Shoe Carnival Corporate Office

Shoe Carnival Corporate Office Address: 7500 E. Columbia St., Evansville
IN, 47715
Fax: 812-867-4570
Phone: 812-867-6471

Customer Service Contact Info:

Shoe Carnival Inc. is a footwear retailer in the US. Founded in 1978 by David Russell, the company currently operates more than 400 stores, which each sell a wide selection of footwear for men, women, and children. Aside from footwear, Shoe Carnival stores also offer other items including wallets, handbags, socks, and shoe accessories.

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Courtney December 01 2012

Oneida March 18 2013
The general manager, Jason, at the South Elgin, IL location mistreats his employees. Have you heard of hostile work environment? He needs to attend sensitivity classes.

Francis Petroski October 22 2014
On Sept. 6, 2014 I fell and injured myself in one of your stores located on Emily Drive in Clarksburg WV

msm May 28 2015
very rude and disrespectful gm and store supervisor the two do not
know how to treat employees as well as customers must be fired at once will never shop there again

July 03 2015
Horrible and misleading. Store in West Melbourne, FL. Misleads their customers and places signs on things that are not on sale and then they tell you too bad. Horrible bait and switch operation. I will never spend another dime for Shoe Carnival. Their managers also mistreat clients!!!! Do not shop here!

No Service/ Rockwall Texas September 07 2015
Your associates in the Rockwall Texas store do not speak to any of their customers. I could not believe it. Heavy set glasses brown hair pulled back and huffing and puffing. Second girl thin long brown hair head band. Both white. Last Tuesday about 2:30 pm. Neither one spoke or would help me. They walked right by me and the other customers. Thin girl was working on markdowns or sale set up? It was more important than sales of shoes. I walked OUT!

joan markle November 13 2015
Too let you know your product will no longer be welcome in our home.
I have (3dghtr)& after what i viewed on a tv program you advertise on
I cannot describe how disgusted i was in seeing the portrayal of a
homosexual act (2xs) on tv program Empire. We are aware that today
every program (at 8pm and on) must have homosexuals,lesbians and
or black/white sexual situations. We have also chosen to use our way
of letting you know we are totally disgusted that companies such as
yours are bending to the so called entertainment part of society.
As far as I a mother of 3 girls I am letting you know we do not wish to
be entertained by this now minority that has become majority.
Your shoes will no longer be welcomed in our home. EVER.

Joe Thomas December 27 2015
Im a size 14EEE so Im not an easy fit. The sales people in your Emily Drive (274) store, were really helpful. I hoped to buy a pair of tennis shoes,i ended out with two pair! Thanks Josh, you were most helpful.