located at one Washington St. Taunton, MA is amazing. The staff is awesome and very friendly. Lisa has always been very helpful and her staff is as well. This location is very clean. I have referred about a dozen people and my co-workers and I go regularly. I have visited several other locations, as I have a black card membership. Most recently, I visited the South Yarmouth, MA location and I wasnít pleased. The staff wasnít friendly and the tanning booths are ancient and didnít seem very clean. I actually got out of the booth early because I felt like it was dirty. They donít even have mirrors in the tanning rooms. It was disappointing, however, I am spoiled by my home location. I couldnít wait to come home from Cape Cod to let the staff know at the Taunton location how much I appreciate them and that they rock!!!

I also want to mention that I visit Clarksville, TN regularly as my daughter lives there. I am always hoping that a new Planet Fitness will be opening there soon. The closest location to my daughters house is 1 hour away. SadÖ.SadÖSad!! I need a location in Clarksville, TN!

Thanks for listening 


Brenda Holland
Proud of my planet!

danny jeffries June 13 2014
I went to work out and was told I could not work out because I was not wearing work out gear but I had my things in my back pack but no one asked me that and I told her I would not work out and i wanted to just let my guest work out and the manager at metro west in orlando told me no I just needed to leave. I would never tell anyone to work out here and metro west in orlando is the worst planet fitness in orlando i have been to all of them here in orlando.

David Petersen June 17 2014
Member number 34452, I went to cancel my membership before the annual fee was due. They told me to come back today to cancel I did that and not only did they get my annual fee they got another month of payments from me.I am very upset being that the gym was a complete mess. I refuse to go there to begin with. I waited and waited for my membership to be cancelled. I am and will be taking this to the BBB. No reason for them to get a additioanl $60 from me. 513.609.2650

APRIL JOHNSON June 18 2014

Holly Heenan June 28 2014
I went to my gym to cancel my membership as I needed to save money and they charged me still for the following month. I want a refund. I am using social media to get my complaint out.

Abby Levin August 09 2014
Wow...just got the third degree about my membership, embarrassed and literally told I cannot workout unless they fix my membership...Really, I have had an account and 2 charges come out of my account each month $19.99 and $9.99. When my girlfriend signed up she did not have a checking account.Now you opened a gym closer to my home and I cant go......I think maybe I will need to cancel both charges from my account...I have never been so embarrassed.

Tracy K Main August 20 2014
I signed my wife up for a membership as a Christmas gift in 2012. I signed a one year commitment. After the year ran out I was still being charged and went into the Victor, New York location and told them to cancel the account in May as I was not really keeping track of the withdraws from my checking account. I was told that the membership had expired and that I would not be charged anymore. I figured fine, my fault for not going in sooner. I looked today and I am still being charged and funds being withdrawn from my account after I was told it was done and no longer would be charged. I have contacted my attorney and will be notifying the NYS Attorney Generals office for fraud if this is not taken care of and will notify the proper media sources, this is not a threat. I want a refund for the past withdraws from my account starting in February. Thank you in advance for your timely response.

Rachel Kirby August 21, 2014 August 21 2014
leave my bank account alone..stop taking my hard earn doughnuts.lls

Bill Okerholm September 14 2014
I would like to let you know that your advertising is very misleading.
It says that for $5down and $10 per month you can join until Sept 17. 2014. I went to the local gym in Warwick RI. I was going to join when the woman at the counter told me it was $5 down and
$10 per month. Then she also said that there was and annual membership fee of $29.95 per year?????. That was not stated or mentioned on the TV Ad? As far as I am concerned your ads on TV are a bunch of Bull Shit, and there is a truth in advertsing laws!

I would not Join Now if you PAID me ?????

Bill Okerholm

Donna Bennett September 17 2014
I live in Webster MA. There are a few gyms in town, but there are many people interested in Planet Fitness, the closet one is about 20 miles away in Dayville CT and Worcester MA. We feel it would really a good fit in the Webster area. 508-450-1098. Please consider this area. Thank you.

Justina Wade October 03 2014
I am trying to cancel my membership due to financial hardship. They keep trying to take money out of my account at least once a week and it is causing overdraft fees which is not helping my financial situation. I am going to dispute this with my bank and take it to court if I have to. The manager at the location I went to will not return my calls.

James October 03 2014
I enjoyed Planet Fitness up until I was told that my funds would be deducted on the 15th of each month and they made an earlier deduction and caused a overdraft to my account. I called the corporate office and the representative defended their actions. So be aware of the fee agreements.

Nicole V November 04 2014
I sent a letter to my local planet fitness stating i was canceling and they are still trying to collect. Good thing I contacted my bank to let them know not let them remove money. I am so stupid for joining this gym it was not comfortable at all and when asking questins they look at like you are bothering them. This place is a joke

Old member November 04 2014
The only thing harder than finding a working equipment is finding an email to contact the corp office

All not some of the equipment in not working or in poor condition scared to use it
Please contact the owner of the Rocklege fl location and have repairs made ASAP

The next message with a really really bad blog with pictures

November 05 2014
I have been a member for years, but recently have had it with your gym. New front desk person is horrible, i waited ten minutes to tan while she was off doing whatever. Under staffed, bathrooms are ALWAYS disgusting, I try not to go when I am there. Something needs to be done. -Dover, NH

Regina B. November 19 2014
I had identification theif and had $1000,00 stolen from my account as soon as I learned of this I called planet fitness to let them know that I would be getting a new card in 10 days and would bring in as soon as I recieve it in the mail. I called 3 times and asked them to make a note on my informaiton page. I went into the gym to update my card and they want to charge me $10.00 late fees. I tried to explain to them but they have no understanding or compassion. This is the second time it happened to me. I asked to speak to the manager and was told she was not there and not even offer to have someone call me back to discuss just was told there is nothing they could do, Poor business folks at the front desk with no compassion or understanding of someone already having $1000.00 stolen from their account. Who can help, I would like to hear from someone that can help get the $10.00 removed, it is not the money it is the principle of the situation and just plain better business.
Hope to hear from someone soon.

Frank November 24 2014
I got a planet fitness membership in a city I travel often for work 9 hours from my home. My traveling there is no longer required. I want to cancel the policy. BEWARE! They will only accept physically going into the club or sending a certified letter in order to cancel. This arcane and byzantine style of bureaucracy is nothing but an inconvenience for the member. They will take the payment over the phone for the cancellation fee but they will not accept the cancel account request by email or phone? Rediculus! They have lost this member for good. BEWARE!

Karen Pearson November 29 2014
The gym payments are being took from my account on random days. M

Judy Thomasson December 01 2014
When is Planet Fitness coming to Durham NC - preferably Noth Durham? Closest one is at least 30+ minutes away from me. Would LOVE to see you come and give the gyms here some competition. Email:

Carol Baird March 07 2015
How can you have a male in the ladies locker room? That is not right at all.
Just because they are transgender does not mean they are allowed in the
womens locker room. What kind of business are you running anyway?

Joseph M Lopez March 08 2015
Do you know if Planet Fitness will be coming to Merced, CA?

cindy March 08 2015
Shame on you Planet Fitness for giving in to the peer pressures of what society claims is normal. A man dressed like a woman is still a man. and to 86 a woman for feeling uncomfortable with a transgender but STILL A MAN in the ladies locker room has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. ITS STILL A MAN. You have taken the rights of normalcy away from a woman with your judgment free zone and made HER feel uncomfortable for what is normal, or should I say, what is SUPOSSED TO BE normal. What God intended. Where are the rights of the people who still have some "normal" values. You just took them away for someone elses "rights". But I guess its all about making a buck instead of what was once intended. So just shame on you and I will spread the word to everyone I know about you judgment free zone.

Diane Fuquay March 09 2015
My son, who is also a member with me, is an Iraq veteran. When the lunk alarm goes off, he jumps out of his skin. Apparently, its the same alarm they use in Iraq for alert of incoming. Is there a chance this noise (alarm) can be changed? There are quite a few veterans and active duty that utilized this gym and I think Planet Fitness should be more considerate and make some type of adjustment. I would appreciate your feedback.

Terence Hunt March 09 2015
I am looking for a fitness center now that I am retired. I have taken Planet Fitness off my prospective list and will encourage others to do the same on social media. A woman should not be required to share a dressing area with a man!

Victoria Sewell March 09 2015
You claim in your mission statement that Planet Fitness is fir evrtyone, however, at the Barboursville, WV location there is an outspoken racist that works out there. Everyone is afraid to say something to him about his use of the "n" word. Do you condone this?

Phil Grabrick March 09 2015
You have one screwed up policy on transgender people. Just because you think it is alright to do this many people are not. Build a unisex room for those that are confused. I will negatively advertise your business until I die with this policy and I hope you go bankrupt.

Cpatte March 10 2015
I have seen news story on the transgender locker rooms. I AM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THIS !!! It is not my place to judge but I also have rights. And my rights start where theirs infringe on mine. If this is allowed then I want a female employee in the locker room while I change and shower. Once again, this makes me VERY uncomfortable.

eleda March 11 2015
At the national gym business called Planet Fitness any man can walk into the Womenís locker room, showers, restrooms and facilities if they simply claim to identify their gender as female. This recently became an issue when a creepy looking man (transgender

Read the comments on this page -All NEGATIVE and now this?
Glad I saw this before I decided to join
Going to AnytimeFITNESS
I give you guys a year - and you will be bankrupt!!!

Alvin Strain March 15 2015
I am a planet fitness customer that been with your location in Tampa Fl for 1yr and couple of months now.I am so happy of the wait that i have lost in a year know which I have real testimony and videos of myself from the beginning to now of my wait lost ,and pictures that I would like to share with your company that you may want to us on one of your shows of an un staged real weight loss. My Email info is ph# 4043172232

Kerri Yacovelli March 19 2015
Hi there. I am a member of the Planet Fitness in Warminster,PA. I was wondering if you sponser local youth teams. We are looking for any amount of donation for the Warminster Pioneer Football and Cheerleading Organization. We would provide advertisement on our website and in our yearbook. Please let me know if you are able to support our club. Thanks!

ROSE SHAMBAUGH March 20 2015

Wondering if you would be opening a Planet Fitness in Enola, Pa.?
That would be great

Gayla Dwyer March 23 2015
I am attempting to join Planet Fitness Waco, Texas. First, I am disappointed that I cannot pay for a full year at the time I sign up. Second, I am disappointed the website will not allow me to pay the monthly installments by credit card. It only offers the bank draft option. I will call tomorrow during office hours to inquire about monthly payment via credit card. If this truly is not an option, you just lost two new memberships from my family. I will not give a gym access to my bank account.

Mag I M Neubauerii March 25 2015
Planet Fitness is about the best in the fitness field that had occurred to date, anywhere! The addition of a sauna would make it absolutely perfect!

A successful new Planet Fitness in the Madison, Wisconsin area would be in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The town has a diversified athletic club that had grown too big and too complex plus too expensive as well as too crowded with about 15K members.

Currently, there is an almost perfect building available for lease on Main Street, just west of Bird Street.

I encourage the Planet Fitness management to look into this opportunity.

Mag I M Neubauerii March 25 2015
Regarding the "no judgement" of the so-called transgender patrons, I salute Planet Fitness and its policy, but believe that the transgender person should be dressed so as to visually on the outside declare it a male or a female.

Planet Fitness already provides the so-called "dressing cubicles" in the locker rooms, which the transgender patrons should and could be using.

Doreen Diaz March 31 2015
I have been a Black Card member at Planet Fitness since April 2012. I called to cancel my membership and was told it would cost $58 because in December of 2014 I TRANSFERED my membership from one gym to another. That is ridiculous! I never signed another agreement so this membership needs to be cancelled ASAP. It needs to be done before the 10th so I do not asses another payment due.

Donna Coehoorn April 01 2015
I am very upset with your location in Anaheim California my son was a member for quite sometime and had stopped going. I had contacted the location who in turn sent me to another location because my monies has still been taken out now for a year. I talked with one and she never got back to me but my monies is still be taken out of my account every month and has made me over drawn in my account several time.
I need someone to contact me to have this stopped and refund all my monies for the past year before I turn around and do something I do not want to have to do. my number is 714-310-9199 please leave me a message and I will get back to you.

thank you

Joanie April 08 2015
How about opening a Planet Fitness in Keene, NH!!!!!

Joanie Desautell April 08 2015
Could use a Planet Fitness in Keene, NH.

Kathy April 14 2015
It would be nice to open a club in north hills in Pittsburgh!
They are all 45 to 60 mins away from here.and I enjoy please
Look at the the area

Daniel west April 27 2015
Please have a sign stating Please wipe off all machines when finished. Watched 5 people today workout sweat badly and walk away from the machine. That is nasty! Told staff but they are not allowed to put up signs.

Alicia May 18 2015

I was at planet fitness yesterday, which is a sunday. Planet fitness closes at 7pm on the weekends. Me and my guest are working out and to hear the employee say its closing time at 6:30pm made me very upset.

My guest told the employee about the hours and how we are staying till 7pm or until our workout time is complete. The employee threatened to cancel my membership and close anyways. The rudest gym I ever been to. I dont believe Im signing up with Planet Fitness again.

I dont see no where in the agreement that it says they close at 6:30. They should be lucky its not 24/7 on the weekends

location: north ave and kostner

Richard Gath May 20 2015
I recently tried to cancel my new black card membership. I am completely disabled and living on a fixed income. Planet Fitness didn`t want to hear any of it unless I forked over fifty eight dollars and change. This company takes twenty dollars a month out of my small checking account. I really can`t afford to be giving Planet Fitness any more of my funds. I could use this extra money to buy food with. Have you ever gone hungry? I have, and it isn`t a good feeling. I`ve also broken just about every bone in my body throughout my life. I`ve also had my last rights. I just can`t believe that Planet Fitness would hold me to this contract. I just can`t use a lot of the machinery because of the injuries that I have or had What a bunch of thieves to do so. I do plan on contacting the media concerning this. Watch the news or read the paper. There may be a right up about Planet Fitness for everybody to see or read. We`ll see what they think and how many that won`t go back to one of those joints.

Richard G May 20 2015

Richard Gath May 20 2015
I cancelled my membership on the 17th of this month, of May. So why is Planet Fitness still withdrawing funds from my checking account? I want it put back where it belongs. I want nothing to do with Planet Fitness. I had a doctor`s note and still my money was sucked out of me. Now I want to contact the authorities (State Police) about this matter. I also have a copy of my contract that I will hand over to my attorney if it isn`t replaced

Ramiro Lopez May 21 2015
Horrible customer service

Chris Peez May 22 2015
ADRIAN MICHIGAN: I am a new member, everything seems nice, Except hardly any spray bottles or paper towels ? GOOD HEALTH good hygiene , does anyone reads these? - THIS IS NASTY ? I heard it was to save the owner $$$$ ? please feel free to contact me.

Melanie Jones May 23 2015
I have been a member of planet fitness for over two years
During that time I used the facility about 20 times. Unfortunately in April 2014, I was involved in an automobile accident and I have not been able to utilize my membership since that time. I spoke with the club manager at the time and she asked for proof from my doctor to freeze my account. I provided that information, but she asked for more (I felt it was totally a violation of my Hippa rights). I never revisited the situation because i hoped at some point i could continue attending but, it has NOT been possible for me to use this membership for over a year; i continued paying the monthly fees. Now you all are billing me for fees that are past due and i am refusing to pay for them because i have Not used planet fitness facilities since march 2014, and it is now May 2015.Please CANCEL this membership now and Stop billing me for an idle membership. My contact number is 773-299-2654, my name is Melanie Jones.
Thank you!

stephanie speno May 29 2015
I am trying to transfer from the joliet location to the montgomery loction as I have moved. Your wweb sit will not allow me to go through although I have the member # (which I just verified at the joliet loc.) the # is 10008366665.
please call me at 630-551-5034. I need your help.

Chris Pavlides June 01 2015

mary odom June 02 2015
I am livid!!! I went in to my local gym and filled out a cancelation notice. I am on a month to month and knew that in June I was going to be charged more money. I was told that I would have to pay May fee (I cancelled on May 2) but would not get charged the extra fee in June. I asked, Is that all I have to do, and was told that it was all taken care of. Now a $39 fee was charged to my bank putting me into over drawn status and costing me another $35!!!! I want my money back or I will blast you all over the internet and will personally sit outside with a picket sign every moment I can!! This is TOTAL BS! I am out of the Hazel Dell location in Vancouver Wa. Mary Odom

joe June 03 2015
my membership was renewed without my permission who do i talk to about it.

james June 03 2015
I joined the Kissimmee Florida location last month, may 2015, had a medical emergency at start of June, and asked for the location to hold account or downgrade so that I could still pay, after recovery of funds had to use I emergency. Requested 1 DAY for hold so had chance for check to go into account. From work. Was told to ask job for advance, then was treated VERY HATEFUL. Once they have you they treat you like crap and know they can get away with it because of the fees and stuff they add. And then laugh all the way to the bank

anonymous June 04 2015
all about planet fitness is very good with one exception. having one person, particularly a female, work from mid-night til morning. this certainly seems as though to be very risky from a safety perspective

Renate Cowhig June 06 2015
I go to Planet Fitness in Chelsea, Ma. Here are my complained about the gym:
1. Any time we bring up a maintenance issue , it takes staff a long time to fix ( if they even address issue). For example in January/February 2015 hydraulic closer of the front door on right was broken. It took a few weeks before staff put a caution sign for people not to use door. Just recently door was fixed .
2. Many times trash cans are overflowing and nothing is done.
3. At times there is a shortage of paper towels or spray.
4. Suspcious youth , many times I have observed youth checking all the treadmills for keys etc. That someone might have left behind.These youth do not work there.
5. Lots of break in to lockers. Stolen wallets, keys etc.
6. Anyone can walk into gym without staff noticing.
7. We advised staff of problem with a weight machine and even a week later same problem exists.
I love location of gym and last year these problems did not exist ( a different crew worked and took care of problems.
Thank you for any help,

Gloria fischer June 12 2015
Dear Marilyn the problem that we have talked about has not been resolved at this time we see again another withdraw from account all Monthly with draws will be canceled till this is resolved.

Douglas Albro June 23 2015
How do you talk with someone about billing issues. I was told by a location manager in Mobile Al. that I could not talk with anyone other than her. She was rude and would not listen to my concerns about what I see as a billing mistake. I think 5 min with someone in charge could prevent a customer (me) from being disgruntled. I would also hate to think that my only recourse would be in the legal system.

Tina Lawler July 14 2015
I love how the gym is kept clean and neat. The staff is always cleaning it. I understand that there is a policy of no cell phone in the exercise areas. I have a membership and I go almost every day. The problem is that there are some clods who are sitting on the equipment and texting, no exercising, just texting. I have to pass up my workouts on many days because of their inconsideration and the management not enforcing the policy. I am about to the point to where I am going to drop my membership because of it.

Paul mud one July 19 2015
I was outraged at the removal of the free weight benches and your discriminatory commercials who could be more unreasonable unrepentant and discriminatory and planet fitness by targeting an entire group of people I also found your commercials extremely offensive and discriminatory furthermore those girly benches that you have the assistant ones lead people to believe that they can in fact lift more weight and they can and God for bid somebody should go to a different gym think they could lift the same amount of weight drop it on their neck is then not planet fitness liable for their injuries by lulling-them into a false sense of security. I will be looking for another gym my final word fuck you planet fitness you want the most discriminatory place that I have ever encountered in my entire life you make Jim Crow laws look like fun

Beverly Miller July 26 2015
I have a member of planet fitness for two years. I first joined in Trevose, Pa., the people working there were very cordial and polite. The people at that gym kept that gym clean. Then a larger gym was remodeled in Warminster, Pa., I transferred my membership to the larger gym. At first the trainers were very nice and made sure by walking around that we were using the gym machines and weights properly, fast forward the third trainer who works there now was very rude to me as well as the manager. The bathrooms are filthy the air conditioners are not all working and they have not replaced light bulbs in months I am paying money to be ignored! Does anyone in corporate care?

Christopher Nash July 30 2015
Brand new gym in Downtown Crossing is beautiful, with one exception... the locker area of the locker room is TINY, with even TINIER lockers. I can barely fit a back pack in the lockers provided. Most of the people in downtown Boston are young professionals, and must dress accordingly. Come this fall when it gets colder, I will not only have a back pack, but also a suit jacket and an overcoat. If the weather is lousy, a winter coat or perhaps an umbrella. No one can fit this normal stuff into one of the tiny lockers, they need to be a little bigger, or build additional lockers. Can someone help with this?

Holly Wells July 31 2015
This is now the 3rd time trying to sign up w/ a deal going on -not 2 happy I have to keep putting all my info out there & there seems to be an issue can u please e-mail me asap before I lose out on another great offer!!!

Rev Johnson August 10 2015
I enjoy your gym a lot. I started to train with your trainers and I was wondering do you have trainers who do not cuss? Someone who do not use profanity while teaching the classes? Work for the government that is a ground for suspension. Is that consider professional to use profanity or cuss words while teaching your members? Is the trainer(s) also should do a body assessment of the member? Should the trainer(s) give tips for healthy nutrition? I hope to see a difference immediately across the board!

Thank you.

vjl August 25 2015
I joined PF as it was very close to my location. In addition I also added my lady friend as a member. The location I was going to was very poorly run with the staff not enforcing rules in the gym and not being at all helpful; (Oakland, California).

I then began going to the gym in Richmond; much worse. and they condition of the gym is freightning. The staff, manager included just "sit on the counter" and BS; never walking the gym, never enforcing rules, not even inspecting the locker room and showers. There is black scum build up in the showers. There is crud that has been around equipement that has been there for months. I am gone......The people that work out there have no gym etiquite; not their fault really, no one shows them. They hog weights and get ugly if you want to work in with them. They talk loud on cell phones and no one stops them. The shower curtains are walmart specials and are nasty. This is a disgusting place with poor excuse of employees.

David August 27 2015
Planet Fitness in Canton, Ohio allows people to sit on equipment as long as they want to and text on their phones instead of exercising. They say they cant stop people from texting.

doris jones August 27 2015
I go to Planet Fitness in Elizabeth City. Staff always polite but I have been complaining about 2 of the 4 female restrooms being out of order for over 2 weeks. This should not be continued to go on as long as it has . I always receive the same excuse. The clients should also have easy assess to bathroom facilities also.

bonnie lagrone August 31 2015
I have been hearing a lot about Planet fitness on My Fitness Pal and I didnt believe it. Many of these comments are mentioning how hard it is to cancel memberships and how loud the music is. Those two things will be my deciding point on joining the new one opening in Florissant Missouri the end of summer. I will be staying at the Y

ROSE SHAMBAUGH September 06 2015
Would love to see a Planet Fitness put in at Pennsboro Commons on East Penns Drive in Enola,PA 17025- Old Giant is empty- a lot of homes and new homes going up, any thought?

Chazz Chisolm September 26 2015
Planet Fitness in Roswell Ga. has the worst customer service to so call store manager had the worst attitude. They over charged me and would not allow me to speak to the owner or her boss telling me that he did have a phone number and and would not speak to me any way.

Jaclyn Giordano October 06 2015
My daughter joined this gym at there Clementon, NJ location. She went into to cancel the contract on April 27, 2015. The company still withdrew monthly fees for June and July, I thought it was done and over with. On October 1st there was another charge made for $41.53 for what they said is a yearly access fee. I contacted the location was told by a staff member that the membership was cancelled, and that there were late charges for July, August and September. My daughter was 17 at the time the agreement was signed and still am being refused to cancel. This is an absolute disgrace of busineess practice, I am completely disgusted by the way it is insisted that you return to there location, even though I was not present to sign the contract.

Joe Chiaraluce November 06 2015

You guys should think about coming to Wareham . Wareham is booming and the Y is ridiculous for what they charge.

Barbara Floyd November 10 2015
Good Morning ;
I have had a membership with planet fitness since June25, 2015.
I have not been going because there continue to be car brake ins at the Wesley Chapel Decatur Ga. location , just today around 10 am
I tried to go back , again another car had been broken into ,at this point I no longer want to work out at Planet Fitness anymore and I feel like my membership fee as well as my and any other fees should be refunded, because I cannot work out a be worried about my car. I did call to ask for a manager and was told that she was busy , did not ask if she could call me back or anything.

Jim Phoenix November 14 2015

I had over a hundred dollars worth of stuff in my locker at the planet fitness gym on Wabash in springfield, Illinois, shoes and my work out clothes The manager there said that they cut locks off of the lockers after 24 hours and donate the items to salvation army, I checked into that and found out that they in fact did not drop off my stuff to the salvation army, which means someone from planet fitness kept my stuff .Plus the manager was very disrespectful towards me when I question him about it. You need to change your policies and find new manager!.


Adrian Gutierrez November 19 2015
My soon to be ex wife had an account with one of your locations in San Antonio TX. Can you please stop charging my account before I am forced to take action tords your company. She does not even live in a state in witch she could use your services. Your company is charging me for something I did not sign a contract with. If you need to contact me fill free to email me at Thank you for your understanding and time in fixing this.

Bettie December 02 2015
Will there be a Planet Fitness in Peachtree City, GA in the near future?

Richard LaFontaine December 07 2015
I need to know when the is the last date for sign up for the $99.00 a year special No one in my Planet Fitness center seems to know and you web-sites have anywhere from Feb.2nd 2016 to the end of Dec in 2015 Can you enlighten me please my email addy is

Wilma Lekan December 09 2015
I belong to your Planet Fitness gym in Waldorf, Maryland and absolutely love it. I would like to suggest that you look in the Bethany Beach/Ocean View, Delaware area to start a Planet Fitness. You would do a great business especially during the summer months. Business might fall off during the winter months, but you are still getting your $10 a month. In Ocean View, Delaware on Central Avenue there is an abandoned Harris Teeter store that they are trying to rent. This is a nice brick building with lots of parking and is in a stand alone location. This would make a perfect location for your facility. Please share this information with the appropriate office and have them look into it. The advantage to this location is there are no other gyms around.

shannon December 24 2015
Why is it taking 6 months to get internet? Also the staff sit around talking to each other and eating... A simple hello would be nice.. When was the last time the bulbs were changed in the tanning beds? I have been a member for over a year and only once did I see a sign saying there new bulbs in bed.. Also only having wifi for half my membership.. What am I paying for?

Theodore Turner January 01 2016
Coachella, CA. January 1st, 2016. Supposed to open today at 6:00 a.m. according to staff posted sign. Currently 8:00 a.m. Disappointed with the service. My phone number is 510-387-7785. Email

Kathy Stem January 06 2016
We have a program through our Blue Cross/ Blue Shield program that allows you to visit any gym for a monthly fee of $25.00. My husband and I like this as you can take classes at some gyms and visit gyms nearby for workouts. I was ready to enroll when I asked about participating gyms. Unfortunately, because you are corporate- you are the only gym in our area that does not participate in the program- planet fitness in Latrobe, pa( equal distance from my house as the Greensburg one),anytime fitness in Latrobe and murrysville pa, the ymca in Greensburg, the aerobic center in Greensburg all allow participation in the Blue Cross /Blue Shield program. ( not silver sneakers). In speaking with BC/BS they told me they would be willing to speak to the manager but when I called the manager he said he is not allowed as that gym is corporate. Would you please consider allowing the program at the Greensburg Planet Fitness? It is my gym of choice as I tend to travel to Greensburg more than Latrobe but now my husband and I have decided not to join because of this and will probably have to choose the franchisee gym instead to allow us to
Participate in all gyms if our choice.

Doug January 06 2016
I was a member and loved it. I canceled after my club told me I had to give them my bank access. My bank advised me not to do that. Is there anyway to be a member by paying with credit card, cash, or for two years at once. I would do any of these, I would love to have my Black Card Membership again. PLEASE PLEASE work with me.

Patricia Salter January 08 2016
The club manager, Mr. Edward Pruett, cancelled my membership today without my consent after telling me I must wear shoes when performing circuit. This he did after I complained to him about people not using the circuit correctly (sitting on machines). This manager is extremely unfriendly, condescending, and has targeted me specifically. I would like to complain to the highest corporate level of Planet Fitness about the treatment this manager has given me. I have never had a problem in the 3 years going here and feel offended that he just decided to cancel my membership.
Please contact me ASAP so we can discuss this situation. Do you stand behind this cancellation and/or should I take it to the next level of complaint. I am just trying to work out and do not need this additional stress from one of your employees.

Patty Salter
3 year member

Belva Freeman January 14 2016
I find the practice of requiring persons with disabilities to have a bank account other than the bank card the government issues is discriminatory action and requiring them to pay for a yearly membership upfront shows that this corporation clearly rejects people with disabilities . People whom are on fixed incomes whom choose to take advantage of opportunities afforded such as your promotions at the new location in Fort Smith Ark . I went to this location only to be turned away due to your policies toward those such as I. This practice of requiring me or any other person presenting a government debit card to pay cash upfront is clearly discrimination.

Brittany Selman January 18 2016
I am a very upset customer. I am a student and mother of two that had joined the home club Planet Fitness, in Davenport, IA. I graduated and my family relocated to the state of MO. I had wanted to cancel my membership due to unforeseen costs. I had signed a contract for $10 month. To my knowledge from our bank, the cost went to $25 a month with no notification of that fee. I was told I could only go to Davenport to cancel or send the corporate office a letter stating my cancellation. Not only am I cancelling this membership I am taking my concerns to the better business bureau due to the insufficient funds that it has cost my family with no notifications/letters, etc.
Thank you
Brittany Selman

John Butler January 21 2016
I am a member of the Woodland Park NJ complex . It was very inconvenient today when I arrived at the gym to work out prior to going to the office and was notified the showers and toilets were out of service in the mens locker room.

Randy Ellis January 21 2016
I live in Clarksville, TN. and I was told that another planet fitness is opening up in Clarksville, TN. on Madison St. Is this true and if so when? Thank you

January 21 2016
I have worked out in gyms since 2001. LA Fitness was my favorite so far. PLANET FITNESS is idiotic beyond measure. I joined after taking a construction job in Baltimore city so i can melt away fatigue after work. It was all well until i realised the foggots are following me around. I said nothing but after multiple times including a hand creeping under the fitting room stall, i had enough. After bringing it to the attention of staff, the staff member jump up and go: THIS IS JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. ! Ok I agree there is no need to judge fat people trying to slim down, or old people trying to be younger or even compromised men who want to be accepted to the macho hall of shame after turning women. I get it. But what that got to do with me working out comfortably without being harassed by gay men?

Jim Gifford January 28 2016
Why does the Port St John, Florida facility require that I use their key tag card rather than my Silver Sneakers card? I do not carry any of the key tag cards issued to me and I see no reason to carry this one.

January 28 2016
take it from me I am in Canada and I am so sorry the day I join that gym! they are unprofessional from manager go down its not a good gym to join !! this location 1245 DuPont street...I use to tell people about this gym