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Founded in 1980 in Decatur, Georgia by Bill and T. J. Palmer, Applebee\'s or Applebee\'s International, Inc. is a US-based company which develops, franchises and operates the restaurant chain, Applebee\'s Neighborhood Grill and Bar. Currently, Applebee\'s is considered to be the largest casual-dining chain globally, with almost 2,000 restaurants that are operating in the US, in one US territory, and in 15 other countries. Some of the most popular dishes featured on the menu of Applebee\'s include mainstream American dishes like salads, chicken, shrimp, pasta, and riblets.

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anonymous October 10 2012
The applebees on Bert kouns in shreveport LA is horrible. I am an employee there and it is by far the worst restaurant I have ever worked at. At night the cooks either have a radio blaring so you have to yell or they have headphones in their ears. Anytime you ask the cooks anything all they have is a smartass comment. I have never worked with people who are so rude to their co-workers. You are supposed to treat co-workers like guest. This is also the only place I have ever worked that doesn't have a clean as you go policy. The only time that place is clean is when everyone starts on their sidework. The dishes there are absolutely disgusting. All the coffee mugs especially need to be bleached but also one of the dishwashers doesn't prewasb anything before he runs the dishes then they still use those dirty dishes. They also have never poured out all the salt and pepper shakers and had them washed pr the sugar caddys. The tables are so bad they need to be sanded down or something they are sticky and not because they are dirty. The stainless in there is also disgusting. I don't even think they have stainless cleaner but either way nobody has ever wiped it down. The cooks wear any kind of clothes and a few of them sag their pants so slow you can see all of their undergarments. I really think they need to have a dress code. Many of the employees are quite obviously high while they are there and have never been sent home or fired

anonymous October 11 2012
The applebees on Bert kouns in shreveport LA is horrible. I am an employee there and it is by far the worst restaurant I have ever worked at. At night the cooks either have a radio blaring so you have to yell or they have headphones in their ears. Anytime you ask the cooks anything all they have is a smartass comment. I have never worked with people who are so rude to their co-workers. You are supposed to treat co-workers like guest. This is also the only place I have ever worked that doesn't have a clean as you go policy. The only time that place is clean is when everyone starts on their sidework. The dishes there are absolutely disgusting. All the coffee mugs especially need to be bleached but also one of the dishwashers doesn't prewasb anything before he runs the dishes then they still use those dirty dishes. They also have never poured out all the salt and pepper shakers and had them washed pr the sugar caddys. The tables are so bad they need to be sanded down or something they are sticky and not because they are dirty. The stainless in there is also disgusting. I
Odon't even think they have stainless cleaner but either way nobody has ever wiped it down. The cooks wear any kind of clothes and a few of them sag their pants so slow you can see all of their undergarments. I really think they need to have a dress code. Many of the employees are quite obviously high while they are there and have never been sent home or fired

anonymous employee October 11 2012
The applebees on Bert kouns in shreveport LA is horrible. I am an employee there and it is by far the worst restaurant I have ever worked at. At night the cooks either have a radio blaring so you have to yell or they have headphones in their ears. Anytime you ask the cooks anything all they have is a smartass comment. I have never worked with people who are so rude to their co-workers. You are supposed to treat co-workers like guest. This is also the only place I have ever worked that doesn't have a clean as you go policy. The only time that place is clean is when everyone starts on their sidework. The dishes there are absolutely disgusting. All the coffee mugs especially need to be bleached but also one of the dishwashers doesn't prewasb anything before he runs the dishes then they still use those dirty dishes. They also have never poured out all the salt and pepper shakers and had them washed pr the sugar caddys. The tables are so bad they need to be sanded down or something they are sticky and not because they are dirty. The stainless in there is also disgusting. I
Odon't even think they have stainless cleaner but either way nobody has ever wiped it down. The cooks wear any kind of clothes and a few of them sag their pants so slow you can see all of their undergarments. I really think they need to have a dress code. Many of the employees are quite obviously high while they are there and have never been sent home or fired

October 11 2012

sharlene Kemp October 15 2012
On 10-13-12 I visited your Applebee's location in Newark, NJ on Springfield Ave with a party of 8. My horrible waiter was a woman named Beijing and the manager on staff that night was a woman named Noiella or something close to that. We were seated fast but our waitress Beijing didn't come and assist us until 20 minutes later and no it wasn't busy at that point because she had enough time to prance back and forth to talk to other waiters before she came to take our orders. Once she came over she was polite but forgot most of order although she wrote it down, our food took long to come out, she didn't keep checking on us nor when we managed to catch her did she return to us in a timely manner. I was so unhappy with the service that once I saw the bill and her 25 $ gratuity tip and our bill was 187 and change;I didn't feel she deserved it so I called the manager Noiella over she then gave me the "wait one minute finger" then proceeded passed our table to discuss what could possibly be the problem with our waitress Beijing instead of coming to us the customers first which was very unprofessional . I then told Beijing my issue and she said there was nothing that could be done about the tip because it was 8 of us. So I then wrote down their names, paid, then took my family to Friday's. We didn't even eat the food thats how unsatisfied we were. While this is going on the manager Noiella never came over to assess the issue but told us as we were walking out "I'm only one person and everyone's calling me as I'm walking by" as she rolled her eyes and stormed by. My children were so upset and so was I especially because I'm a regular at that location for the happy hour sessions and I will no longer eat there even with it being close to my home.

I can be reached at 8624383578 and my name is Sharlene Kemp

Denise Anderson November 04 2012
I was an employee of ApplesBees in the northeast ohio region, and I worked hard and took pride in my job, never taking out on customers the stress of my day there. I left there after being promised at least 25 hours of work each week to provide for my family, and have a child that has special needs and so at times it was hard to fulfill my obligation of working my schedule but I did the best I could, under the circumstances of having an autistic child. I also tore a muscle in my knee due to running around like a chicken with my head cut off, excuse the expression,yet that really covers the scenario. I always had a smile and treated my customers with respect and courtesy. At some times I had unbearable guests to serve, but managed to get through the night. I wasnt ever told what a great job I was doing, but always told when I didnt do something right. I needed my hours and so kept asking for shifts that were available, yet the managers there, wouldnt allow me to take the shift and gave it to some one else. I only called off when I was in hospital or laid up unable to walk. I gave them notice that I was leaving, in writing through their website, that we would get our schedule or request days off. They stated they never recieved it, which is highly unlikely unless they just disregarded my note. I do have a copy of it, and am hurt that I now come to find out that they told a prospective employer that I am unhireable. I am devasted at how they treat their past employees and that they dont care how they impact other peoples lives. I would never recommend to work there, nor would I want to work there again, but thats not the point. I was a hard worker, helped out when ever I could, and gave it my all when I was on duty. I enjoy working with the public, and still do, yet I find it offensive that they give no regard to past employees and their lives. I let them know for over a month that I was looking for another job, because they wouldnt give me hours, they only gave me 1 or 2 shifts a week, and obviously that is not enough to support a family. I dont know what they were trying to prove by being so un understanding about my situation, the only manager that treated me with respect and descency left to Ashtabula, and she actually had compassion for my situation with my autistic child and said that AppleBees would work with my, in regards to my schedule, and once she left they treated me like I was some teenager that had no responsibilities, giving me 10 to 15 hours a week to live on, and giving the teenagers all the hours that were available. As far as I am concerned they are telling my prospective employers information that is not true, and therefore DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER, which is uncalled for. From what I have been told, they do this to many ex employees and I will be contacting the B B B in regards to their conduct towards past employees.

Just to let you customers know...maybe if they didnt give the server more tables than they are able to take on, you would get great service. When you come in the kitchen to get your table something, and they shove food at you to take out, because they wont hire runners for the food, they expect us to do it all, be the busser, the cashier, the greeter, and do side work while waiting on our tables, among other things, and in an 8 hour shift, we sometimes barely have a chance to go to the restroom, so if your upset, maybe you need to tell the manangers and corporate to quit giving the managers such huge bonuses and take some of that money and pay bussers, and runners and dishwashers, because we even have to be dishwashers at times, so if you think our job is a piece of cake, think again!!! We earn every dime we make from wearing 6 hats, while the customer sits waiting for their food and drink.

bluerosestrw November 09 2012
I was a broil cook at your office in lp,ny..i am a female who can handle her own,but i had o leave my job because of sexual harassment..there was no point s saying anything to my manager since he seen it happen and replied if i cant take it might as well quit so that is what i did..

Loraine Keeler November 10 2012
Applebees in Heawthrow,Fl.Had order appetizer needed more sauce,never brought it until finished it. Dinner ordered the new whiskey steak No Peppers they were out, ordered medium rare got it well done. Manager came over said would get me another one,I ordered different one as had no peppers, therefore my husband had finished his dinner before I ever received mine. It was just OK, Husband ate his bourbon steak he ordered but was totally dried out. The manager never returned to table. Was not a good cut of steak,mine or husbands, and really you should not be out of peppers. What has happened I eat at this location and the one in Eustis/Mt.Dora,Fl. all the time its really changing alot. Loraine Keeler

Anonymous November 11 2012
Based on the recent comments of Zane Tankel, CEO of Applebee's New York Franchise, Apple Metro, we will no longer patronize Applebee's restaurants. If Applebee's has such disregard for its employees we will eat elsewhere, and we will wait to see whether Applebee's corporate officers disavow the comments of this man.

fed up with general managers and managers November 12 2012
Tired of the unproffesional managers and female bartender and some of their young employees ganging up on one employees.yelling at her in front of ,customers...favoritism ...went to Apple bee in san Antonio,Texas on NE loop 410.Discrimination among some employees do something about it .

Russell Vaughan November 12 2012
I am a Vietnam Veteran and am forgoing my free meal today so you might be able to afford healthcare for your employees. In fact I am encouraging all my friends and acquaintances to stay away until you are able to afford healthy workers.

Joseph Craig November 13 2012
I am a Disabled Veteran and wanted to thank you for the free meal you supplied on Sunday Nov. 11. We are loyal and steady customers at your Appleebee's restauant in Riverbank, CA. We are also well pleased with the food, prices and service. Your servers Bethany, Ashley H., and Sergio, are the finest we have ever had, and that includes others places we have eaten. They are friendly, knowledgeable about the menu, very dependable and efficient and make us feel like special customers. Your general manager "Anthony" is also very pleasant and greets people at their table with a warm welcoming feeling. These employees are a real asset to your company and I just felt led to acknowledge them and share my feelings with
Applebee adminstration. Joseph Craig, DAV

Dr Rice boyntonfl November 27 2012
Went to applebees on boynton at 11:20 pm suspose to open till 1200 pm midnight. There was already closed. Person bartending laughed and ignored us as she watched us knock on door for 8 minutes after going round to another window we cught manger who finally opened the door to tell us he coulnt cook! And when we showed him the time was 11:42 he smkrked.THIS IS POOR CORPORATE SERVICE.

Derek Woods November 27 2012
I had ate at the Collins rd location in cedar rapids Iowa on November 24 2012 and it was the worst service I've ever had at any restraunt in my live time!! We showed up at 11pm the place was pretty much dead we ordered off the 2 for $20 menu and it took over 40 minutes just to get are appitizer and it came out wrong so the took other back to fix it and then the manger brought the right ones out I asked where are food was and how long till it was ready she said it was ready but the didn't bring it out because they just brought the appitizer out so when we did get it it was nasty and didn't even eat it and the only gave me half of the bill well news to you guys you lost me as a customer and am tell all my friend and family to spread the work about my a service for you guys!!!
Thanks Derek

a greatful US navy veteran November 28 2012
For the past three years I have eaten at Applebees restaurant in the Ocean County Mall in Toms River,NJ on Veterans Day. The service has always been excellent and the free dinner has been outstanding. I just like to thank the manager of this restaurant and the CEO of this corporation for their kindness and generosity in honoring our men and women who have served their country.

Teresa Eddleman December 01 2012
I bought a gift card at the Summersville, WV Applebees for a birthday present for my son on 11/30/12. He used it the same day as purchased. He had to pay for his own dinner. I am very upset and disappointed. There is nothing on your sign that you have to wait 24 hrs before using the gift card. I have used Applebees gift cards for several years as gifts and never have had this problem till now. I won't be buying them as gifts this year for Christmas.

james cole December 02 2012
me and my wife went to applebees on dirksen parkway in springfield,ill an d was taking to are seats and 2 waiters walk by us and never had ask us what we needed to drink two other tables of pepole come after us they was waited on as soon as they set down we got up and left one girl said good night and have a nice night this was not the first time we had a bad time at your bisness you sould know how it is being run

Donna Smith December 03 2012
I would like to put in a compliant about one of the Applebee Restaurants. Normally I have never had a problem with any of the restaurants. But last night, after leaving a church Christmas Play in Auburn Maine, we decided to go for dinner at the Applebee's in Auburn Maine. There was quite a large number of us. We asked to be put at a big table and they couldn't accomadate us with a table big enough. So 4 of us said we would go to another location and sit, it was fine. The waitress said it was fine, and after sitting there for quite some time we could see the waitress complaining about us. We sat there for quite some time, and no one waited on us or came near us with silverware, menus or drinks. They continually ignored us. We assumed they didn't want us sitting there. But we sat there and continually got no attention. We were not happy. My husband complained and they said we don't like to do that meaning separating parties. We sat there for a few more mins. and then the waitress sat down a couple right beside us and gave them silverware and menus while continuing to ignore us.No one did one thing to wait on us. We were not happy . And we decided that it was time we got up and walked out. The waitress and other guy standing there was very rude. The manager who was by the bar, did nothing to help us or see if things were alright. We were very disappointed in the service or should say lack of service in Applebee's and will be sure not to return there again and will let everyone know how we were treated. People like this make a bad name for the places that do do a good job. I am sure if you were to approach these waitresses there on Dec 1 2012 they would know exactly what we are talking about. One waitress was blonde and very rude and one young man was rude too. Thank You . And I would appreciate that this matter be dealt with. Thank You. A concerned customer. Donna Smith and family 158 Old Lewiston Road. West Gardiner Maine 04345

Jennifer December 22 2012
The Applebee's in Vero Beach is very slow. Sat there forever needing refills food. Food tookforever. My husband was ready just to walk out and leave. Doors broke in bathrooms papertowls dispenser broke. I hope they get their act together.

nburrier December 23 2012
AppleBees in laredo tx..has very rude service i asked if they cpuld change to a specific football game and their answer was NO only cowboys game...

December 28 2012
Our son applied online and met with Scott at your Brown Deer Wisconsin location.He was asked to return,which he did to find that the person he expected to meet left early due to inclement weather. He was asked to return,which he did just prior to Christmas.At that time he waited at least one half when employee asked him why he was there,and was then given the impression that no one had communicated his request to meet for an interview.He was asked to call again.When he called today as requested,whomever he spoke to told him they thoughtthat individual was not expected in today.If potential employees are treated this way,how can I be expected to be treated as a customer.(Our family is 5 minutes away by car.) Ken Bedroske.

Anno. Pella December 30 2012
I have a complaint about the Applebees in Pella Iowa. I know for a fact that wearing Yoga pants is not allowed at applebees. However it seems everytime I go in there to eat there is always one or two waitress that are wearing them, If the dress code states that yoga pants are not allowed why are these girls not sent home? Yoga pants are for the gym not for a job that you are suppose to professional in. Management needs an overhaul.

Nancy Ouzts January 01 2013
My husband and I used to eat at Applebee's all the time. In fact it used to be one of my favorite places to eat. However it has REALLY gone downhill. The service is piss poor to say the least . Awhile back we decided to try eating there and ended up leaving because we sat there for like 30 minutes without anyone checking on our table to even get our drink order. We finally got up and left after complaining to the manager who obviously didn't give a shit. Well tonight we decided to try eating there again. It was not busy, no one came to our table and after about 20 minutes we left and went to ruby Tuesdays where they obviously give a shit about your business . Needless to say I would not recommend Applebee's in greenwood South Carolina to anyone bc it SUCKS!!!!!

angry customer January 01 2013
@ 930 applebees in Columbia ac started playing loud music while I was having a birthday dinner. Confronted the manager and he told me that they advertised it with there appitizer menu, that was a lie. There is nowhere on or in the restaurant that supports the manager. This is disrespectful. Screw applebees!

pat blair January 05 2013
I eat at Lubbock,Tx location often, I ate at NYC restaurant on Dec. Trip and Taos NM on Christmas skiing trip-- These restaurants were nearly as good as my favirute in Lubbock- I live about 25 miles from Lubbock in Levelland, Tx - Would love to see you consider building in my town - the south part 385 south is growing rapidly, has 2 new dorms and medical and new cosmotology building is being built by South Plains College, this is a large Jr. College, also a new event Center 1 year old and a new Sports complex is being built this year-we are a oil and cotton small town--the east side 114 is also growing fast-- There a few location on the south part of town- needs a good restaurant - Please take a good look and hope it is what you can see you need as much as we do --- pat Blair

January 06 2013
The restaurant in Danville Ky is the worse ran restaurant I have every been in. First off we enter and had to wait 25 minutes for a table to be cleared when there were 5 table available upon cleaning them. Then we were seated and had to wait for our appetizers for about 10 minutes . Then another 15 for our main meal. The waiter never picked up none off our dirty dishes at the table she left everything on the table. By this time my husband and I are getting a little upset. Very sloppy ran restaurant very dirty also unkept bathrooms. Very dissatisfied! Never again will we go there.

January 06 2013
Applebees is suppose to be one of the best casual dining restaurants. I had a very bad experience at one location in Philadelphia, Pa on Roosevelt Blvd. I feel like srnding the board of health in this location. I dont know if I was being sold chicken or pork. The ladies restroom was horrible. The chicken fingers were served semi pink inside. The manager was very attentive but the waitress was very unprofessional and ignorant. I ordered take that was pork when we got home the ribs were pink inside too. Something needs to be done about this location. I would like to speak with someone about this matter. Soon I will get a group of people together to start protesting this location. I am also contacting the department of health. Im also going to take fox news into the establishment so everybody can see whats going. I tried calling the person on the bottom of the receipt but no answer. Once I expose this locations other locations will be exposed. I am a very unhappy customer.

Beverly January 22 2013
Sunday, Jan.20, 2013 for the last time, my change has not been returned at Applebee's Restuarant. My bill was $28.08. I should have received $11.92. I received $11.00. A few months ago, it was .30 cent I insisted on being returned to me at the Beaumont Centre Applebee's, Lexington, KY.

Sunday, I asked again for my change. The waiter said I did not have change to give you. I will get it for you...(HUM). In both situations where my money was stolen from me, I got my change and gave it as a tip as oppose to the large tip I was going to give. Not eating the bad food at Applebee's where I also have to watch my purse.

Lenore M. G. January 25 2013
I live near Seattle, Washington and Coffe is king here. There are three Applebees in nearby cities that I frequent occasionally and I
have to say that all three restaurants have undrinkable coffee. I have spoken to a manager at Renton, Wash. Applebees about the coffee issue and she understood but seemed unable to do anything about it. The Applebees in Covington, Wash. coffee is terrible and terrible coffee will send me to another eating place. When the local MC Donalds serves 'Seattles Best' coffee and it is very good and Applebees can't be bothered, well...McDonalds, here I come.

Richard February 01 2013
I was never a big fan of Applebees, but now less than ever. What your local restaurant did to this poor waitress in MO, having to do with the so called Pastor Bell is wrong. As far as I can see the waitress did no wrong and did not provide below standard service. she did not demand 18% and I'm sure wouldn't have complained if she got less than 18%. If money is more important than standing up and doing the right thing by your employee then it's a good thing you fired the poor girl. Your definitely going to need the money you would have paid her because your not going to get any from me. After church we sometimes go out for lunch, I'll just make sure we go somewhere else.

Daniel February 01 2013
"An Applebee's waitress who posted a receipt with a note from a pastor complaining about the automatic gratuity added to the bill on the Internet was fired on Wednesday after the pastor complained to her manager".

I think it is an utter disgrace to fire this women. I will not be eating at Applebee's anymore. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Kimberly February 01 2013
Regarding Applebees in St. Louis with the recent January 31, 2013, firing incident of the waitress who posted a receipt from Pastor Alois Bell - dispicable!

The customer is NOT always right. Her rude and emabrrassing behavior was brought on from HERSELF - NOT the waitress. Although the waitress' behavior was on the unprofessional side, she did not break any laws posting the receipt or your employee guidelines/regulations.

The Pastor's behavior is the appalling behavior. The servers depend on tips for their work since their base pay is so poor. It is illegal to pay UNDER minimum wage.

Applebees would rather lose a dedicated, decent employee versus an angry customer. Obviously, Applebees does not have any regard toward an employee being mistreated by a customer nor have regard/respect FOR the employee. The customer behaved badly! The customer was emotionally blackmailing the server by utilizing "God" as to the omission of tipping, respect and proper etiquette.

Applebees is losing customers because of poor food quality, lack of updated menus, ambiance or niche. NOT because of angry customers. The pastor was "called out" for her bad behavior - that is what she DIDN'T like. She did not want to be held accountable or responsible for her appalling actions - how hypocritical of the dear pastor. She doesn't practice what she is preaching.

So if I have a HUGE complaint against her and I'm complaining to Applebees about the awful Pastor - can Applebees then FIRE the pastor?! Afterall, I am an angry customer - do you want to lose me as a customer!

Applebees - your actions are disgraceful, unbalanced and unprofessional on your end as well.

You should be happy to have had such a good employee in your less than adequate establishment. Everyone makes mistakes - and thus, should receive a second chance - especially to a good employee who obviously did not have warnings, complaints, or probationary periods on record to begin.

I certainly have boycotted Applebees indefinitely - another angry customer - gone.

Kimberly February 01 2013
Regarding the firing of a server in St.Louis, MO because a bad customer complained about her posting the patrons shameful receipt - WITHOUT tip.

Pastor Alois Bell failed to leave a server a tip, emotionally blackmailing her utilizing the "God" excuse that she didn't have too.

The server was a dedicated and good employee with no complaints, warnings or probation periods on record.

The server posted the absurd receipt on media (although unprofessional - she did not break any laws or Applebees rules/employee uidelines).

The Pastor called to complain about this and the employee was FIRED.
The pastor brought embarrassment to HERSELF by HERSELF - NOT from the server!!!

This employee has a physical job, poor base pay, poor benefits and she (Chelsea) gets to reap the punishment for a customer who acted inappropriately and badly! The pastor does not get to hide behind "god" as her excuse for her inexcusable behavior.

Applebees is an inadequate establishment with poor food, poor menu, stale and behind the times. To dismiss a quality employee rather than a bad customer is appalling. There is a right time to dismiss an employee and a wrong time. Applebees did not assess the situation fairly, but instead because a pastor complained. Would this server have been fired if not for a customer who had "god" as her job!

The customer was not right in this situation - Applebees clearly has no regard FOR their employees and NO regard when an employee is treated poorly by a customer.

Since I am making a HUGE complaint to Applebees about the Pastor Alois Bell, can Applebees fire the dear Pastor!!!

Another angry customer lost Applebees - I'm referring to myself. How will you compensate me?

Rick February 01 2013
Ms. Welch v. pastor Alois Bell:
RE: Research prior to condemnation(have faith in your employees):

This woman has a 15-member storefront church in STL and has obviously become a martinet with her self-importance. She shows her ignorance in not realizing that, after taxes and because it's on a CC, the waitress has to share with the kitchen staff, bus staff and maybe even the other waitresses who may not have had busy nights. In most restaurants, an automatic 18-20% tip is perfectly normal for a party of 6-8 or more - especially one with five kids.

She must immediately insist that Applebees re-hire any affected employees and ensure they get their 18% (less the alleged $6 cash she claims to have left). Or corporate should just do it regardless. The social media "hit" you're taking isn't worth it.

And in answer to her question? Because God isn't a waiter making less than minimum wage and has other things on His mind. God doesn't take donations. BTW 15 people (including the kids?)does not a pastor make. This could be a bridge club or sewing circle with a religious bent. Besides, who names their church: World Deliverance Ministries Church with 15 congregants?

And the poor woman claims she's "all over the internet and embarrassed." Good, she should be ashamed and take a good look at herself and supposed church. This post may seem harsh, but if this is just one example of how she acts, I shudder to imagine the other stuff she gets away with, especially since she signs her name with the ego-boosting, "pastor." What a fake. What a non-Christian.

Janice February 01 2013
I think it is wrong to fire the waitress who posted the note from the Pastor. If the Pastor did not want someone to see her rude and insensitive comments then she should not have written the note. It is time for this country to stop molly coddling those who are in the wrong just because they complain and start standing up for what is right. Like the waitress freely expressing her right to stand up to those who think they are the only ones in the right. When we stand up against those who bully we should not be punished. Based on this behavior exhibited by the Applebee policy I will no longer support this company and I will make sure that everyone I know is exposed to this injustice.

elena February 01 2013
( do not know if this is the location where the girl was fired but the location does not matter, what matters is the culture of your business and how you treat or should I say mistreat your employees. )Everyone I know is boycotting your business over the firing of the waitress who posted the stingy pastor's cc receipt on the net. Please rehire her.
I am a restaurant manager and my employees are the reason we are so successful. You are nothing without the support of your staff. This incident is not something you want to support. EVER!! Everyone who has contacted you about this matter are your customers. Do you care what they think about your company? Who ever fired the waitress needs to be fired. You should not want to have this person represent your company. This manager has very little common sense and does not see the big picture.

Linda February 01 2013
I've eaten at Applebee's and had good food. I'm writing because, like many others here, I totally object to the firing of a waitress over some hypocritcal religious nut's refusal to leave a tip. What kind of place are you? If you treat your employees so badly, I will rethink giving you my patronage.

Bob Ellison February 01 2013

We used to patronize the Applebee's in Ft.Wayne,Indiana. After reading about the lady pastor leaving no tip and then the waitress being fired is reason enough for us to NOT ever patronize any Applebee's ever again. For the pastor to demand that everyone be fired is ridiculous. Stand behind your good employees!!
Not some cheap,demanding liar. There are plenty of places to eat in Ft.Wayne and Applebee's will not be a choice for our family anymore.
The waitress should be reinstated. The customer who leaves no tip should not welcomed back.

beverly billings February 01 2013
A server in florida was fired because she posted online that a "pastor" wrote "I give 10%to to god". I have always patronized Applebees but until this server is rehired I will never visit another Applebees.


beverly billings February 01 2013
Will never patronize Applebees again unless that server is rehired.If she is smart she will turn down the offer.

Deborah Lee February 01 2013
Will no longer eat at fired someone cause of a cheap pastor....Maybe the people who attends her church should not but money in the plate when it's passed around, lets see how she would like that....probably not...REHIRE THE WAITRESS!!!

Cathy Feb 1 2013 February 01 2013
Rehire the waitress...NO MORE Applebees for me

Merry February 01 2013
Why does the pastor only give 10% to God.. shouldn't she be giving her best.. 100%.?? To make a stupid comment like that tells a lot about her character.. I'm not sure what point you were trying to make by firing the server, but, in my opinion the wrong person was disciplined. I will not eat in Applebee's anymore knowing that is how you treat your employees. This is still America where free speech is revered. If that "pastor" did not want her comments to be revealed then do not write them on a check to humiliate someone. If I was a member in her congregation I would find another church.

Tim McCulloch February 01 2013
Your firing of the person that posted the uncalled for comment on the receipt is unjustified. That said there a plenty of restaurants in the world to go your restaurant will not be one of those for my family any longer. I will also make sure that in the course of any conversation that may come up as were to go to eat I will explain why Applebee's is not to be considered.

George February 01 2013
My wife and I have been regular customers for over 28 years. The wait staff have always treated us well and were tipped accordingly. Since your company would fire a good employee for taking a picture of an insult of a tip we will no longer bother your company. Workers are the backbone of any company. Fire the person who punished someone for no reason.

Katie Long February 01 2013
I was a loyal customer for years, but I will no longer ever be eating at your restaurant again, and neither will my friends or family. You just lost 30+ weekly customers.

Eugene Mote February 01 2013
I saw on Yahoo where you fired that little girl over posting a story about that deadbeat paster that screwed her on a tip. We usually eat at our local Applebees at least once a week. However in light of this I will no longer be giving your company any business in the future and will advise others to do the same.Good day.

Jimmy February 01 2013
No more applebees for me

Kathy February 01 2013
Shame on you Applebees. I am glad that I do not work for you. It is management's job to take care of their staff and yet navigate through tough customer situations. As a Global VP of Support myself, I have had many tough situations that I had to navigate through. There are so many other ways that you could have handled this. My family used to eat at Applebees at least once a week. You have lost a long time customer (family) that has eaten at Applebees since 1996.

Rachel Madden February 01 2013
After the Applebees in St. Louis Missouri fired Chelsea Welsh for posting the receipt against that "Pastor" I just wanted to let the corporate office know that I will NEVER go to applebees again. Instead I will opt for Chillis and Ruby Tuesdays. At least their management knows how to treat their staff!

-A once loyal guest. February 01 2013
I have been eating at Applebee's from time to time for over ten years. Yet, after the firing of the waitress in St.Louis, I never will again. Neither will my family or anyone else that takes my advice.
Applebee's actions show that not only the company has low enough integrity to throw their employee under the bus at first sign of trouble, but they did so after the ignorant pastor refused to pay the girl's tip?! (6 dollars!) They should have called the police just like they would if the ignorant pastor refused to pay them. Yet, they got their money, so, the waitress was on her own.
As for applebee's statements along the lines of "guest's payment information is private", are also ludicrous. The moment that the ignorant pastor added more than numbers and a signature to the bill, the paper became a personal letter to the waitress and she was just as at right to display it as she would a letter from anyone else. Applebee's actions truly disgust me as much as the ignorant pastor her self. Does she refuse to pay everyone or just waiters?

Aleksey February 01 2013
I have been eating at Applebee's from time to time for over ten years. Yet, after the firing of the waitress in St.Louis, I never will again. Neither will my family or anyone else that takes my advice.
Applebee's actions show that not only the company has low enough integrity to throw their employee under the bus at first sign of trouble, but they did so after the ignorant pastor refused to pay the girl's tip?! (6 dollars!) They should have called the police just like they would if the ignorant pastor refused to pay them. Yet, they got their money, so, the waitress was on her own.
As for applebee's statements along the lines of "guest's payment information is private", are also ludicrous. The moment that the ignorant pastor added more than numbers and a signature to the bill, the paper became a personal letter to the waitress and she was just as at right to display it as she would a letter from anyone else. Applebee's actions truly disgust me as much as the ignorant pastor her self. Does she refuse to pay everyone or just waiters?

Laura February 01 2013
I really think that the fireing of Chelsea Welch was wrong and the manager who fired her should be fired.If this minister didn't want her comment made public then she shouldn't have written it..And she should be ashamed of herself. Everyone I have talked to will not be eating at Applebee's any more until this is taken care of. Please know that my family and friends love your food and we eat there all the time. Thanksso much.

Mark Hayes February 01 2013
Hi there, I just discovered that you fired a waitress of yours for exercising her right to freedom of expression. You can find out what I'm talking about if you look at the article "Applebee’s fires waitress who posted receipt from pastor complaining about auto-tip" on Yahoo News.
What you did is a massive violation of personal liberties. Working as a waitress or a waiter is difficult work and firing a woman because she took a picture of something comical is a major abuse of power of the manager. I simply want to inform you that this is a reflection of how little you care for your employees rights not only as an American, but as a human being who has the fundamental human right to express their thoughts, opinions, and funny stories about their lives.
It is really simple actually, if you don't want to ruin your reputation, DON'T ACT LIKE A MONUMENTAL DICK. That includes adding injury to insult like the pastor has done. The waitress didn't ruin her reputation the pastor did, just like you have ruined yours Applebee's.

You have demonstrated that you have no respect for individual human liberties, the first amendment of the Bill of Rights, and view your employees as disposable. I'm informing you now that until such time comes that reparations have been undertaken I will not be dining at any of your establishments, and hope that you loose business. It is a shame though, because I actually enjoyed your food.

Rachel February 01 2013
Shame on you Applebee's for firing an employee who posts a receipt that is not a private document. Ms. Bell is concerned about her reputation due to a "lapse in judgement". I contend that this receipt actually brings out her true character. She could have asked to speak to the manager and complained directly if she wanted this to be confidential.

James February 01 2013
YOU can bet your ASS Neither I or any of my family will ever eat at Applebys NEVER AGAIN.. You nee to rehire Chelsea Welch and give her a pay raise!

James February 01 2013

Anastasia February 01 2013
I was outraged at the Pastors note on the receipt. I had no idea what restaurant or the pastors name or church was by the photo's I saw on the internet, and believe me when I said I was looking for that info!!!!! Yesterday I thought good for you waitress and shame on you pastor, but now I know she was fired from your restaurant chain, my family and I will not patronize Applebee's in any location. All that waitress did was let the Pastor hang herself, now your actions are allowing your company to dangle right along side the Pastor. Can't wait to see how it turns out for everyone!!!!

Leslie Osborn February 01 2013
Our family will no longer visit your restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan after reading about the firing of the waitress over posting a copy of the nasty receipt from a pastor, no less. Workers, especially in food service, are treated horribly enough by restaurant corporations. Our daughter worked as a waitress while in college, so we know how restaurant employers take advantage. We will encourage our block club to avoid Applebees, too. Are you happy now?

Daniel Barlow February 01 2013
My family and I and many of our friends will respect your privacy as a corporation and NEVER again eat in one of your restaurants. Your mistreatment of your employees was already legendary, and no the whole country knows about it. I feel bad that as you lose business over this debacle, several more of your employees will lose their livelihoods. That is the true tragedy in all this. I also know deep in my heart that none of your executive officers will lose a cent. SHAME!

Pat Lawrence - 415-468-5466 February 01 2013
Just wanted you to know I have been a patron of Applebees for many years... the one located on Veterans Blvd in Redwood City, CA... and am so sad to say that I will no longer be a customer. You should know that I go there often enough, and have tipped well enough over the years that I am known and greeted as such. The corporate culture that would allow a manager kowtow to an abusive customer that demeans an employee over a standard tipping practice, beyond her control, but deserved, is unacceptable. Clearly this woman, who in no way emulates anything resembling a Christ-like demeanor, has no idea how hard waiters work and how much harder it is to work a large table than a small one, hence the charge. The fact that this franchise manager fired this employee in this economic climate is, frankly, insane. It is clear to say that the fallout from this will effect more than this one franchise, but all your stores. Good! I will tell two friends and they will tell two friends...

Steve Bigelow February 01 2013
Every Friday night, a group of co-workers (10 to 15) head to Applebees after work for dinner and drinks. We dont even have to call ahead anymore, as our table is already set up when we arrive. That's how often we go. Tonight they will be in for a suprise, as we, collectively as a group, have decided that we can no longer support a restaurant that would bow to and ignorant customer and fire its own employee. Applebees, the old adage that the "customer is always right" does not always apply. We hope you will do the right thing and bring back this waitress, but irregardless, the damage has been done. We will no longer set foot in our Applebees; there are too many other options

BRADY February 01 2013
I will no longer spend my money at Applebee's until her job has been reinstated. We are a family of six. I drop a lot of money there. As a former worker in the hospitality business, I am glad the young lady posted this online. If you cant afford to tip, you cant afford to eat out. That simple.

Jack February 01 2013
You really blew it Applebee’s! You've got a public relations nightmare on your hands.

Because of your totally incompetent handling of the chintzy “pastor”/stiffed waitress firing situation, you lost not only my family’s business, but everyone I can convince. Whoever wrote that pathetic, politically-correct, corporate response drivel on your Facebook page should be the one that’s sacked.

Your abysmal lack of loyalty to your fired employee merits neither further business by me nor any patron with half a conscience. Even if you make some pathetic attempt to make this right, you’ll have an extremely difficult job regaining what little reputation you had prior to this buffoonery. Regardless of what you do from here on out, I know I won’t ever dine at one of your franchises again…

Jillian February 02 2013
I may be in the minority, but I feel that Applebee's was right in firing the waitress. Yes, the "pastor" (I use that term loosely) is a POS for what she did, but you cannot go around posing pictures of customers' receipts with their whole name visible without their consent. Again, I do not agree with Ms. Bell's actions, but now she is on the receiving end of all kinds of hate (from complete strangers who probably don't tip well themselves) because of this unfortunate situation. I don't eat at Applebee's anyway because I think the food sucks, but can appreciate the fact that if I was ever to patronize their establishment that my visit there would remain my own business. Good luck to the fired waitress and the shamed pastor.

margie Ree February 04 2013
I am very distubed that you fired one of your employees, Ms. Chelsea Welch, for posting a very disrespectful note written on a food check from a customer. Why should you fire Ms. Welch? In my opinion she did not do anything wrong. Instead, the so-called "pastor'' Alois Bell did. If she felt embarrassed and humiliated, how does she think Ms. Welch feels? Why was it necessary for Bell to sing her full name with her questionable title? If she was a real "pastor" of a church, she would have asked to speak to management to voice her feelings. No, she was being a bully, hiding behind a so-called pastorship. When she wrote her unkind message to the server on the bill, she automatically made it public. She has only herself to blame for the message going viral. I feel very bad for Ms. Welch and I believe God will open up a very wide door for her. He will bless her beyond measure! Ms. Welch did more of a Christian deed than Alois Bell did. Ms. Welch alerted all christians that there are indeed bad people pretending to do God's Work. My hope is that you will reconsider your decision and rehire Ms. Welch. I'm not going to say that I'll never eat at Applebee's again, but I will say this: If Applebee's does not correct what I see as a gross error, I will not eat at Applebee's again. In fact, I was thinking about going yesterday (Saturday) but, I decided to go to TGF Friday's because it is closer to where I live and it was snow pretty heavily out. I'm kind of glad that I didn't go now.

margie Ree February 04 2013
I feel that you were wrong in firing Ms. Chelsea Welch. She did not do anything wrong, this so-called "pastor" did. Alois Bell should have been exposed as the cheap, greedy, self-important person that she is. Bell did not act in a Christian way at all. A real Pastor would never try to 'stiff' the server. I would like to see Applebee's reconsider their decision and re-hire Ms. Welch. I will not say that I will never eat at Applebee's, but I will be watching to see if Applebee's corrects this great injustice to Ms. Welch.

scott lori February 06 2013
02/05/13 Applebees Florence, KY a joke, seated promptly but that was it,15minutes and nobody said a word to us. Manager observed us siting there, 2 girls at bar observed us sitting there, 2 table next to us seated at about sam e time got service within 2 minutes. We got up and began getting coats on THEN guy says "can i get your drinks" we said nope we are leaving, he replied "you sure?" I added " oh yeah , we sure are leaving" WHen I told host at door that nobody ever said a word to us after being seated, she aske dif Id like to see the manager? Shouldnt she be at all concerned? shes the hostes for crying out loud. What a joke. Went right next ddor to Raffery's and was greated as soon as we sat down, knew the waiters name and had drinks in 2 minutes, appetizers in under 5 min on the table/ Waiter #261 Brian, Rafferty's Florence KY had figured it out !

February 06 2013
I went to Applebees in Mt. Pleasant PA today and found hair in my food. This happened the last time i was there with hair in our food. But i figured i would give them the benefit of the doubt and try it again. But guess what hair in our food again. Sure they made us another dish and took it off the bill but who wants to eat anything else after u find that in one of the dishes. That is unsanitary and disgusting.

Al Riggs February 07 2013
Chelsea Welch deserved to be fired...She didnt wait even wait on Pastor Bell..

steve February 12 2013
We frequently visited your restraunts because we loved the food, prices and the family atmosphere. However, since the incident with this so-called pastor I will or my family will never step foot in another applebees or any subsidiary of this corporation due to the treatment of your waitresses.

Kelly February 15 2013
My husband wanted me to have a night away from cooking, so being that it is Valentine's Day we choose to eat at your Kendallville, IN location. Walked in had a 20 minute wait, that was fine. A lady and young child came in several minutes after us and was seated way before us, both parties of 2 mind you. When we were seated our waitress wasn't the happiest of people, but she had her eyes on what was around my neck. We waited quite a while for our food, when it came, it was brought by someone else. Both plates were not hot, the food wasn't even luke warm, we complained to our waitress, she had the manager come over. The manager told us she would get fresh food for us, about 2 minutes later the manager was back with what was to be fresh food. This food was not hot, I had more sauce on my second plate but half the amount of shrimp then the first time. My husbands plate wasn't hot either time. When I made a comment about the plates not being hot, the manager said they had a fast turn around time. This to me is just an excuse. I told the manager we were done, we got up and went to walk out when the young man at the door tried offering us a couple of coupons. I replied, were not coming back again. Out the door we went, and to the number 1 Pizza Hut in the nation. Had wonderful service and very hot pizza.

kathy February 16 2013
tonight we ate at applebees in longmont, co. It has the worst manager I have ever come in contact with. He incited a fight between us and other patrons in the restaurant. The police had to be called. This guy is really a jerk and never should be a manager of anything. I will never eat at any applybees again. I am sorry we paid our bill. A police report has been filed and I hope charges will be brought against this manager and Applebees.

jeff carter February 16 2013
My wife and I went ot the applebees in cheektowaga, ny. we were getting ready to go to the airport and thought we would stop there for lunch and beer. we were there around 11:20 on a Saturday afternoon and were told it was a New York State law that they could not serve beer. which is an extremeley incorrect statement, since I have been living here for 58 years. You should instruct your people that it is an AppleBees rule and not a STATE LAW.

no wonder there were no Customers. We went across the street to Fridays and it was packed and had a wonderful lunch with a cold beer.SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

employee as of 2/4/2013 March 05 2013
I work at Applebees in Cedar Hill,Tx.I started as a waitress than quickly got hired as bartender. I felt like it was a blessing being that i have 2 kids to support and i would make more money and learn a skill that can be good for me at any location i choose. I obviously was hired in a spot where another employee worked for but was decided that it was not a good choice and that a woman should bring more customers in during the day time hours. After a week of training I started working on my own still learning and being excited about my position. Soon i faced a few bitter employees who would yell at me in front of customers,speak whatever was on there mind( by yelling at me) and down right rude and hateful.I went through proper procedures in confrontation by asking them to talk outside,getting a manager first,then after asking a manager to help me bc they were doing it again he told me he didnt fucking care. So i went the person and told them to stop it or else.He took that as a threat and brought a woman up the next weekend to talk down to me in the restaurant and even follow me into the bathroom to yell at me and intimidate me. I expressed my embarrassment and humiliation to managment but was ignored. 10 times go by with name calling, on nights where i would put my time as a waitress on weekends,they would make my drinks slow or put my tables drinks last in line or not run them for me at all then tell managment that i was a terrible waitress. I have every reason why I value employment should it be here or anywhere and i do not know why these people get away with it. Along with this,if a table walks on their bill or if i make any mistake in the pos system,i have to pay out of my own pocket the mistake i made and that is illegal. I have gotten written up for a table in cocktails walking out over a lemonade. I wrote my notes on the back of the write up that i didnt feel i was accountable for write up and that i was given a choice to pay the tab or write up. The Gm at this location talks down to everyone. Puts stress on the staff rather than help and even yells at customers. There is no ethics in this place and im making my concerns known to corporate tomorrow. Im sick of it!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Blouin March 05 2013

Is your company so hard up that it keeps change from hard working people? I went to the Applebees in South Burlington Vermont in the Dorset street mall. The wait for a table was reasonable, the prices were fair, the food was good. When it came time to pay I was asked if I needed change and my responce was yes.My bill was $31.10. I gave the waiter a $50.00 and was returned $18.00. I asked what happened to my $.90 change and was told that it was Applebees policy not to return change.Must be you needed the $.90 cents more than a returned customer. Not happy with applebees no more.I have never been treated like this at this Applebees before. I did not realize that $.90 cents would make or break you. Displeased.

Peter Blouin March 05 2013
Applebees in South Burlington Vermont steals your change.

Clarence Contestabile March 05 2013
My wife and I along with 2 granchildren went to Applebees in south Count, St. Louis, Mo.. We had the most unpleasent experience ever.
We went there because we found an add in the local paper that if you spent $25.00 that they would deduct $5.00.Our server stated to us that we could not do that on the 2 fro 20 menue. We called an Applebees before going and the manager told us that we could certainly use that coupon as long as we spent $25.00, and we did that. Also we spotted a sign on the restraunt windw that children eat free on tuesdays (which was the day we went). The manager Doug was very rude to us and denied the children of a free meal, and stated to us " contact the corporate office" and walked away. After that experience, we will never patronize that Applebees ever and will tell all of our friends not to go there either. Could you please contact me via E-Mail as to what you are going to do to correcy this situation. My E-Mail address is

Kelly Duke March 09 2013
My family and I (8 of us) went to dinner tonight 03/08/2013 at Applebee's at Jordan Landing in West Jordan, UT. It was an utter disaster. We had been seated for 40 minutes before our dinner salads came and it was a total of 75 minutes before our food actually came out. Our drinks had been empty for most of this time as we got our drinks right away when we sat but then no one ever came by to refill them till our dinner came. We asked to see a manager and he took over 10 minutes to get to us. I asked if he was aware that we had been there for over an hour and still did not have our food. He said that he checked our drink ticket and was sure that he had came over and checked ID's for our drinks only about a half hour ago. I said no, that is not correct we had been there over an hour already. When the manager came to the table, he too ignored the fact that all our drinks were empty. When our food finally came out, my husbands plate was dirty (not from his own meal), his meal was not made right. I had a sizzling skillet meal and my food looked old and my skillet was warm to the touch not sizzling. My son ordered boneless buffalo wings and the sauce on the wings was dried up like they had been sitting out for hours. It was horrible. Then when the waitress brought our bill, she didn't even clean off the table of all the plates and empty glasses just kept coming by to see if our payment was ready. To top it all off, we were seated at a corner booth where a tv was above our heads and the tv was dusty and dust kept dropping onto our heads and table. The manager did eventually give us our meals for free after all the complaints but I feel very strongly that this place needs to be investigated. The food, service and management was all just a huge disappointment and even with my meal being free, I walked away hungry, and let down, because I went there with my whole family hoping to enjoy and nice family meal and fellowship. It was a nightmare.

Anonymous March 12 2013
Your Applebee's resturant in Burlington,North Carolina is about to face sexual harassment charges due to the head manager first name begining with R. He is out of line rubbing his waitresses hair, rubbing up against them, and asking them to go out of town places with them. some of the ladies are married or in relationships. The women have spoken to attorney's already and are eager to take the case. The woman want him removed in a timely manner or they will proceed with thw lawsuit...

Tucson,az March 14 2013
The Applebee's on Grant and Speedway is awful! not only do you have to wait 30min for 1 drink, but The waiters are all on drugs. I went into the woman's bathroom to find two female staff doing cocaine in there. I don't know if you drug test, but you should!!

tiny March 14 2013
management at Applebees (Hamilton Blvd)
So I frequent Applebees often and actually have worked for one before in the past. But by far I have never meet a more rude General Manager in my life. Honestly it seems like she either doesnt like showing up to her job or she just is not meant to be under the title she has. All I had was a simple question about a menu item and the server went to ask this so called lady General manager and the expression on her face toward her employee was ridiculous, since when is it a crime to ask a question. No wonder the restaurant is going down hill maybe there should be a change in Management or at least get a newer General manager that actually cares about customers but also shows some appreciation towards her workers. Coming from a former employee of the applebees but thank god not this one cause i would of not put up with her attitude. Oh by the way thanks for not being any help when i was there definetly wont be back anytime soon.

Shana March 15 2013
North Attleboro, MA. Applebees. On 3/11/13 I showed up to work, ready to work, in a great mood, when I saw these two girls that I have issues with, which is not the first time Ive seen them there so I ignored them. I informed my manager that I had issues with the girls and was trying to stay away from them, and she giggled. Which I didnt think it was funny, but...she knew about it. A former employee was having their dinner and over heard them talking about jumping me, and trying to find me alone, or if I went to the bathroom. The bartender also told me that they were asking about me, if I still worked there or if I was working that night. I told my manager and she said to continue to ignore them and she will get their licence plate number. My boyfriend usually comes in to have a beer after work and to just quickly say hi. He happened to come in that day and noticed the girls as well. He didnt say a word to them. After sitting their for a few minutes one of the girls turned around and started talking to my boyfriend, pretty much to start things. My manager asked him to leave to defuse the situation and he did. She also sent me home, saying that I did not listen to her, that I did not handle things how she wanted me too. I was suppose to work 3/12/13 they called me and told me not to come in. 3/13/13, they told me not to come in, when i finally got a call from the General manger to come in a talk to him about the situation. I went in on 3/14/13 and called into the office when I just got fired. Didnt ask me what happened...didnt want to hear one thing I had to say. The manager that was there that night has had problems with me, she has only been there a few months and instantly did not like me. I would always joke around to other employees saying shes out to get me, and now I realize it was actually true. She completely lied to get me out of there. She said I fought with the girls in the middle of the dining room which did not happen. There are cameras in the dining room which will show I said nothing to those girls.I was fired for something I did not do, for pretty much going to my manager for help. I was fired for no reason. I worked there for 2 years with NO issues

John March 18 2013
Applebees in Citrus Coubtry Inverness FL . I will not give a name until applebees answers me back. The manager was being very unprofessional. He wasnt doing his job because he was to busy flirting with waitresses. he was harassing them by flicking their name tags off their shirts and untying their aprones during the most busiest time of the night . HE wasnt doing his job at all because he was to busy flirting around with the wemon instead of doing his job . I would not want my daughter to woker there .And you can tell that the girls are uncomfortable.

Thomas Farrar March 18 2013
This was hands down the worst Applebees experience ever. Server was MIA after she took our order ...never saw her for 20 min and finally asked the host to get our server so that we could at least get something to drink.. She Did come out to see if everything was OK at the booths BEHIND us and in FRONT of us. had to ask for the check and and when my girlfriend said" things were not good just in case you were wondering" she rolled her eyes and said " MMMM... HMMM"
WTH!!! she was willing to overlook it , but then Tiara J. had to take that extra tip!!! that was a first!!! Manager Amanda sat a couple and then sat down with friends....we were there 2.5 hrs for mozzarella sticks and the chicken tenders platter and burnt fiesta lime chicken, which by the way someone else delivered. OH and did i mention that there was maybe 25 customers in there. SOOOO DISAPPOINTED!!!!

barbara mcdaniel March 23 2013
they are crap i know some one who worked with them and got hurt and they refused to pay for meds on workmens comp and all they ever got was the run around

Bruce April 01 2013
The way the incident of gay bashing in Rice Lakes of Timothy Phares by husband of Sharron Henricks, Rien Hendricks is appalling. To tell someone that they cant return to work because of the publicity involved is almost as heinous as the crime itself.
Additionally, Sharron Hendricks drove her husband to the crime scene and watched the attack unfold. She should not only be fired from her job , but arrested as an accessory .

You can rest assured I will no longer be frequenting Applebees and will spread the word to as many people as possible.

April 09 2013
Your wait staff at the Grandview, MO store is superb. A friend and I have coffee there 3-4 times a week. Conviviality is the hallmark of the entire crew, including the managers Tom, Barry, Brandon & Tonya. The only improvement would to have a consistent brew to the coffee.

Anonymous April 14 2013
Applebees is horrible. I will never go to another one again.

furious April 19 2013
Corporate better check into FMLA laws!! My dauvjts manager did not file her maternity leave papers so when she wanted to come back to work she ws told she was terminated BUT she could just fill out app and be hired back no problem.But she has worked there 2 years had a week of paid vacation coming which they refuse to pay her for!! We have contacted fair labor board and we will be filing a law suit.

May 05 2013

Former Customer May 16 2013
This new policy of all sales final on drinks is ridiculous especially when the drink was made WRONG. Raspberry tea has tea in it right??? The mango frozen drink has mango flavor right? The frozen drinks where watered down because the incompetent person that made the drink put too much ice in the blender. Suggestion if and when a new policy is started your customer should be notified before they place their order (i.e. noted on the menu), secondly bartenders should know what they are doing,third your manger especially the supposedly GM should want to correct a problem...... The Applebees on Dixie Hwy Louisville, Kentucky will no longer get my money and hopefully my friends and family I have notified will take their business else where. From the looks of all the other comments I should stop going to this place a long time ago.

Cynthia Quinones May 31 2013
Joplin mo. Has the worst applebees ever. Waitresses very rude if you can get one to wait on you food was cold

Service was terrible food. Terrible waitress was the worst

wendy webb July 15 2013
Im so mad at applebee"s in uvalde tx.what right do
You not hire someone due to saying I dont wanna take a chance
On you cause of where you stay 34 miles away what happen
To equal rights.I bet the EEOC would love to here my story.

fred ferrary November 11 2013

Richard A Lavigne Sr November 17 2013
Thank you on behalf of all who served this wonderful country of ours for makeing Vetrans Day so very special, I had a wonerful mean at Applees in PortOrange Fl, The people and the service was fit for a King. It was also my birthday and the lady sent me a dish of hot fudge and ice cream, again thak you from the biiom of my heart. Richard A lavigne sr 229 South Ridge apt 128 Daytona Beach Fl. 32114.

Terry Clayton January 05 2014
We was treated poorly on December 28th me and my wife the service was poor and the management didnt handle it properly. We spent a total of 70 dollars on food and drinks.

annonomys January 13 2014
I seen the cook of the springfield oregon applebees foing meth in the parking lot. This was a female whom also looked pregnant. It happened during the weekday. I will never eat there again. And plan on blog sbout this. You people obviously dont screen your employees very well. Im afraid of catching some type of disease since she is a active drug user and s cook at your restaurant.

Doug Greene January 16 2014
What happened to Applebees that used to help the local high schools and youth leagues? I know that they will have a spirit night were you might make 10 % of what your group spends at Applebees which if you even spend $400 dollars you will get $ 40.00.I coach softball at the high school 2 miles from applebees and they say they can not do a ad or anything else.
Doug Greene 813-420-4820

Nancy Landis February 10 2014
My complaint is how they treat employees so unfair. If you are not in the click you suffer with hours. Why would you schedule someone in this day and age for three hours with gas being so high is stupid and ridiculous. Need upper cfo and officers to make tours of stores do not take word from district manager.It is u cover me I cover you that sucks today with economy being the way it is.

Jackie Leland February 16 2014
To Whom it may concern:
We usually take our grandkids out to supper once a week and we all have enjoyed eating at your restaurant. The food has always been good, kid friendly atmosphere and the prices are ok. We usually spend about 70 bucks when we take the grandkids out, but the time spent with them is priceless.
I do have one complaint though. Last night we had only of the grandkids, and he ordered the combo appetizer plate and when it came he asked if I would ask the waitress for some sour cream. So when she came back by I asked if he could have a little dollop of sour cream she said sure but there is a 50 cent additional charge...I was absolutely dumbfounded.... really we have to pay for extra condiments now.....
Well, I know you might not think 70 bucks a week from loyal customers is very much in multi million dollar adventure there, but if you multiply that by 4 and then again by 52 I think that is quite a bit of money for a year from our family...there are other restaurants we can frequent and that is what we shall do...sorry to see the greed there. sincerely Jackie Leland

todd johnson March 20 2014
I went to applebees in Hinesville georgia. We where seated and 15 min went by and no waitress. No drinks or anything. My wife went up ask about waitress and said they will be right there. The lady my wife talk to did nothing. we waited another 5mins and left. On our way to Ruby tuesdays i call and talk to the manager of applebees and he didnt even cared that we left. I will say the inside of the applebees look great because they just redone the store. But the owner needs to look more at the employees that he has hired and replace them. Because you can tell the manager didnt even care as well as the employees.

Fagan Pace March 29 2014
Please take a look at thecpndition of the pavement at your Hopkinsville,Ky location. It is deplorable. Frankly I hate to drove mycar into the cratered lot. Thanks for yourc consideration.

cindy dehart June 13 2014
I ate at your restraunt last eve.
Located on E. Pendelton Pike
Indpls IN. I had left a personal size
Kleenex pak that had an important thumb
Drive placed in the middle for protection.
The food and service was great but
When I called and asked them to look
For it they were very apathetic and unconcerned.
I called back and asked for the manager, Jennifer
And even offered a $30.00 reward. Same response.
I am blown away by their unconcern.
I would think they could have at least acted
Concerned. I am very disappointed but
Realize this email will more than likely
Get the same response.

Linda w. July 9 2014 July 10 2014
Just returned home from a horrible trip to our local Appylebees in White Lake Michigan. If you like extremely loud hard rock music, this is your place to patronize. We felt like we were at The Hard Rock Cafe, not the first time. The music was blaring at 4 pm . The waitress was very kind when we asked if the music could be turned down as we had something to discuss over our meal. She went to request the music be lowered and came back with our beverages. Evidently someone at Applebees is not doing their job, as evidenced by these comments or they cannot read! Of course, from the comments I have read, no one really cares!!!!! Long story short, we paid for our beverages, left the nice waitress a tip and left. Applebees has NO RESPECT FOR STAFF OR PATRONS, SO LONG AND GOOD RIDDENS!!!!!!!!!

E July 21 2014
My family and I had a horrible experience, at the applebees 253-01 rock way bled rosedale ny on the 7/20/2014. I was physically attacked by one of the servers there. When the orders came a member of my party order was wrong so it was pointed out to her, she got argumentative so we ask for a manager. We spoke to the manager and he switched her to another section, another group was sitting close by us around 8 people when I say close it was very close. In less than a minute I was attacked by the server samantha stating that I kicked her and she came up into my face while I was sitting shouting and took the book she was holding and hit me in my face right in my eye. I then got up and lunged right at her. the manager came over and asked what happened I told him she in turn gave him a different version I told him to call the cops which he did they came took statements. Alfrado the manager did not handle the situation in an appropriate manner he told the cops that we should not come back there the officer whose name is thomas became aggressive because a member of my party told the manager it was not right he should check his workers especially samantha, base on hear aggressive behavior that we have the right to dine any where we want and should not be subjected to such outrages behavior the officer became more aggressive when I took her badge. she said it was harassment. how can she say that when I was attacked on provoke by the server. These kind of behavior need not be in a place where you serve people. We had children with us. The manager went on to say they do not have a phone number for the corporate office when I called back. I got a number from the internet I hope it is working.

Nancy Belden August 11 2014
Myself and a group of my Senior friends eat at Applebys almost every Friday night and we have been trying to find out about the 15% discount golden Apple card. I have been unable to find one. Please let me know where I can get one. My address is 715 29th St. Phenix City Al 36867. My email address is
Thank you in advance for responding and better yet sending me a card!

Dean Mckinley December 06 2014
I am sure u hate complaints but I have been a loyal customer for many years. I just have to rethink where I eat from now on. Your portion sizes are smaller and description of products are less than forthcoming. The last 2 times here very disappointed. The double crunch shrimp for the price is way out of line. I think more like an 8.99 price on that. The 4cheese grill is just a flat cheese grilled sand which not worth the asking price. The bowl of soup is actually the size of a cup. The grilled cheese should be more like 6.99.

jeanne p brenier March 23 2015
we went to your restaurant in mobile Alabama to dine on is located at 5760 airport boulivard.we left without dining however due to poor service & food/drink presentation by an example,the iced tea served had no lemon or ice & was warm.there were no napkins.after a 20 minute wait we had not been served yet although their was less than 1/2 room occupancy.

Teresa Cotner November 25 2015
How is it that I can enter your Rocky River location - see empty tables& be tol there is a 15 minute wait? Leaving

Sandi Gray November 28 2015
We go to the Applebees on 635 in Mesquite, TX SEVERAL times a week. It is ALWAYS FRIGID in there. We went tonignt (42 degrees out side) and the A/C was on full blast, as usual! I said something about it as we walked out with no response, just a smile. We love your food but would like to be some what comfortable. (We did have our coats on). No other restaurants seem to be this way and we eat out ALOT!
Sandi Gray 3204 Manchester Dr., Mesquite, TX 75150

Kari T. December 13 2015
I am writing to express my frustration with a recent dining experience I had at your Wellington,FL, restaurant on State Road 7. The host sat us in the bar area with our children. We asked to move because it was not an appropriate area for our kids to be in. I finally asked for a manager. Joe, the manager, said he could not move us to one of the three open booths. So we took our party of 6 and found another restaurant.