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Dollar General Corporate Office Address: 100 Mission Rdg, Goodlettsville
TN, 37072
Phone: (615) 855-4000

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Dollar General or Dollar General Corporation is a fast-growing retailer which has a chain of over 10,000 discount stores in 40 states in the US. Most of Dollar General stores are located in small shopping plazas or in strip malls that are in local neighborhoods. They offer a wide range of goods including basic household products, health and beauty items, apparel, food, and seasonal items. They mainly target low-income, middle-income, and fixed-income consumers.

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altareatippett November 02 2012
shopping nov.1 2012 store blasting vulgar rap music do not want too hear this kind of music ,while shopping store#4334 columbus,ms.hgwy45. thank you ms A.Tippett

patricia mcdaniel December 27 2012
Your store at 5020 e 16th street is a joke as well as your management and district manager for that store! I was employed with this store up until december 20,2012 when i was falsely terminated on some false accusations by Crystal steeleman and Karri the district manager. I do appreciate how i was used to work at two different locations without any compensation as well as not being paid for all the hours worked at the 16th st location! And not to mention the lack of work by the manager and the asst. manager Duwana. I have pictures of the trash that would be left in the store sales floor overnight for me to clean up at opening as well as the recovery of the shelves not being touched at all! Also the customers are very dissatisfied with my being terminated because i was the only employee at that store that did not disrespect the customers nor have an attitude with the customers. Please contact me immed. concerning this matter at 317-657-2841

Julie Brodlowicz January 29 2013
The dollar general store in Needville Texas is the most disorganized mess I have ever seen...They never restock the products they run out of, the management is a joke.....I have to go to the next town to the other Dollar General in Rosenberg...The employees never know whats going on...You need to find a decent store manager or close this location....Its just a real waste of time going in there...

jay moody February 03 2013
On 2-2-13 i went to purchase a item from the Dollar General on the columbia rd in Orangeburg SC.when i went to the cashier to pay i gave her 100 bill as i was in line talking. As i left the store and headed home i notice at the house she short me 53 dollars.Since it was closing i went back after church and was told the draw was not over so i ask about the deposit and was told no.They never check the camera or talk to the cashier that work that night.

Pissed ex employe February 06 2013
Tracey brown store manager in west milton ohio
Was Very unfair. I tried to call in sick like everyone in store has.was told my shift couldnt be covered. And that I needto come in sick anyway. I explained that I was much to sick. Her responce was that it was unfair to her cause she wouldnt get a day off . Then that I quote bitched about my hrs and she finally gave me 10 hours sence she hired her friend and gave her my hrs for 3 months. all in all I was a good employe just got pushed aside and cussed at and disrepected due to the flu. And cause tracey hired her friend.
Thats why america compinies are failing there's

loylaty in america . She really shouldnt be in a position where she can hire her friends that in aperance probally shouldnt be at a front counter and give hrs to
Them other than a loyla employee that has already been there for 5 months defently needs investageted

concerned customer, February 14 February 15 2013
I had forgotten one of my bags at the dollar store in the Hickman,KY store. I called and told them of the 2 items that was left there. I looked for my receipt that night. And with no luck couldn't find it. Went back to the store the next day and was told that another customer had picked up the bag I had left. But I had to buy the items again even though the cashier remembered the purchase the first time. So my question is. Even if the cashier remembers,and the customer doesn't have the receipt, which is worse? Giving the customer what they have paid for or allowing someone to steal knowingly?

concerned customer February 22 2013
dollar general store in Van Horn,Texas #07044 is a big mess
with the current manager MARIA. she has no knowledge of
managing a store. her management skills are the worst that
i have ever seen. that store is a shambles. she needs to be replaced
by the assistant manager who really keeps that store in order.
the assistant manager shows more management skills with the employees and communication skills with the customers. i hope that you really
look into this matter and you make the correct decision in
replacing her.

Home town shoping February 23 2013
I purched a small bottle of milk from your store in Coffeeville, MS just a little wile ago, and was very displeased with the service I recived. First the casher was rude when I told her that I had the change part of my bill, she said she could not accept my change because she had already entered the amount of money I given her then she did not give me a recite and did not put my purchas in a bag.
I don't want to go out of town to shop but if this is the service I recive in your store here I wont be spending my money there anymore.
Home thwn shoping.

Cindy Davies March 13 2013
Went to Chicopee Mass store on Monday as I moved and needed all new house supplies. Was disgusted and will NEVER go there again, Nancy, the rudest person I have ever come across in retail was rude and obnoxious. There was a sign about mix and match lamps. I wanted one due to the price, got to the register and she said it was an old sign, I know when working in retail you have to match the price. She refused and I wax livid. Extremely terrible rude employee who, by word if mouth will not frequent that store anymore, noone deserves to he treated by a rude person in such an unprofessional manner . No more Dollar general for ne.
And I traveled 20 minutes to get there!
Cindy Davies
70 green valley drive Enfield, Ct 06082 phone 413-214-1516 and I want a district manager call back thank you

Jeff Marshall March 14 2013
I have had constant coupon troubles. I have had to load your coupon printing software over and over; now cannot get it to work at all. Got a "get 5 off any 25 dollar purchase" email, could not get coupon to print. Then got sent by text message a "5 off 30 dollar purchase" coupon code instead of a "5 off 25" code.

Tried to contact your company using your online contact form....the dropdown menus for state wouldn't work, so was unable to use it.

do not shop March 18 2013
ive never seen a sight like the store in Elkhart KS. The store manager has her own kids running around the store with out any supervision. she started complaining to an employee that she needed to be nicer to her kids and that her and another employee couldnt trade shifts as one of them has baby at home the manager does not dress to code yet she makes it mandatory for the others she alsohas shorted pay checks to line her own pockets. i am very consernd about this...

Char Chamberlain March 19 2013
WHEN oh WHEN is something going to be done at the Dollar General Store #03832 in Brazil, is dirty, messy, double the amount of products for the size of the store.....I could go on and on. We are a community of over 8,000 people and it is down right embarrassing. There is an empty store next door, close this one and expand with it and get clean flooring, organization, etc. I would patronize weekly, but it is all I can do to go in anymore...customers are being lost just because of the conditions.

Chesaning Shoppers March 20 2013
In regards to your store in Chesaning, MI - something needs to be done about the service and the long check out lines. Over and over we wind up waiting in line while one person cashes out everyone and all the other employees stand around talking (including manager).

Danny Propst April 01 2013
Monday April 1 2013. Iwent to the Dollar General Store to make purcnases to find it a FILTHY,scum mess. , not to mention that the entire store had a terrible stinking smell . This store was the nastiest store that I have been in my entire life. My dog pen floor is cleaner than that store floor.This store is embarrassing to our entire town. Tried calling corporate office; FORGET THAT!tHE LADY WHO ANSWERED MUST SLEPT ON ROCKS1

Dorothy Gilles April 08 2013
I stopped shopping at Dollar General due to a rash of armed robberies
in stores around Columbia Tn.A very brave 75 year old grandmother discovered two suspicious males near a dollar general. She called the police and held them at gunpoint until units arrived. Guess what???
no more reported robberies in our area since the arrest!!!
This woman deserves an award and Dollar General should step up to the plate and give her at least a gift certificate!!! I do not know her name
but that information could be obtained through the Columbia Police Dept

cleo April 11 2013
your store # 13399 on Chancellor ave Irvington nj...
I have asked the manager several times to PLEASE allow me to purchase Grits by Quaker..
Because of this i have had to go to PATHMARK on Lyons Ave to buy it...
Many people have asked for it from the neighborhood and seemingly no reply was given..

I would love to continue coming to your store, but if you keep Grits by Quaker off your shelves you force me to give my hard earned cash to Pathmark..
Cleo from irvington Store #13399

Nichol May 10 2013
The Dollar General Store in Evarts,KY Use to be great but now it is nasty you cant even get to the shelves to find what you need or get down most of the isles due to the fact that they never stock any thing they just leave stuff in boxes on carts in the isles and all they do is stand outside and smoke while people are waiting to be checked out There manager is a complete smart "A" Guess I will be shopping at Family Dollar! I really wish they would get it together I like your stores if you had someone who could actually run the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ms taylor May 17 2013
Just pissed at poor management and service in desoto, TX at Hampton stores. They are filthy and poorly kept. Reap of smoke as if they are smoking in the stores and garbage and junk all over the floors. please pop in and sneak a peek if concerned. Corporate, you will be embarrased too.

Myra Hawkins June 14 2013
We are very fortunate to have a Dollar General Store in our area. It is located at 3810 Hwy. 11W, Chesnee, SC 29323, but there is a severe problem here. Three-fourths of the merchandise is in the isles with very little walkway. There is no way a wheelchair can access anything in there. Surely there is a way to have this stock on the shelves and not in boxes in the isles.

Maggie Ferguson June 17 2013
I have a vacant lot in a prime St Louis, City, Missouri 63115 zipcode for sale. The title is clear and in a great location.

I can be reached at 314 910-8794

Dissatisfied customer October 31 2013
As I can see from other comments ,my complaint is lie most others. Holden, Missouri store is filthy and big racks full of broken downp boxes & such sitting in the aisles. I can understand when they are trying to stock shelves but not every day & not the empty boxes. Get those back in the storage area & out of sight. Everything in there is just a nasty mess. Love the convenience & location just needs cleaned up. I am not a manager but I could sure clean the place up!!

Richelle Nazaroff January 11 2014
Tonganoxie Kansas is the worst store yet, from the management to the employees, RUDE!! Shut that store down or change how you hire. These people are out from under a rock!

anonymous January 28 2014
Your new store at the corne of Hamlton Road and 25th Street in Columbus, Ga. is a joke. The employees are VERY RUDE. I have shopped there twice since it opened and was cheated twice. I have shopped at Dollar Stores in Florida ad Georgia and was happy with the service, prices and the courtesy of the employees but this new store is the worst. I will not shop again even though it is in my neihborhood. I owned my own business for many years and never treated my customers as I was treated. GODBYE DOLLAR GENERAL!!!!!

Maria Thomas April 25 2014
My husband, and I shop often at Collar Genral stores by passing
Wal-mart. could you possibly lower the prices of sunflower seeds for wild birds, we have two feeders, and on a disability income
could not even fill these feeders this winter.

sandra stanfield May 28 2014
I recently retired from Dollar General. While working at my last store, my manager Quinton Hardy borrowed three hundred dollars from me. He originally borrowed it in August. After constantly having to ask for my money back, he made small payments but still has an outstanding debt to me of one hundred dollars. He has ignored my asking for that back. I have completely given up on ever seeing the return of my money. I have also been made aware that while he was managing our Foley, Alabama Store #6815, he borrowed money from two more of my coworkers. He has since been transferred to manage the store in Loxley, district manager is aware that he borrows from his employees. I think his new employees. I would like his new employees to be warned not to loan him money. As a manager, he makes more than cashiers and should be completely ashamed of himself fir not fulfilling his financial obligations.

mark gatz July 05 2014
d.g. 168 se state rd. 238 lake city,fl.32025 #101 today 7/5/14 @10:40 am est. pulled into parking lot . looked liked they had a major party last few days, garbage everywhere ,trash cans totally over flowing ,big time, I really mean garbage everywhere in the parking lot. this is a stand alone store. NO EXCUSE,,, some junk yards I have been to are cleaner.. this NOT the first time .. manager should be reprimaned ,,suspended or fired !!! NOT one excuse is acceptable.. plus all the carts are all over parking lot..NOT ONE ,THATS RIGHT,,NOT ONE SINGLE CART IN THE STORE...(aka) buggy ??. this is not too much cleaner inside but not totally acceptable.. this store is NOT what dollar general is all about.. time for NEW manager with some pride and cleanliness.. it is like saying WELCOME TO PIG GENERAL when you pull up to this store

Bill Lattermore October 14 2014
Your store #3762 at 4915 W 7th St. in Texarkana, Texas has an extremely dark parking lot and the front doors to the store are also almost dark due to having only 2 light fixtures above the door. I am surprised that any female who is alone would ever stop and shop there. Dollar General should consider that if anyone is ever mugged in the parking lot then they would probably have some liability in the matter due to the very dark parking lot. This matter should be addressed immediately. The clerk stated that they were afraid to walk to their vehicles at closing time due to the dark parking lot !!!!!!!!

Mary A Hooser October 14 2014
The store in Italy Texas is one of the worst stores I have ever seen. The floors are nasty. There store is piled high with stock yet there is very little on the shelves and what I thr you can not get to for stock thr has not been put up. Th restrooms are a disgrace. There are dead bugs all over the floors and the store smells terrible. Employee laying on sidewalk in front of store smoking. This was once a very nice store hope to see it that way again. Thank you

william rondeau October 24 2014
i went to your store om dave ward in conway when i was pulling out of the parkinglot there was a truck so i moved over to the left side of the parking to let them by hit na unmarked culvert that cant be seen at all at night it looks like many people have hit it it messed up a tire a rim and hub cap my name is william rondeau i had two asst mangers look at it all thay would say is its conway corps problem witch i think thayrealy did not care you can reach me at any time at 501-563-5055 December 16 2014
Your store in Dixon Missouri has been one of the best places to shop. The manager Jordan was great always helping and the shelves were stocked as soon as deliveries were made. Now the manager has been sent to another store and the items you want are not stocked but empty and this condition exists for over a week at a time. How can we shop if what we want is not there?

JoAnn M. Percy March 09 2015
I am so glad that a Dollar General was built in Alburgh Vermont it is so close to my house I can walk and I just love the buys you get.
I have shopped at a Dollar General ever since they were in Rouses Point NY. But, now that we have one in our town I go there every time I get a sale flyer. Again thank you for building one in our town. I also see a lot of my friends there also.

connie pertillo april 14, 2015 April 15 2015
we live in Stecoah Valley Graham county NC 20 miles from Bryson city or Robbinsville NC. we live on the Fontana lake and there is a lot of tourist, campers, fisherman and local people that really need a dollar general store. I think it would cover every ones needs in this area please check in to this you would make money and be appreciated. THANK YOU.

Marie Morello May 14 2015
As I view the comments listed here by very displeased patrons and former employees I am not surprised by the actions of Dollar General in trying to take over Melrose, Florida.

We are fighting tooth and nail to keep this from happening in our beautiful 1 traffic light community that is already partially zoned historic.

Knowing that you are reviled in this community yet you continue to pursue this endeavor shows how ethically and morally devoid you are and the soullessness of your actions says it all!!!

Melisa Stuckey May 28 2015
I was in your store in Flora Ms and when I was checking out some of the things I had was ringing up a penny.the person that was ringing me up stopped and called for the manger. She said that I could not buy any of the stuff that rung up a was things that was in a clearance sale box.I shop at your stores all the time and I am very disappointed

Melisa Stuckey May 28 2015
I was in your store in Flora Ms and when I was checking out some of the things I had was ringing up a penny.the person that was ringing me up stopped and called for the manger. She said that I could not buy any of the stuff that rung up a was things that was in a clearance sale box.I shop at your stores all the time and I am very disappointed

Annette Goodell June 19 2015
I have applied at several local Dollar Generals in my area ( I live in Oneida N.Y 13421) and even though I have received the automated E-mail verication that my application and Resume has been received I have not received an interview to any of these stores, and yet I keep getting e-mails saying you are still taking applications. I just wonder what my next step should be since I am sure I am qualified for the positions I have applied for. Thank You.

Owens August 27 2015
When the $5 off $25 purchase is offered, it states "$25 or more calculated after all other Dollar General discounts". How are MANUFACTURER coupons considered DG discounts? I purchased the required amount (slightly over $25) and handed the cashier the $5 off $25 DG coupon to use first, in which they did, and then I handed them my MANUFACTURERS coupons. When the cashier took off my MANUFACTURER coupons, the amount was under $25 and the $5 off DG coupon could not be used. WHY? WHY? WHY? THIS MAKES NO SENSE. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS?

Dana Lee September 27 2015
The Dollar General loccation at 3810 Hwy 11 W Chesnee, SC is always a mess. They have most aisles blocked with merchandise on carts that needs to be put on shelves. This has been the case for a very long time and I am so frustrated by this that I avoid going there as best I can. I have pictures I would love to send you. I highly suggest you have someone from corporate to visit this store. I have never seen anything like it. Purely awful!

Brenda November 07 2015
What ever happened to customer service? Who are the people that make the stupid rules? I was in the Dollar General store in Alderson WV about 5pm today. The store was trashed and the line was way down the isle and people were also leaving their stuff and walking out. Only one person was on duty for the night. I was told sales were down and hours were cut was the reason for no help. Sales will remain down and theft up under these ridiculous rules.

Deborah November 10 2015
The clerk that works at the Dollar General located on Hull St works mostly mornings wears all black,Caucasian needs to be talked to I was there this morning she was outside on cell came in on cell and proceed to ring which I thought was not very professional nor good customer service instead of on cell could have been picking up debris from parking lot which looked awful.Location Hull St Richmond Va.

donna November 30 2015
my sister was in the dollar general in pratt Kansas she said
a lady had a small dog in a basket. are pets allowed my email is

mrs jordan December 02 2015
Why are items on your 50% off rack, not 50% off at the Getwell store. That old mess been there since May. Who pays full price for open pkgs and slightly damaged items?

D emum December 16 2015
Never have I been treated so harshly, as in the Beulah, Florida Dollar General. The incident that occurred was the most racially hateful act I have ever seen. the manager pushed me as I was getting in line, and caused me to move his display. Then he took out his camera and started taking pictures of me as I walked out the door.

D emum December 16 2015
the store in Beulah, Florida is full of hate. the manager pushed me for no reason today, then took a picture of me as I walked out the door. never had an experience like this before.

Susan Jackson December 29 2015
Need to find out what email addresses I used on application I put a application in white springs fla please give me a call at 3863658738

Connie Dees March 10 2016
Trying to contact Dawn Hughey about my application and test results. Looking forward to working for your company.