LA Fitness Corporate Corporate Office

LA Fitness Corporate Corporate Office Address: 2600 Michelson Drive #300, Irvine
CA, 92612-6536
Phone: 1-909-392-1063

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-949-255-7200

LA Fitness is a chain of health clubs in the US and Canada. It was founded in 1984 by Lewis Welsh and Chin Yol Yi. Today, LA Fitness has over 500 health clubs which offer a wide range of amenities, state-of-the-art equipment and numerous workout options to individuals of all ages.

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JOSEPH GRAUPNER December 04 2012

Steve Smith January 07 2013
No or little customer service. See below.
Yesterday. Saturday 1/5/13 I went to my local club (Glendora) to play racquetball and reserve a court for next saturday. Now for the past 60 days I have been attempting to reserve a court from 8 AM to 10 AM and all of the courts are always reserved at 9 AM. When I went in yesterday at 7:30 I again attempted to reserve a court (1 week ahead as I have been directed to do by club staff) and all of the courts were reserved for the following Saturday at 9 AM.
I then asked if anyone had called in to reserve the courts this morning and was told no. I then asked if anyone had come in to reserve the courts this morning and again I was told no one had come in to reserve any courts as of my showing up at the gym.
I then asked how can all of the courts be reserved if no one had called in and no one had visited the club to reserve the courts. I was just met with stares.
Maybe you can answer this question and I have had no success (and apparently no one is interested in finding out the answer or correcting the issue), how do I reserve a court for Saturday Mornings from 8 AM to 10 AM?
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Steve Smith

Tina January 07 2013
To whom this may concern, My husband and I were at our local mall on Saturday afternoon. We went to meet my sister in law there for lunch at chic fil a. In front of the restaurant I seen a guy standing with a wheel to spin so you can win something so my husband went over to spin the wheel. He came back with a free 2 week pass to la fitness. So we were excited and we were gonna check the place out. Well while stood in line with my sister in law to order lunch I happened to look over to the guy that gave my husband the free pass and he was there with another guy and they were looking at us and laughing and talking about us. Now we are on the heavy side and we are changing our lifestyles and wanted to join a gym. This guy humiliated us and made me feel really uncomfortable! Just because we are heavy and not skinny! I was so upset over this! This is discrimination on our part! There is no reason what so ever that he needed to ask like this! We will never step foot inside this gym nor will we recommend this gym to anyone! I've never felt so humiliated in my life! Somethingneeds to be done about this matter. I will look into a discrimination policy about this.

Gabby January 26 2013
Today I went to my local LA Fitness (Stevenson Ranch). It was suppose to open and 8:00 a.m. and no one showed up until 8:45 am. to open the gym. This is the third time it has opened late in the 2 months the gym has been operating. The hours at the facility also suck, since it opens later that most other LA Fitness gyms. Please change the operating hours to have it open at 7:00 a.m. on weekends and 4:30 a.m. on weekdays. Furthermore, please ensure that there are at least two staff members with keys to open the place, so that it opens on time. This is unacceptable.

kevin wlliams February 18 2013
La fitness in Cherryhill n.j. dirty rusty broken equipment managers
That are clueless .how much lower must t
he bar go.this gym really sucks really sucks.really sucks really

Toni Somma February 25 2013
I belonged to LA Fitness in Farmingdale,NY. Was tied to another person and asked her to let them know I was cancelling. The Manager said everything taken care of. Well her account was double billed and now I gave her the money to cover it. When I tried to call and tried to get this resolved with maybe a credit was always told no manager or operations manager was available. All they want to do is get your name on the dotted line, but when it comes to Customer Service they stink. Would not recommend anyone just on the bases of the courtesy of the staff.

James Terny March 02 2013
I have been a member since the LA Fitness opened up in Orlando Hunters Creek 2004. No matter what needs to be addressed in the center it never gets attention until years later and by that time the customer has left for another organization. I think each facility needs to have the Corporate Contact posted where it can be seen by the clients. With Twitter and Facebook the corporate office can be in touch with it's paying members and they can maintain a steady customer base.

Peggy MackeyCraig March 05 2013
I am a member of LaFitness in Marana, my husband and I have a trainer Robert C. just wanted you to know what a great trainer you have .He is the reason why we signed up for another 3 months. We looked for 7 months for a good trainer before we met Robert. I just want to tell you what a valueabe trainer you have. Thank you Robert for your help in gerring us in shape.

Dustin and Katie NJ March 05 2013
Hmmm, where do I start....
1. Monthly member appreciation nights: No member appreciates these events. They bring in unhealthy food and a DJ that plays his music louder than a nightclub. Not to mention people trying to sell you stuff or have you open a credit card. We come to the gym to workout not to smell food, get a pounding headache from music or be harassed into buying something. Bottom line, this has nothing to do with appreciating the current members, obviously this is a marketing technique to bring in new members. Basic business models would prove that itís probably cheaper to keep the current members happy and locked in as opposed to wasting the money on these twice monthly chaos fests known as ďmember appreciation nightsĒ. Current members DO NOT welcome these events, they despise them. One more thing on this subject; on these so called member appreciation nights, the gym is absolutely out of control. Weights are everywhere else in the gym except in the designated weight area , paper towels are empty, empty water bottles and used paper towels are littered on the floors (which is nothing new, just worse on these nights). This seems to be going against the philosophy of what these nights truly represent to the LA Fitness; an open forum to show the gym off to as many NEW people as possible. Itís just an embarrassment of a health and fitness club. If I walked into that mess of a gym and was interested in joining Iíd really have to think twice especially because there are at least 6 other gyms within a 5 mile radius of LA Fitness, each offering very similar monthly prices but the difference may be that they actually have pride in their establishments. The greed and lack of pride at LA Fitness is quite obvious and you can see it if you have half a brain.
2. Messy gym: The La Fitness in Toms River is a complete mess 95% of the time. There has been dried up tobacco spit caked onto a trash can for months now because I guess no one thinks it is their job to clean it? Gum has been finding its way onto the equipment and gym floor over the past couple years, again no one thinks to clean it off? Iíll tell you this much, although I hate seeing this disgustingness day in and day out I know that it wasnít my fiancť or myself that were responsible for it, therefore we feel no obligation to clean it. Plus neither of us are on the LA Fitness payroll. I know that the club owns a vacumm cleaner (Iíve seen it!), do they need lessons on how to operate it? The place gets vacuumed twice a year. Does that seem sufficient? It doesnít to me, just look at the dust, dirt and chalk build up on the floors. The paper towel dispensers are empty way more often than they should be. This usually triggers us to make someone on the staff aware of THEIR responsibility, sometimes causing an argument because I know how very important sales is compared to maintaining the integrity of the gym. Sales= #1 priority, gym and current members = #2 priority. Weights and dumbells are constantly scattered throughout the gym and are rarely in order on the racks (years ago, the dumbells maintained their order on the racks and in the designated weight area). Not to mention I have been hearing for about 3 months now that they are ordering new 15 pound weights, how long does it take for them to come in? Currently, there are three 15 lb. dumbells, that is 1.5 sets. Apparently the 15 lb. dumbells are very much in demand because you can never find them. The trainers use them and leave them wherever they feel is most convenient for them, they constantly find their way into the aerobic room for an hour or more at a time or they are just lost somewhere else in the gym. Itís like we have to go on a treasure hunt to find the very elusive 15 lb. dumbells and if by some miracle they can be found I feel like there should be a celebration. This type of DAILY ridiculousness really puts a damper on our training, which IS the sole reason for the existence of the space.
3. Gym Etiquette: Horribly lacking. Management does not enforce gym etiquette at all. There are 2 flat screen televisions on opposite ends of the gym that convey gym etiquette messages. None of which are actually enforced by management, not one bit. He allows people to not clean off their equipment after sweating all over as well as allowing members to not pick up after themselves when using weights. This goes for allowing other employees to do the same. Many of the La Fitness staff that work out there have poor gym etiquette. They slam weights and never pick up after themselves. We spoke with new members and asked them whether it was verbally expressed to them the rules of gym etiquette, and the answers were clearly NO. Thatís spectacular because itís been a while since Iíve gotten ringworm or some other type of skin contamination, so I guess I am due. Again, this is unacceptable. And where are those hourly LA Fitness intercom messages on etiquette? Is this the new LA Fitness way of thinking, let the members run wild? Itís like adult romper room.
4. Various Incidents: Over the years there has been countless incidents of theft not only in the mens locker room but in the parking lot right outside the club. Now, I realize there is only so much that can be done about the breaking into cars but the gym locker room thefts are just unacceptable especially after the 5th time. It was made aware to me by an old sales rep that fake cameras were installed right outside the entrances to the mens and womens locker room, this is why no one was ever caught even after after this camera was made evident, it just looked fake. Itís interesting though, twice monthly djís at easily $200 each time and a complete hardwood floor refinish at apparently $20K is completely acceptable but not installing a true surveillance system in a gym that has has at least 7 or 8 robberies is not? I tell prospective members the truth about the place because they deserve to be informed and not told about all the good that the gym has to offer. Another grievance I have is that fact that my membership was $35 for about 5 years, in which $5 a month was for a racquetball fee. Thatís another interesting fact because the LA Fitness in Toms River DOES NOT even have racquetball courts! I did call corporate and had the $5/month removed so I figure I should have received about $300 back in credits or reimbursement but what was I thinking, the company is about the $$$, making the $$$ and not giving $$$ back.
5. We donít want to be contacted by management of the gym, district management, corporate management, ect. Weíve had enough of the empty promises, salesmen talk and downright poor excuses. Not everyone is an idiot and we donít appreciate being treated like one. Either make it happen or donít and understand that there are many members that feel the same way as us, they just donít have the time or energy to voice it. Unfortunately for the company, we have both.

frank j ware March 06 2013
I've been a member since 02/26/2013. Just trying to get a gym so me and my family can work out or relax in the spa or swim. The manager tried to rip me off buy overcharging me buy giving me add on i did not ask for. Ask him to lower my monthly dues he replied he need more money. This the South Loop club in Chicago the manager name is Steve. When I went to other L A Fitness club the sales rep tried to meet my needs the manager of south loop in Chicago is a crook