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America's Car-Mart Corporate Office Address: 802 Se Plaza Ave., Ste. 200, Bentonville
AR, 72712
Fax: 479-273-7556
Phone: 479-464-9944

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Sherry Martin March 02 2013
I was talking to someone about carmart in Fortsmith selling my daughter a lemon well its her car is once again tore up...

Rosalind Musgrove March 09 2013
In 2009 I bought and paid in full a Chevy Blazer. By the time I was ready to purchase another truck I was able to go to a regular dealership but chose car mart because everyone there was so nice and helpful. I understand the as is and stuff and have never asked them for anything. Well I had major mechanical problems with the truck and dodge took forever to come off the codes to program the computer it took 7 weeks. All the while I kept up with my payments. My husband went asked them if they could help us find someone to fix it. We didn't expect them to pay the bill just send us to someone who knew what they were doing. He was treated like molded garbage by Cliff. Yesterday the truck shut completely down as I was crossing 5 lanes of traffic..yes I was very upset. So per Cliff's stupid business etiquette I paid my bill told him we could get that blah blah out the way it had nothing to do with my mechanical problem and he would not treat me like molded garbage. He commenced to screaming and threatening and cussing me. Told me I could never go back in there again and would never buy another vehicle there. I bought this truck there cause I wanted not cause I had to. And that rude, obnoxious ???? don't have to worry about it cause I have no plans to as long as you employ such bipolar people. He told me see that door don't let it hit you where the good lord split you. I have never been late he said I best never be. Well per my contract I can be 15 days late and he can kiss my butt. Yes I was a little irate when I got there. Crap I had almost been smashed between 4 cars. If he would had been a real business man it wouldn't have taken but 5 kind words and listening to my problem and I would have calmed down. He could care less why I was there. My friend was going there today at my request but I sent him to 1st choice auto, after I told him about the treatment I received. As far as his threats fine I wont go in I wont make payments I will move far away and work and he can have fun finding me unless you make it right. You can check our records we have never given them any problems but its on now unless you correct it. HIS NAME IS CLIFF

Rosalind Musgrove March 09 2013
I need someone from corporate to call me ASAP. Texarkana has my number

carla lumsden August 04 2014
my daughter bought a car from car mart in Malvern AR. The vehicle has been in the shop more than she has driven it. She has been stranded several times along with her 2 year old daughter. The vehicle is once again not driveable. We have never been late on a payment. I have reported this to the BBB because Car Mart has been nothing but stress on this single mother just trying to drive to work and back. Worst experience ever!!!

Anita Dec1 2014 December 02 2014
Carmart is a rip off!!! My car has been broken down more then driveable!! They have bad customer service everybody who work there want to be the boss!! This is the worst experiment i have been through with a car dealership and i dont advise ANYBODY to get,a car from them they full of crap

Andrea Cook May 29 2015
I have been trying to speak with some one about my 2007 Ford Fusion that I got less than 5 months ago from the Elizabethtown, KY branch. A lady talked to me on Monday and said she needed to speak with the corporate manager about the issues. I have called multiple times to follow up, left messages on her voicemail, the general customer service voicemail, and a written comment on the website. I need someone to respond so I know how to proceed with my unsafe vehicle.

Joseph & Rebecca Bagwell October 02 2015
Farmington, Mo location is nothing but a bunch of lying & false advertisement never took the car off the lot(except for test drive) or had the keys. refused to return the down payment. Said they did a return sale. We waited 4 days for them to has the car ready calling everyday about it, was still in the shop when we went back. We have called a lawyer & talked with him. We believe that CarMart should give our $400 back since we never took possession of the vehicle in the 1st place. We were to lied to by the salesman & the owner about a number of different items related to the vehicle also had asked several times for a carfax report which was never given. We also are still waiting on the paperwork for the return sale. If no results are taken within the next week we will be talking to the lawyer again

sharon mcconnell October 07 2015
why are your employees selling cars to people that have no drivers license and out of state license when they have lived in the city longer than what they are telling. it would not be good for your company to keep doing this practice.

Teresa Alexander November 12 2015
Broke down on side of hwy....although carmart was very good to get to me and tow my car to the shop (needs a Raditor hose T ) I had it towed on Friday evening and here it is Thursday the next week and I still have no said it needed to order part...would be here by Tues Claremore, Okla car mart said it didnt come in that it was being tracked....I call Wed...left message no response back very disappointed...and to think I gave you all a good plug on facebook...I make my payments on having to find ways to work as I cant afford to rent a car...cant afford not to go to work...then I wouldnt be able to make payments...Whats up? really??? So frustrated!