Netflix Corporate Office

Netflix Corporate Office Address: 100 Winchester Cir., Los Gatos
CA, 95032
Fax: 408-540-3737
Phone: 408-540-3700

Customer Service Contact Info:

Established in 1997, Netflix, Inc. is a company that offers movie and television show rental services to subscribers through US mail and through internet streaming. It currently has over 23 million subscribers in the US and more than 26 million worldwide. Its headquarters is located in Los Gatos in California.

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Tavaras Woods March 07 2013
You guys really insulted me with a category stating Goofy African Americans that can be taking out of context by a lot of what you call us Goofy African Americans which is racist. A apology is definitely needed and we are people just like you we support you but not anymore the category should called American comedy I am going to sure that categorized comedy with the local newspaper and media to see what they think.

mahoney March 22 2013
Heard on talk radio yesterday that Netflix is going to raise rates to help subsidize service for people who cannot afford it. It is a priviledge not a right to have movie service. Just like a car or home. Raise your rates and service will be brought to a halt! I can go to my local Redbox and get movies.