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Target Corporate Office Address: 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
MN, 55403
Fax: (612) 761-5555
Phone: (612) 304-6073

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Target Corporation, or simply Target, is an American retailer which traces its roots back to 1902 when its founder, George Dayton, put up Dayton Dry Goods in Minneapolis. A member of the Fortune 500, the company is currently the second largest discount retailing company in the US, behind Walmart. They operate more than 1,700 stores in 49 states and an e-commerce site,

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sandy October 21 2012
we need more carts for disabled people or no shopping/////

Phil Haney October 30 2012
I have an iMac computer and cannot access Targets web site with either Firefox or Safari because I keep getting messages about cookies. My cookies are enabled and I have no problems accessing your site on my iPhone, iPad, or Windows Laptop which I am giving away. Sears, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Lowes, Home Depot, Pet Smart will all give me access to their web sites; everyone except Target. Like many people; if I am looking for a product locally I check prices online rather that walking from store to store and since I prefer using my desktop computer I usually skip Target. What type of cookie you are trying to install that prevents me from accessing your site?

Michael Brandt February 20 2013
Recently while shopping at North County Fair Escondido California. I was pinned to a shopping cart on the escalator and everyone continues to ignore this safety hazard. I filled out paperwork but continue to get jerked around by claims, and everyone else including corporate headquarters, North County Fair managers who continue to ignore the safety problems at their stores. I am currently trying to find a radio station or TV or newspaper that will cover this safety incidence and the on going safety issues that are being ignored at the their stores. no 1 even bother to ask how I was after the incident took place.

Cheryl Murray April 06 2013
I have a complaint regarding services at your store in Hempstead LI. I was asked by the cashier if I wanted to apply for service where I would be contacted by the store regarding special offers and services and I agreed. I had to provide a lot of information for this service like my income and found this strange. Before leaving the station I was told I was not approved and I found this strange also as the service did not relate to my income. I recently received notification from Target that I was rejected for a credit card. It was not my understanding that I was applying for one at your store. I would not have done so. This impacts my credit report as it appears I applied. I wanted to convey my dissatisfaction with your services because of this issue.

Constance M. Johnson April 08 2013
I have just been cut off by one of your supervisors that was suppose to be looking up information as to why I must wait 10 or more days for a refund to my debit account. I placed 2 orders with for a basketball court for my grandchildren (well over $500) due to delivery of one damaged delivery and not wanting to wait 4 to 6 weeks for a replacement. I received an email March 26, 2013 saying a refund for the first one was on the way (never happened). Each time I have called I have been told as soon as they receive the item I will get a refund. This is unacceptable. It took 1 day to take nearly $600 out of my debit account and I feel a company of this size should not make a customer wait this length of time for a refund. I would hope that someone will be in touch with me. You have my information.

ANGELA NELSON April 18 2013
360-425-2357 MESSAGE OR
360-636-9158 STORE

Nichole April 27 2013
Your idea of good customer service must have been created by a monkey. Target is the most unprofessional corporation I have ever dealt with. "Come work for us, we represent a bunch of theives, who could care less about you (the customer) and any problem you may have regarding customer care." You people suck!

Dawn April 30 2013
Just saw your spanish commercial. This is the United States of America. English is, in my opinion, the language of our country.

Sarah May 06 2013
Sacramento, CA Target stores does not go by their own coupon policy which they claimed that was made by corporate. Why have a polciy but not go by it? Sacramento, CA store managers are RUDE. They said the policy is just a policy & they do not have to go by it. Really? I am not saying that I am always RIGHT but as a couponer I carry the coupon polcy with me & they still argue with me. So fed up with this BS.

Stefanie May 07 2013
My family and I moved to the Flemington, NJ area about a year ago, and we realized we must travel either 25 minutes in one direction to Bridgewater, NJ or 25-35 minutes in tHe opposite direction to Phillipsburg, NJ to shop at either one of these Target stores. We much rather shop at Target over WalMart, however because of the time it takes to travel to one store when most of everything else is closer to us we donor shop at Target as much as we used to. I have spoken to many residents of this area and we all agree that we are missing Target, as a very essential part of our community shopping. I hope this finds someone in a position to help! There are a few real estate opportunities currently around the route 202 area of Flemington!! We will keep our fingers crossed!!

Gary De May 08 2013
San Bruno store Tanforan mall, saw people stealing goods by loading up hefty garbage bags. Walking out of store. Reported to staff. No security to be found. New law in bay area have outlawed plastic bags. Theives are jumping on situation. To many ways out of that store. Comments regarding untrained staff is direct result of working without representation. From checkers to security your people are working under terrible conditions. Just another Walmart. With the exception Walmart has security. Organized workers is answer.

erin May 10 2013
Do not appreciate the Spanish in your latest commercial. We are in the United States, WE SPEAK ENGLISH. considering no longer shopping at your store.

Robert May 21 2013
Yes, if you read this you better check out the prices when you go out of target, They are charging this week, vitamin Water as Flaovor water for 1.19 each one, compare to the Vitamin Water was 1.00 each.

I buy 2 and went to customer service counter and he say ohhh 39 cents no big deal, I told him he should report it and he laugh and say no,so i say yes 39 here and here and here IT ADD UP! They are ripping people off. CHeck the prices that is many times I caught them and they still will not do nothing.

sandra velasco June 07 2013
The Target in Charlotte, North Carolina did not want to honor the price of the dipers that were in the wrong spot. The managers excuse was that they were going to move then but I always get them from the same spot.

scott July 29 2014
Your assistant store managers in lodi ca were very rude to me as I was looking to pay cash for a new tv

Dan Schacht August 13 2015
I would just like to thank you for making my life a little easier when choosing where to shop. Now I no longer need to consider shopping at Target because of your ridiculous GENDER NEUTRAL policy. What a bunch of progressive politically correct MORONS!!!!!!

Tom Eby August 28 2015
Its time to consider my Christmas shoppieng needs.. I love to shop at Taarget bue if I walk in to Target and do not see or here anything that looks or sounds like Merry Christmas Im leaving.

James September 07 2015
LAZY people even the manager REFUSED to assist me further.They areNOT worthy of my business and its true they DO NOT care

Suzanne Teran -Funk October 09 2015
Visalia Ca. Store security officer SUCKS!