Geico Corporate Office

Geico Corporate Office Address: 5260 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase
MD, 20815
Phone: 1-301-986-3175

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-800-841-3000

Founded in 1936, GEICO or the Government Employees Insurance Company is a company that offers auto insurance policies. It is a subsidiary wholly owned by Berkshire Hathaway, a company owned by Warren Buffett, which provides coverage for over 13 million vehicles that are owned by over 11 million policyholders. Aside from auto insurance, GEICO also offers motorcycle insurance policies and emergency road service.

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Lisa Encracion October 07 2012
Just want to make everyone aware that if you are insured with Geico and own a new vehicle; you should consider changing insurance companies; This is why, I was involved in an accident on the 21st. of September, other persons fault. However, the girl only carried state minimum insurance, therefore Geico (my insurance) is required to pick up the tab and try to collect from the girl who made the left
in front of me. I have a 2010 Highlander, Geico valued the vehicle @ 25,000, without tearing it down the estimate is now @ 13,000 for repairs with aftermarket parts. Geico refuses to use OEM parts, and now tells me there is no way for me to recover diminished value of my vehicle because their policy clearly states that there is no provision for diminished value . What this means is that my Highlander has lost a considerable amount of value, because of the accident and aftermarket parts. BUYER BEWARE GEICO SUCKS.

Caesar Adigwe February 02 2013
Worst fucking company ever. Everyone is out of the office. There's no supervision

Umberto Bertoli February 23 2013
The commercial with the basketball player is beyond stupid. How much did you pay an advertising agency for that crap! You should have passed along that amount of money to your customers. Bring back the cavemen!!

Onyae Barnes March 22 2013
I have insurance through Geico and my child just received her license. Geico sent me a letter indicating that she will placed on my policy automatically if she is not covered under any other plan...wt*

Jack Sullivan March 26 2013
Enough already with the stupid animal ads. Add the even dumber
basketball player.
The ad agency has to be run by a relative.Happily, have a mute button
total waste of advertising money !!!m6uuw

annie September 09 2015
one of your agency has my insurance a man hit my car with no insurance they say it was my fault but the police report clearly states it was the other mans fault he had no insurance.Then turned around an paid him 17000.00 dollars they are charging me for a vehicle i do not have they fired Ron or ROB whatever his name they say cannot pay me my money which they charged me double for 18mo x 500 they owe me 9000.00 dollars which they say trying to recover from man that cannot find that what Virgina told me i have obtained a lawyer an now let see how long it takes now