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Phone: (203) 877-4281

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Owned and operated by the company Doctor\'s Associates, Inc., Subway is a restaurant franchise which mainly sells subs or submarine sandwiches and salads. It is one of the world\'s fastest growing franchises, with over 37,000 restaurants in about 100 countries and territories around the globe. Aside from their salads and sandwiches, some of the products that are sold at Subway stores include wraps and baked goods such as muffins, doughnuts, and cookies.

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Linda Boyd November 29 2012
Bought a Veggie Subway last night at the Subway Quail Springs Mall in
OKC. My daughter bought one too but it wasn't from the same loaf of wheat bread. It was so stale that instead of pinching off the stale part, it required all my strength to break the bites off. Sad part is her bread was stale too. I have never had such an awful sandwich. The vegetables were fresh. Have never had a bad Subway before this experience. I now know why we were the only ones there. Would have returned it but had taken the Subs to our Hotel to eat.

kelly December 04 2012
i bought a tuna sub from subway and spent 2 days in bed and on the bathroom floor. Tuna was rancid.

memphis tennessee December 21 2012
subway is practicing working employees off the clock. such as trying to get them to do test and meetings. this needs to be addressed before the media is called.

ivette January 05 2013
I was an employee at subway and they won't giving me hours but 6 hours a week so I quit and the owner of subway said she wasn't going to pay me for my deposit she hold the first week I worked for and my last check I worked for they are doin illegal things that are wrong.

Dottie January 10 2013
I eat at subway a couple of times a week and enjoy it. However, when we were there yesterday, we asked for coffee to drink with our sandwichs but the server told us Subway doesn't serve coffee. Many people do not drink sodas and I think coffee should be available to them. I would like to hear from you on this subject. Thank you in advance

Mcconnelsville ohio January 11 2013
Well I went to subway and was buying a steak sub and a chicken breast sub. The lady in the black shirt opened the case to make my sandwiches and I could smell the chicken so I changes my mind on the chicken and got a BMT. I asked for them to be toasted. Well after that came the veggies. The lettuce she was trying to put on them was brown and I told her I didn't want that lettuce so she went and got more. The tomatoes were soggy and falling apart. Took the order home and when I went to eat the steak sub it had a long hair in it. So I threw it away. My husband use to go in there all the time and he said it was a great place but now I would not refer anyone I know to go there. They are not friendly and most of the time are very rude people.

ann January 30 2013
I think I have a great idea that might help with the size being question of your subs..just a little change to the paper that the sub is wrapped in . A twelve inch marking of one increments so everyone can check what check the sub size.. ruler printed on it would be great too.

Concerned customer January 31 2013
The Subway at 7410 Jerusalem Road in Oregon Ohio will start cleaning and putting everything away 45 minutes before closing time. This has happened at least 8 times. On top of them closing early, they are very rude.

Very concerned Customer February 01 2013
I recently stopped off a my local Subway told the lady behind the counter what I wanted. I asked for extra chees. According to her extra cheese is one extra slice of cheese for a footlong sub. Not to mention when I did say something to her she rolled her eyes. Unfortunately too many restaraunts are hiring people from other countries. I happen to have some as friends, but this particular store, they stand behind the counter and speak in another language about Customers, rolling their eyes, and giving bad customer service. What happen to America, when you can even get assistance behind the counter from a local restaraunt. I work wih major Companies myself assisting them with various customer relations. But in my own opinion this is where we are failing. This is why Customers drop off because no one cares to say anything. What good is it going to do is what they are thinking. Unfortunately for me the Manager was also from the same background, stating they put 8 slices of cheese on my footlong, I watched the girl only put 5 slices, 3 slices of meat (since I was ordering a BMT Italian). Companies need to stop treating their Customers this way. It is terrible. No wonder there is so much advertising for customer winback campaigns. But I guess in the end I will find another location or another company that makes subs. As this is probably not going to make a difference at Corporate either. Which is very sad. Subway I think has done an awesome job at making things healthier.

Nicole Newton February 02 2013
At approximately 4:15 PM at the Subway in Lovejoy, GA - in Walmart on Tara Blvd - two young ladies behind the counter were taking to a young man ordering a sandwich. The called him a "Jigaboo" more than once, and asked him if he wanted government cheese on his sandwich. By the third time the used this term and the young lady shouted it to him as he left the area, I informed her that the term she was using was highly offensive to people of color. I repeated it to the other young lady working with her. There were at least 4 other people in line. She shrugged it off, gave me my change, and said next customer. We've started to post this story on social media. It is highly unacceptable. I'm not looking for these young ladies to get fired, I'm looking for them to get educated. The young man they were talking to looked like he felt uncomfortable.

A. Mason February 05 2013
I tried to go to the Subway in Macomb Il (zipcode 61452) next to Taco Bell tonight at 11:45 pm. The sign on the door said that it closed at 12:00 am, the big neon sign in the window said it was open, the lights were on; but the door was locked and there were no employees where you could see them. Might not wanna go to that Subway!! They apparently close when they feel like it, not at the time the sign says. Guess the employees had better things to do, bet their time card shows they worked the entire time though! I am so mad at this point not sure I will ever go back!

Tamron Gorski March 01 2013
Subway is practicing unsafe preservation of frozen food, intentionally mislabeling foods and collecting monies from customers and not ringing the food up on the register.

Herman Pfauter March 05 2013
I eat at a local subway from time to time.
I would like to make a suggestion:
Why not add sourdough bread to your bread choices. It is far better than what you offer.
Can I bring my own?

Herman Pfauter
Santa Barbara, CA

Jonathan Gallant March 21 2013
Bought a 6 inch steak and cheese sandwich and a bag of chips with NO SODA. The manager rang me up at $6.70 somthing cents. But when I got home and checked my bank account the manager charged me 10.58 off my debit card. He also did not provide a recept for the purchase. I eat at subway almost everyday after work. I will not being eating at subway anymore unless I get a refund and a apology. This manager ois located at this address 7415 Hardeson Rd, Everett, WA

(425) 355-8727 ‎ ∑

JAMES HECKEL March 28 2013

Jean High April 08 2013
I notice on all your ads,for sandwiches you show a ton of meat on them but when ordered the just slap a prepackaged pack of meat that does not look good,certainly not like it is shown on your ads. That is why I will not return to your stores.

Skyler Funderburgh April 08 2013
I was recently hired at a Subway location in Leander, TX. I was told I could not work until I had my food handlers license, I went and obtained the license online (The only way to obtain the license from what i was told) after that the hiring manager said I still could not work until I watched the video on how to make a Subway Sandwich, I was told they no longer do a video teaching system.
I contacted the hiring manager and told her this she said I still had to go to a town an hour away from them to train for the job, I have three other friends working for Subway and they all got trained the day they started work. I want to know what is correct so I may start working as soon as possible.
Please any information will be of help.
You can contact me at

Mary Johnson April 11 2013
I bought a subway from the Enumclaw washington franchise and saw the employees not changing gloves after touching the handle on the tray they roast the subs on, they then used the same gloves to keep making sandwiches. Today I went to the Subway in Enumclaw Washington, 98022,and the owner "Zane" whom I have heard is rude to his teenage workers and inappropriate was VERY rude to me, snapping at me when I told him I would like a 6 inch instead of a footlong, as he was cutting the bread down the middle, and I thought he was going to make me a foot long. Cutting the whole piece of bread would dry out the other half, correct? I have never seen this done before. Also, there is a woman that works in the "franchise" that wears the same apron day after day and rubs her chest down the sandwich making board and then they continue making sandwiches on it. I will never visit this "franchise" again. The bathrooms are filthy and the owner is rude to customers, employees, and does not follow health codes.

kayla April 11 2013
i work for comcast in knoxville tn and i had the worse experience at this restaurant the woman was flat out rude and racist. the woman name is samantha she works at store #15024 6217 river view crossing knoxville tn. i was waiting to be waited on patiently it was 2 girls at the counter jane and samantha jane was the cashier and samantha was making the sandwiches i was standing behind the man because the only thing i wanted to get was cookies. in the mean time another man came in i had already been standing there for a couple of min. samantha then got done with the sandwich looked past me and asked the man behind me what he wanted with a smile and a great attitude while i stood there in shock i asked jane and samantha so nobody is going to take my order.... samantha then replied i dont take orders when your not standing where the order sign is.... chuckled and rolled her eyes..... now mind you the man who just came in was behind me NOT AT THE ORDER HERE SIGN.... and had she greeted me like she was supposed to she wouldve known the only thing i wanted was cookies. where im from in knoxville comcast loves giving there business to the local subway because we always have big meeting important people from out of town and who wouldnt want a sandwich but after the experience i had today u can be sure that i will not be ordering from subway until this situation is handled and this woman is dealt with there is no reason for such rude poor and trashy service

Toi Rudd April 15 2013
I gotten Food posion from subway Sat on April 13 2013 I was eating an chicken salad it was to worest feeling ugh

Marlene April 23 2013
I recently stopped at the subway on Bien Mur Travel Center on 8901 Tramway Blvd, Albuquerque NM. I asked a male employee there what were the specials for the month of April, he told me it was chicken and ham , i picked chicken. When I proceeded to the checkout the sale refused to go through. The employees were rude and refused to work with me, my sandwich was thrown in the trash in front of me. I was asked if I wanted the ham so I agreed, first of all he did,nt wash his hands and was very rude.They were unprofessi.onal and it was apparent they had little knowledge of what they were doing ,I contacted subway, they did not respond, was very disappointed, I won,t be going back ever.

robert boardman April 25 2013
I consumed a 1/2of a 6in meatball sub and it was offal.

Trammell April 29 2013
We have a subway manager in our area of Windsor Virginia that has favorite people that work with her. This manager gives her favorites all the hours they need and some will have very few hours. The employees would call my sister constantly asking for her hours and sometimes this manager gives them my sisters hours and cuts her short she is a single parent.But favoritism is big in this subway. Its a very, very small town where everyone knows everyone. You have to be real nice to this manager to get anything. Do you have manager training for your managers because I was in the army 33 years and they are some rude people in these subways restaurants. My sister has sense quit and will not work at any other subways because she needs things to be fair.

jessica May 03 2013
I worked for subway in sanford fl off 17-92 and 3 rd street. my manager Rich would sell out dated food, pickes roaches out of lettuce and sold it to the customers. wrote me up for missing work because of jury duty. so of course i stoped going work there and now he refuses to fill out my lose of income.

Francis Geerinngs - Holland,Michigan May 04 2013
I have been going to ths Walmart Subway for several weeks now. The Manager there is one of the RUDEST people I have seen in the customer service field. She talks so rudely to the customers. I first thought maybe she was just having a had day,but she is this way EVERY time I go in there. The other day she kept yelling at an elderly women who was trying to order. I over heard a Walmart employee saying that she was always like that. This type of behavior is inappropriate and she should not be in the customer service industry, let alone a manager. I can not find out how to contact the owner of this location, but someone needs to know that this type should be addressed.

Harold Cunningham May 07 2013
Goodrich ice cream is the best, but recently it is no better than any other ice cream. We found out that our local Subway(maybe your entire chain?)is selling Kemp ice cream which is a much lesser quality. I understand Goodrich makes Kemp, but you are advertising the higher quality Goodrich brand. We have been very good ice cream customers and have had to quit buying any ice cream. Even Baskins Robbins ice cream is cheap and inferior to the Goodrich brand. Is this your corp. policy or is it our local store? Please answer, we need your ice cream.

Julian May 14 2013
Just Wanna Say Thanks 2 Subway Because I Lost 95 lbs on a Subway Diet! Thanks!!!

Portia May 15 2013
People in Salt Springs Fl are wondering why the Subway at 13444 N. Hwy 19 Salt Springs, Fl. 32134 is not putting the proper amount of topping on the sandwiches and the pizza. They do not fill the container all the way with the meat for sandwiches. The pizza is also not complete. When they first opened we were all please with the servings, but now it has changed.
We do not have many places to eat (subway,one resturant & grocery store)and we really use to enjoy going here.

Thank you for your time,Portia

phil karda May 22 2013
I USED TO enjoy getting a Subway sandwich.
I recently went to the Subway in Mattituck NY and was totally disappointed.
1. could not understand them
2. the sandwich was very sparse
2a. I basically had to beg the person to get more than 4 pieces of sweet pepper
2b. If they gave me any less of a sandwich it would have been like eating just bread
2c. bread seemed like it was "old"
3. the store was dirty; we changed our minds and took the sandwich out to the car

Well enough from me
I guess my last visit there

donna mcfarland June 07 2013
My daughter has worked for the subway in riverside county, ca for over 5 yrs. And was asst. manager. She puts up with the franchise owners and district managers harrassing her almost daily. She is in tears over her job and stressed out at least three days a week. They change her schedule and cut her hours and tell her to quit if she doesnt like it because they dont care. She is a hard worker and well liked by customers. At subway hard work and dedication leads to verbal abuse and a nervous breakdown. Shame on you subway! Train your franchise owners to treat their employees better. Thank you.

cindy July 08 2013
I have gone to subway quite a few times i had the worst experience and the worst subway sandwich to date. I couldnt belive that the employee actually put 3 tiny slices of blk olives that didnt even equal 1 half of an olive and then got defensive when i dared to ask for a few more overall the whole sandwich was a joke and then he made me wait and went over to finish another ladys sandwich and sent someone else over to ring me up and they didnt give me a receipt never again done w subway

ronald russell January 20 2014
really disappointed in subway went in and ordered a footlong and ended up being charged 7.99 instead of the 5.00 as advertised.thats false advertising. its miss leading to a lot of people. I refused to pay the 7.99 and the employee got really nasty about it so im not going to subway any more. at least at burger king they sell for the price they advertise for.

Cindy January 29 2014
Just wanted the corporate of Subway to know that as of right now I will not be a consumer of any Subway stores again! Your decision to have Michelle Obama as your spokesperson is the reason why! I hope this bad decision will be met with many others who will boycott your restaurants too! Our government must be paying you an ton of money to make his terrible mistake!

Lyn Aguilar February 04 2014
First of all, I am not one of those individuals that routinely write to companies to complain. I have maybe written to a company twice in my life. I can tell you that I frequent Subway and often times choose your offerings for lunch several times a week. Last evening while shopping with my family at Walmart, I decided to order some sandwiches on the way out. This was at store #38497 at 20:25:39 trans.#215 Dwlr1 TRDT 020314 Host ID 687-133-900933 in the amount of $17.32. First off we were greeted by whom I believe is Logan who proceeded to make the first sandwich on the order and who opened up the ticket I believe. He was short and appeared somewhat stoned but thatís ok, he took care of my first sandwich just fine. Then the second gentleman took my 2nd sandwich order. This guy was tall and thin. As we proceeded through the vegetables and he asked if it was for here or to go, I told him I needed one last sandwich. He rolled his eyes and snapped the gloves from the holder to put them on. I said "eye, what kind of attitude is that" and he SHOUTED "you are suppose to tell me before we get to the end of the line". I told him that was rude and obnoxious and told him all I needed was a simple 6 inch Tuna with nothing else on it. Not toasted. No vegetables, no nothing. So I said to him "now that wasnít hard now was it". He continued to be snarky saying how I was suppose to order earlier in the line. I asked who his manager was and he laughed and said it will be on the receipt. When he printed the receipt I saw the store managers name was Robert. He laughed and said "Robert was fired last week, so good luck". This guy said his name was Hunter but I am not sure if I can believe that. I am a Senior Manager for a major automotive car company and expect more from your franchise, as I am sure you do to. I do not think you want me and my mouth spreading this negative experience. I hope that this gentleman is dealt with swiftly and appropriately. I hope to remain a loyal Subway customer. My email is I have written to the Corporate Office as well. We will see if this is appropriately handled.

Jeanette Williams April 10 2014
Concerning Subway on 67Th St, Lawton, Ok. I went there last night to get a sub and they were completely out of bread. Except for flat bread. However, my point is that I went there get my dinner and all they had was one 6 inch French bread left, so I got that last piece of bread but it was not fresh. Tell me how could that happen such as running out of bread

JOE BROWN May 25 2014

MC August 06 2014
Subway sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee Wines September 17 2014
Please...PLEASE get more VEGAN options in your Reno, Nevada stores... thank you!

lewiis panella April 07 2015
I have a coupon that says any 3 subs 15 dollars does that include the prime sub you have. your coupon does say any 3

Linda May 01 2015
we were advised that we were able to use our coupon and upon check out was told it was not effective until the next day because their system was not updated and they did not know how to process it. It was for a free footlong with the purchase of one and a drink. I think they should have figured out how we would be able to get our free footlong but instead we were stuck paying for it.

Judi Holton May 11 2015
After reading what your employee posted or tweeted (?) I will no longer be a Subway customer. Sierra C-Babi Mccurdy celebrating the murder of two police officers. Wow, you really hire quality people.

Judi Holton

May 11 2015
This thug bitch celebrating 2 cops deaths had better be fired.

Donald Elias May 11 2015
I need a corporate response concerning your employee celebrating 2 police officers getting gunned down. I will not eat at another subway until I hear of an official Subway corporate statement.

David Howad Benner, Fire and Rescue Lieutenant, Retired May 11 2015
Is it true that one of your employees celebrated the murder of two police officers? What kind of a business are you running? I worked with and trained with police officers, local, state and Federal, over my long tenure in the fire and rescue service, where I was also trained as a SWAT medic. I cannot give my business to such a company anymore.

Delores Linscott June 22 2015
I called the subway in Pahrump, Nv. to ask if they deliver. The lady said not normally, but where does your friend live. I have a friend who is very ill and I called from Ft. Myers, Fl. to see if I could do anything for her. She said I am dying for a meat ball sandwich from subway. This lady in Pahrump, named Rebecca was going to take her a meat ball sandwich on her way home from work. I could not believe how sweet an employee could be that would do that. You must be so proud to have an employee like that represent you..

ray santiago July 22 2015
I eat at subway a lot.Im wondering if you can put lemon in your
restrant i wiuld really like that.

David Donley July 25 2015
It would really be nice to see subway start selling french dips for it is so easy to make and its a fast food item that can sell and make lots of money.It would have me going to subway a lot more.Thank you.

Dawn Bauer August 11 2015
I wanted to give a compliment for one of your employees of the Rochester Minnesota Shoppes on Maine Subway Location. Rachel, I believe she might be manager now. One of the nicest employees at a Subway, goes above and beyond every day. We use this location for corporate functions many times per month. She is very thorough and strives for excellence!!! We so appreciate having her at this location to assist us. Look forward to Subway hopefully getting Gluten Free BREAD soon, I miss eating the sandwiches and can only get salads at the current time, Rachel and her staff make them delicious!!!

Anne Anderson-Seeber August 24 2015
Is it common Practice of Subway not to honor their own Coupons ????

Michael Brown August 24 2015
Bought a Subway Club and again the bun was stale. This was the third time. First time I just thought it was just a rare occurrence, The second time I thought that it was a coincidence. But the third time has to represent a trend. I will not waste my money on another Subway. August 27 2015
I arrived at the Subway address 2048-C Atlantic Ave, Chesapeake, Va at 9:40 pm
To order a sub. The open sign was on but the clerk refused to serve me because she said that they were closed. The door was unlocked and no chairs were on the table. She had already taken up the containers. As my husband and I were leaving, another lady entered of a different ethnicity and she served her with a nasty attitude. The reason I know is because I went back into the restaurant in disbelief. To prevent any further discussion, I decided to let you know that this was totally unacceptable.

Susan September 01 2015
Locally I go to two different shops here in Florida. In both, I notice that the employees are always on their cells phones, rather than paying attention to me. the employees look less than clean. And at both shops they press the bread, when cutting it open and after making it. Your pictures are pretty the finished product is not.

Lynne Grove September 25 2015
I go to a subway across the street from where I work. But I no longer want to visit THAT subway, I always order a tuna sub, and I feel they try and put as little on as possible. They put 2 VERY small scoops on a 6" sub. My first 4 bites no tuna. This is the subway in Roselle, Il on Irving park road. I feel they are ripping me off EVERY time I go in.

Lily October 01 2015
October 1, 2015
After 8 years of working for Subway Amherst (MA),working for 3 different franchise owners, I had to resign. The demeaning management practices of the current owner caused me extreme anxiety. As a result, medical professionals urged me to leave that working environment.

Brain November 03 2015
I am so sorry that your Murray and Fountain subway (80916) was too busy to place a take out order for my family. I understand that you have a special going on, but that was the whole idea was to order ahead, 45 min., to not interrupt our day and keep us on schedule. Rarely do we have an opportunity to meet for lunch. We will go to another place, and not be returning to subway, evidently it is too much to handle for the company, our future dollars will go elsewhere

Irene Ware November 03 2015
Just went into your location at 3115 S. Cooper St. Arlington Texas and had the worst experience. On probably one of the busiest promotional days you should have your employees/franchises more prepared to handle the needs of your customers. Only one employee named Lee was doing his best to make sandwiches and check out customers with a line going out the door. There were two other employees outside smoking and texting on there phones. They were completely out of bread and not prepared for national sandwich day promo you advertised for. Thankfully you had one employee who was really trying to manage the line but your other staff could care less. Not sure if leaving a comment will do anything but this location could really use some help.

David Emert November 13 2015
I had a very bad experience in tour Subway Restaurant on Astoria Blvd and 82 street in Queens today, as the manager told me to shut up, and mocked me about a coupon that I had no idea was expired. The manager and staff were very unprofessional and I will never eat at another Subway ever again because of this experience. The manager and staff need to learn how to treat their customers and I advised my co-workers not to eat there as well.

Ashley walby January 12 2016
On January 12, I went into the subway in mcherny on commerce drive IL ,
I have been coming here for a year as it is Close to my job I sure as hell would go somewhere else if I had the time. The owner is one of the biggest yerks I have ever met. He so rude to all women!!!! There is 15 employees at my place of employment and all of them say the same thing! We will order Jimmy Johns from now on.

Diane January 22 2016
I went to your Perry,Ga location tonight at 9:30 only to find the lights out and the doors locked. The sign says 10:00 so I was a bit confused and a little worried until I saw 2 employees come out of what was a closed office looking somewhat disshoveled and partially out of uniform. OUCH

Rebecca January 23 2016
We just bought 5 different meals and ordered online. Someone went and picked our order up from S Center St in Marshalltown, IA and brought back to us. They didnt put any of the fixings on our sandwiches that we wanted. All the bread was so dry and tasted nasty. People have there hair hanginig down in there faces and not pulled back. The people working had the worst additueds. No one wanted to be there to work or help us at all. We also put on our order that we wanted cookies, chips, and pop. We didnt recieve anything. When we called to explain the situation to the store the lady that answered the phone was beyond disrespectful. We will never order from you guys again. I love subway but this destoryed everything. The manager refused to talk to us or even take a complaint.

Tony Marro January 24 2016
I had occasion to visit yurt store at 7231 State Road 54 in New Port Richey, FL last week. I went in for a simple 6" sandwich. Your employee, Sheila Warner, asked if I would like a "deluxe". She told me about the value and taste difference. She suggested more add-ons to my sandwich. Suggested making it s combo instead of the usual boring sandwich that is my normal order. The result... a great sandwich, better value and a steady customer to her store. You should be proud to have employees that serve the customers this way. Kudos to Sheila for making my lunch a little more enjoyable.

Jane Doeh February 01 2016
See other comments warning Albertson Shop about neighbors.

Barbara Clark February 01 2016
The worst service in all of Bradford pa union square address
Subway was out of lettuce and another ingredient. To get a six inch
sub and A 12 inch took 20 min. They did not put enough ingredients
to satisfy A child. Disappointed What can be done

Georgina Pender February 03 2016
I had the worst service at subway today the young man refused to do his job and make more tuna prior to closing. He had nothing that was needed for a sub such as tomatoes, lettuce, or hot peppers and refused to make more because it was 5 minutes until closing. The Subway at Church Square 720 Church Street Norfolk Virginia needs to be shut down I will be calling the health department.