Weight Watchers Corporate Office

Weight Watchers Corporate Office Address: 300 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 350, Jericho
NY, 11753
Phone: 212-589-2700

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-800-651-6000

Weight Watchers is a company which offers a range of products and services that are designed to help individuals in their weight loss and maintenance goals. Founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch, the company now has operations in around 30 countries worldwide. Some of the weight loss plans and programs that the company offers include Momentum and TurnAround.

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JoAnn Hughes November 22 2012
Help , I live in Scottsville Ky. I would like for WW to start a group here. I was informed that our YMCA had talked to WW and they said they had to have a list of at least 100. I was told iThey had at least double that and was waiting to find an instructor. This was several months ago . Could you please find out what is happening with this. I really need a group here I don't want to go 25 miles to a meeting and I need to attend meeting not the online thing. Thanks.

Suzanne Harrington December 19 2012
Welcome to Philips Chat, you're chatting with Mike. How may I help you?
Mike: Hello Suzanne!
Suzanne : Hello Mike
Mike: How may I help you today?
Mike: Since you haven't responded back, could you please send one by hitting the enter key so I know we're connected?
Suzanne : I am a very unhappy customer.. I wore my Activelink.. playing tennis, swimming and generally all day for 7 days... On the 8th day I wore it walking and shopping. When I returned hope it was GONE>. I really feel that the clip is not enough of a device to keep it from falling off what ever it is attached to .... it was expensive and I am NOT happy about it .. I do not know if the clip broke.. but I certainly had a calm day of activity and it should not have just fallen off
Mike: .I apologize for the inconvenience and will be happy to assist you.
Suzanne : HOW?
Mike: Suzanne, in this case I will suggest you to purchase a new Activity Monitor.
Mike: Once you have your new Activity Monitor, all you need to do is connect it to your computer that has the ActiveLink software installed, and then enter your WeightWatchers username and password.
Mike: You do not need to register again. It will be immediately linked to your account.
Mike: Please visit www.weightwatchers.com/shop to purchase a new starter package, or you can purchase it at your local meeting.
Suzanne : So I can have another one just disappear!!! I am a very patient and reasonable person .... but this is a $50 item with a clip that may have failed or a system with out a back up like a hole in the clip so you can also tie it to your clothing
Mike: Suzanne, I apologize for the inconvenience.
Mike: I will take it as a feedback and will surely forward it to the concern team.
Suzanne : It is a great idea... but I will be vocal about my dissatifaction with the product. I attached it the same way for all 8 days..... and it just falls off or the clip failed...
Mike: Suzanne, I completely understand your frustation.
Mike: Suzanne, I will suggest you to purchase a new unit.
Suzanne : I intend to send a letter to Weight Watchers and voice my dissatisfaction with the design of the clip... and the potential for loss... and your only recourse is to BUY another one... when the system is faulty... If there were also a hole in the clip it could be used with a lanyard and clipped... Problem solved..no lose..
Mike: I apologize for the inconvenience.
Suzanne : Thank you for your time... I will take this to someone with more authority
Mike: I would be disappointed, too, if that happened to me.
Mike: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?

Pat Scheid December 22 2012
I agree with Suzanne's comments about the clip being inadequate on the Activity Monitor. I have lost mine several times but have been able to retrieve it - 2 examples - it fell off and got kicked down the driving lane of a parking lot and another time it fell and slid under several rows of seats in a movie theater when I got up to leave. These are just two of the times the monitor has fallen off - I've been lucky to find it.
I'm actually writing to ask if you can provide the address of Alberta - the regional manager for southwest Michigan. I have a copy of a petition to forward to her. I didn't ask at our local office - they couldn't even provide the address for WW's Corporate Office. I want to see that Corporate receives the petition that two of our local WW class members have signed. Thanks for your help.

hello lisa January 24 2013
hello my name is lisa seward and my sister and mother join weight watchers at two different times. my mothers was last week 1/19/13 and my sister was a few weeks ago. My mother came to my house on 1/24/13 to log on her account and to print her temp monthly pass. She used my sister's computer because she has no other way to print it out. My sister does the online weight watchers. Some how the two accounts have merged and they both are being charged for service that they have already paid for. They talked to customer service and due to having to be charged again for the service they canceled their membership. Customer service was asked to speak to a lead rep but was told that know one was able to do so. PLEASE HELF BECAUSE WE ARE REALLY TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT AND LIVE A LONGER.

Nicole Lee January 27 2013
Hello,I live in Cleveland Ohio and we can never find your weight watchers bake goods.I have lost sixty five pounds and would love to have more stores in Cleveland that have your bake products.Walmart has a few things and when you go the shelves are clear.They have no new products in you bake line.I love weight Watchers and would hope that you can get it in more stores in Cleveland Ohio.Thank You!!!!

dee barker April 09 2013
trying to reach someone in the corporate office, have sent email but all have been returned. please send email address for corporate officer

Sherri Puckett April 29 2013
I purchased Weight Watchers Smart One frozen meals at Wal-Mart in Henderson, TX. this weekend. I went home for lunch today, heated meal according to directions for microwave. After heating for required 3.5 minutes, per instructions took meal and stirred ingredients. To my surprise I found a stainless BOLT. Apparently it had dropped from machine into the meal I purchased. Luckily I was paying attention. Hate to think what the results might have been if I had not found the BOLT. Needless to say I did not eat the meal. I put it back in the box.
Sherri Puckett
Henderson, TX.

Stephanie July 22 2014
I would like to know when WW will be offering Free Registration in the Southern Indiana area?

Nancy August 21 2014
I would just like to compliment two women who work for Weight Watchers in Orland Park, Illinois on Saturdays. Their names are Beth Stetins and Georgette (do not know her last name). They have helped me so much with my weight loss. The two are so encouraging and are wonderful at their jobs. I just wanted the corporate offices of Weight Watchers to know that these two are fabulous. Please let them know that people like me are just thrilled to see them every Saturday morning. I really believe because of them I have lost the 40 pounds. I am so thankful for their inspiration and kind words that they have given me throughout this weight loss journey. Thank you.

Diana Symonds September 09 2014
Each week I purchase 2 of the Smart One .. Weight Watchers .. three cheese ziti marinara. I have done this for over a year. The last month or
so (and buying them at different store) there has been very little to almost no sauce in these dinners.

I had one last night and my husband thought I had white sauce instead of the marinara. He thought it was funny but i do not think so.

I will stop buying these and looking to find another company that makes the same product.

michelle convissar March 23 2015
I have been billed repeatedly for what was supposed to be a trial 1 month meeting package.. I called and was connected to the Philippines where several attempts had to be made before I spoke with someone who was understandable. He gave me a cancellation number and said a refund of $85.00 would be made to my account within 7 to 10 days. I will never deal with your company when there is no way of speaking to someone in the United States. I plan on spreading this information as widely as I can in hopes of highlighting what a mockery you make of this company by outsourcing customer relations to a foreign country. We spend our money here and want it to stay here. I will personally be getting this info over social media and letting everyone who participates with weight watchers know that there is o way to speak with someone in the US with questions. I have just spent the last 50 minutes in frustration, which was completely unnecessary.
Michelle Convissar

Shirley Carter July 25 2015
I am unhappy with the new Tracker format. The Weekly PointsPlus
Allowance is missing! The Weekly Planner page is gone and the last page for notes is also gone. I have relied on them.
My leader has given me all the old, pale green trackers she had.
Can you mail any old trackers to my meeting?
Quinsigamond Plaza
8797 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Barbara Stege December 03 2015
I applied online for Weight Watchers membership. The company took out 79.95 before the time due. This money was to pay one of my due bills. Now I am behind. It was a shock and I cancelled my membership. I contacted the bbb and the Missouri attorney generals office and the FTC. I want my 79.95 back into my account in ten business days. Your process for money handling is fraudulent. stege.mark@yahoo.com

diane kaelin January 19 2016
I am extremely upset, and willing to go to court.. My name is Diane Kaelin. I have been a loyal customer for over 40 yrs, and a lifetime member..

I have called many times since Nov, and was told corporate would call me but nobody has. I bought a fit bit thru WW, it did not work. I returned it, was promised I would get my money back. Have not received any money back. Was told it was approved . Please return my money or I will go to small claims court. Thank you,. Diane