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Yahoo! Corporate Office Address: 701 1st Ave., Sunnyvale
CA, 94089
Fax: 408-349-3301
Phone: 408-349-3300

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Yahoo! Inc. is a multinational internet corporation that was founded in March of 1995. The company is best known for its search engine and web portal, and for numerous other online services including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Directory. Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Answers, and Yahoo! Groups. Aside from these, Yahoo! also offers advertising, online mapping and video sharing. Today, Yahoo! is ranked as one of the most popular websites in the US and the world, receiving approximately 700 million visitors every month.

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danny bergeron January 16 2013
you want us to upgrade our accts. and your new upgrade is asking for security questions . that was not asked in years. i dont recall the info. and your help questions are not exactlly right. i have the phone number to the office so i will call for the help i need!!! thanks danny.

donna fritz March 08 2013
Please I need your help. My daughter Jennifer cannot access her account,because of the password and then they are asking her a security questions that she never would have used! Jennifer does not have children and they are asking Jennifer her first born name! We think someone has hacked into her account! I have been on phone for 3 days finally got through to India last night, they were so rude! They claim that Jennifer set this up in March 2011 and she would not have used this question. Her birthday is 3/19/1989 they say still incorrect! my daughter needs her account to yahoo for her banking and all off her job interviews have this! I do not have time to sit on phone and Jennifer works part time! my husband has colon cancer metastasized to his liver. Please help us with her Yahoo account. phone number is 6105499002. I hope this going to corporate office.
thank you Donna Fritz

Ashley glover April 16 2013
My email address will not let me log in with the passwrd and my old number is still listed under the account please help me i ben trxn to call yahoo but no help contact me at 4783656769

mrs. felicia nicole jones May 23 2013
I would like to retrieve my yahoo password to log in to my account.

John S June 02 2013
I do NOT have yahoo tool bar on my computer. that being said, when I want a new tab on IE10 I get the blank page but after two seconds, it changes to a Yahoo search page. I have tried everything to get this to stop but I keep getting your search page. Your Customer Service and Help sections are absolutely useless. They do NOT respond. I might as well be yelling out my window. I want this to stop and stop now. Please have someone contact me at my email address so that we may start a dialogue to put an end to this nonsense

Nikki July 09 2013
I hate u ppl. I can never get in2 my account nor can i ever speak 2 anyone!!! im so fuckin pissed off that if i had the money, i would sue ur asses repeatably!!! i havent been able 2 enter my email in 2mths. How would u feel if U couldnt enter ur mail? I suggest u reformat ur shit. no wonder y ur rated horrible!!!

Joan T. Kloth-Zanard January 30 2014
You want us to upgrade and pay for some kind of service yet we cannot even get help directly from you when there is an urgent problem with your site. We have a serious issue with your new website design which knocked out many things or defuncted them and are now causing serious issues for us. So how the .... do we resolve them when we cannot even tell you about them and get help?

joe hyde March 14 2015
I think my email box has a virus. I enter my in box and in seconds a screen pops up and blocks my mail HELP.

martin weber November 02 2015
I do not like to be forced to change my password everyday