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Staples Corporate Office Address: 500 Staples Dr., Framingham
MA, 01702
Fax: 508-253-8989
Phone: 508-253-5000

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Staples, Inc. is a large chain of stores which primarily sell office supplies. The company currently has more than 2,000 stores in 26 countries worldwide. Some of the products that a typical Staples store carries include office supplies, office machines, promotional products, and office equipment. Aside from these products, most Staples stores are also able to offer a number of business services such as document management and copying services.

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Clifford Pickens January 10 2013
I purchased a Dell Laptop Computer at the Staples Store in Hanover, Pa. on Sept 3, 2012. It had Windows 7 on the computer. They gave me all the information to purchase Windows 8 when it was available. I purchased Windows 8 and submitted everything for my $15.00 Easy Rebate. I have a printout from the Staples Easy Rebate Site saying everything was approved and the check was printed and mailed. The date on that printout was Nov. 13, 2012. I have never received anything. I have questioned people in the Hanover, Pa. store several times and was told they will handle it and call me. They have never done anything. Today I called the store and talked to Paul. He gave me your customer service phone # 877-549-9794. I called them and was told I must go through another procedure.
I am not doing it. Also on Dec. 13, 2012 I turned in 6 ink cartridges for recycle and purchased more ink cartridges. I have never been given the $12.00 credit on my rewards program.
If that isn't enough the Dell Laptop is a total disaster and has died. I give up. I will never be in a Staples store again unless some of this is straightened out. Thank you.
Clifford Pickens
Phone 717-632-1316

rick rice owner r@r bodyshop kingman az. 9287531888 February 13 2013
i think you have one of the worst stores ever in kingman az. or its the management they dont return calls .i need to have my home comp. worked on, theydidnt even call to set up when they could come to fix it so i went to somebody else to have it done

Mary McLaughlin March 14 2013
I do have a comment, I purchased a WiFi router from Staples in Burien Washington, It was not compatable with my computer at home. I did not realize that i had to take it back within 14 days, when i did try to take it back the Manager was very rude, he took the plastic off the product, then he tryed to say i didn't have the right one in the box. He then pushed the box at me and told me he couldn't help me i can't take it. I shop Staples all the time, i love that store. I buy my office supply's and all my items for work there. I f this is the way that i will be treated after all these years i will find a different supplier for all my office supplys.

Stanley Brooks March 16 2013
Very disappointed with your company! I bought a chair a week ago and got a good price that included a $50 discount and was supposed to pick uo an assembled chair a couple of days later at the store. Instead, I gpot a UPS delivery of the chair unassembled in a box. I returned the chair and picked up an assembled one. However, I was then charged again for the chair (without the $50 discount)on my American Express credit card. When I went to the store to try to straighten this out ...they said that they couldnt and my only recourse was to complain to American Express. Even though your company caused the problem for me they can't fix it???? I did call American Express but I don't understand why I have to get involved with thie when it was not my doing but that of your company.
Stanley Brooks 6217 Emsworth Lane Charlotte, NC 704-526-9956

michael noga March 29 2013
Hi staples has been very helpful to me for all my school/work needs now i was interested in helping you. I have been very interested in the advertising and marketing and I was offering add space on my 2013 kia soul for staples to place an add to get the name out there and help change there image please email me at

sali March 31 2013
straight up one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with .