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Analogic Corporation Corporate Office Address: 8 Centennial Dr., Peabody
MA, 01960
Fax: 978-977-6809
Phone: 978-326-4000

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Ferdi January 05 2013
The data for cost of plastic sugerry over the past decade in the United States has come down approximately 15-25% depending on the procedure. Since this is a field of medicine which is least regulated, that is no third-party payment system, the least amount of government intervention, the numbers disagree with your assessment. Although plastic sugerry is an elective procedure the economics don't lie. Natural economic forces always act efficiently over time whereas third-party payment systems are inherently inefficient as money is spent collecting and paying for services arty rendered. This network of approvals and referrals and paperwork adds million without any medical benefit. Medical cost in Massachusetts and actually risen since the mass helathcare law and pharmaceutical ban has gone into effect. Emergency room utilization rates have essentially stayed the same despite the theroy that universal coverage would reduce that rate. Hospital's actually did better with the free heathcare pool money for taking care of he uninsured in the past. Uninsured patients still show up for emergency care however now there is no free health care pool money to manage from as the state assumes everyone is insured. Hospital do worse under the new system ! To suggest government regulation is needed for commonsense decisions by physicians is absurd. The majority of physicians can be trusted to make medically appropriate decisions regarding medications. Additionally there is are ready a tear system by insurance companies that retards non-generic medication usage. The argument for the pharmaceutical ban his based on pharmaceutical marketing techniques that are 10-15 years old. Just before the ban all of the pharmaceutical programs were restricted to FDA approved medical material only. The speakers could only discuss FDA approved data and slides. These meetings also allowed primary care physician's to interact with specialist from different hospitals allowing discussion and sharing of knowledge beyond the scope of the to topic of presentation. Lastly pharmaceutical companies will spend their marketing budgets with or without the Massachusetts ban. That is if they cannot spend the money in downtown Boston restaurants than they will still spend the same amount of money on other non-educational less efficient marketing techniques such as TV advertising and magazine advertising, none of which helps downtown boston restaurants or businesses. To suggest that the money that is spent on pharmaceutical dinner increases medical costs is ridiculous as the money will be spent anyway! Massachusetts and Boston represents the forefront of academic excellence and medical pioneering. To retard and restrict pharmaceutical industry from investing and supporting the city of Boston is to retard the economic and scientific evolution of the state itself