Farmers Insurance Corporate Office

Farmers Insurance Corporate Office Address: 4750 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles
CA, 90010
Phone: (323)932-3200

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-888-327-6335

A subsidiary wholly owned by Zurich Financial Services, Farmers or Farmers Insurance Group is an insurance and financial services company based in Los Angeles, California. They are the third largest provider of homeowners and private passenger auto insurance in the US, serving more than 10 million households with over 20 million individual policies. Aside from home and auto insurance, some of the other products and services that they have include motorcycle insurance, life insurance, recreational insurance, business insurance and financial services like variable annuities and mutual funds.

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Debra McGee December 10 2012
I need the address and department of where to send a DISPUTE with you. I am highly upset with the way I have been treated after years of being one of your customers. Someone needs to either contact me or give me the information so I can pursue this dispute.

david January 30 2013
100% agree. Have same problem here. Transfer from one answer machine to the next. Does not return calls and no one knows anyone. Told Road Service is part of Agero. Even my agent can not get in touch with them. Farmers this is your bad. I pay my premiums on time. Take care of the damages Tri Lake To7wing did to my vehicle. 720 251 5846

Ronald Hill July 22 2014
I received a call from "Irene" and Caller ID showed the address of 1014 24th Ave NW. Norman, OK 73069 and listed Farmers insurance represented by Rick Newby, Elizabeth Huston and Shayne Fisher. I informed this Irene that I was deaf and that she would have to speak very clearly and distinctly so I could understand her, this comment did no good and she continued to talk a mile a minute wanting to know how I was doing and etc.
I asked her what she was selling because being deaf I had a hard time talking and understanding people on the telephone which did absolutely no good. I finally told her to get the hell off my phone and hung up.
The only contact I have had with Farmers Insurance was to file a claim against one of your drivers from Purcell Oklahoma and I guess that is the only way Farmers could get my unlisted telephone number. I do not wish to receive any calls from Farmers Insurance unless I initiate them which is doubtful because of this last call.
Please have my unlisted phone number (405) 432-0595 removed from any all lists which will result in sales calls from your company.
Ronald Hill

Ronald Hill August 07 2015
Thanks for publishing my unlisted phone number on your complaint board as I now get numerous spam and scam calls due to your ineptitude. Farmers will never get my business after this.