APAC Customer Services Corporate Office

APAC Customer Services Corporate Office Address: 2201 Waukegan Rd., Ste. 300, Bannockburn
IL, 60015
Fax: 800-688-7687
Phone: 847-374-4980

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pissed off employee for hotwire February 11 2013
Your corporate office is udderly incompetent, every time i have to deal with your bs i cringe. Im sick and tired of your lackadaisical work ethic and your seemingly blatant disregard for the welfare of your eployees here in green bay. There isnt any of my family, friends or coworkers who dont know just how lame APACs corporate is. You people need to shape up over there and pull your heads out of eachothers asses. PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A CORPORATE OFFICE!

tiffany sowle September 16 2013
I have been dealing with a check that was for last month that i was missing money..I was investagation on the matter with a HR manager but have not heard anything about it..I am not working for your company due to this matter and have still been trying to a hold of someone about this..The customer services is bad and i am own 72.00 that i still today have not received..