Allstate Corporate Office

Allstate Corporate Office Address: 2775 Sanders Road, Northbrook
IL, 60062
Fax: (847) 402-2351
Phone: (847) 402-5000

Customer Service Contact Info:
Phone: 1-877-306-6074

Founded in 1931 as a part of Sears, Roebuck and Co., Allstate Corporation or Allstate is the largest publicly held personal lines insurance provider in the US. Aside from home insurance and auto insurance, however, they also offer numerous other products including business insurance, consumer household insurance, supplemental health insurance, and life insurance. Today, Allstate is the insurance provider of over 16 million households in the US and in Canada. Their headquarters is located in Northfield Township in Illinois.

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Phillip Cooper March 04 2013
I called my insurance Agent Jay Sandlin about 10 minutes ago to cancel my policy because I was switching from Tennessee insurance to Georgia insurance and switching to State Farm locally. He had an attitude and sounded mad and ended up just hanging up on me. Until today I have had nothing but good things to see about that office but hangin up on someone for canceling a policy does not constitute good behavior. Thanks in advance for taking care of this.
MM2 (SW) Phillip Cooper, USN

Dana Delan April 08 2013
I found serval Allstate documents scattered everywhere with customer account # credit # and personal info called to speak with agent that they were from and was told she not a viable many times. Found email this time responded right away! Said she needed them ASAP no document should ever leave the office. When I brought them promptly her attitude was rude like it was a in convince. When I said there was more she quickly said she needed them but received a phone 20 mins later saying she could not find the docs that just given! I go in the Patterson agency located in Mt brook AL. I noticed that one employee was a felon and arrested for imbesalment of over $100,000 from last company. Jalona Patterson said she would contact corporate and notify. But he is still there. Something is not right and have heard others complain of how unprofessional Ms Patterson conducts her agence.

Joseph Pleasant, Nottingham Pa. April 22 2013
Purchased homeowners insurance from Allstate as well as auto(2 cars),motorcycle and life insurance. Unfortunately my agent never fully went over the homeowners policy with me and I did not recieve my declarations until 3 weeks later. Upon reading them I found that my wife and son were not listed on the policy,(they did correct that though). Regrettably I have recently had to file a claim against my homeowners policy, To this point my adjuster will not return my calls to discuss the status or issues of my claim.I could not live in my house for 4 days and paid for lodging and meals out of my own pocket at wich point I have submitted reciepts to my adjuster. I was told that Allstate may not cover my expenses even when it states in my policy that they will pay for up to 3 months if I`m displaced from my home. In addition the company he recommended for my water remediation missed about $4000.00 in additional damages. The adjuster never even inspected the damages under my house. so here I am left in the dark about my claim status, my house is still a mess. Does Allstate really protect you from meyhem or does he actually work for them. I guess at this point The Pa. Insurance commision or legal action may be my only hope. Ps. My late father actually worked 25 years with this company.

Theresa Shelton July 03 2014
To Whom it may concern :

I would like to take the time to give Mrs. Cathy Young in your North Carolina Customer Service Department the respect ,values , ethics, compassion, empathy that Mrs. Cathy Young has given me. When Mrs. Young received my call she took the time to LISTEN what I had to say. Even though I was so Angry and out ragged and unappalled by the way that the Rudy Garza Agency had done. The Empathy and compassion of her understanding of how outraged I was at that time calmed me down to know that Mrs. Young would do everything in her power to help me resolve the problem. She took it upon herself to go above the call of duty as a customer service representative to follow through in a timely manner as per her word. When saying this I know for a fact that any customer service rep. can take a complaint and past it on to the next dept. to get to it when they see fit to. I personal know this from my younger yrs. of working in customer service. This is why I am taking the time to put this in writing for Mrs. Cathy Young to COMMENED her on an OUTSTANDING JOB that she has done. Not only had she taken the complaint but called me back the same day at a later time to explain in detail just what was going on with my complaint how the process works . She did not have a direct line to reach her back at so it was hard for me to reach her when other events had happened that day. When Mrs. Young did call me back to add on to the complaint it was not a priority and was being passed up by the corporate ladder Chain of command Do to the fact that the Rudy Garza Agency had violated my BILL OF RIGHTS, And had made VERBAL THREATS on my policy was not to be reinstated do to the fact that I had complained against Rudy Garza at that time he was retaliating against me. Mrs. Young then took the time to set me up with another agent that would help me with any claims in the future . The Compassion and Business ethics and values that Mrs. Cathy Young has shown me through this time of term oil. Mrs.. Young Has my OUTMOST RESPECT, it was an HONOR to have a woman like Mrs. Young to serve me with her graces.

With out further a due Their might be a lesson for the Corporate Side of Allstate No matter how high in the chain you may go. You are a still person so treat people as you would like to be treated. Know the values of your customers they are the ones that make your pay check.

Thank you again Mrs. Cathy Young for a job well done. Another satisfied Customer.

Mrs. Theresa Shelton