TiVo Corporate Office

TiVo Corporate Office Address: 2160 Gold St., Alviso
CA , 95002
Fax: 408-519-5330
Phone: 408-519-9100

Customer Service Contact Info:

TiVo, Inc. is a company which offers subscription services for its branded digital video recorder, TiVo. It was founded as Teleworld, Inc. in 1997 by Mike Ramsay and Jim Barton. The company mainly operates in the US; however, it also has operations in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

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Darla Cisek July 10 2014
I believed in your product for over 15 years but your service in a score from one to 10, one being the least it is a 00000000. I have purchased the new model on Saturday and I nor thecable company has yet to get it up. Plus, We have been on hold with 2 techs wanting for over 2 hrs. and no one is asnswering your phones even at your corporate headquarters.

You are horriable!!!!!!!! Hiring some people, not machines and maybe they can do the work. I paid Since Saturday and I still do not have it working because we cannot contact anyone. I wasnt my 3 daysof payment credited until we get this machine up.

Darla Cisek