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Burger King Corporate Office Address: 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami
FL, 33126
Phone: (305)378-3000

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Established in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, Burger King is a chain of fast food restaurants that currently has over 12,000 locations in more than 73 countries worldwide. They are most popular for their Whopper sandwich, a kind of hamburger which is made with a quarter-pound beef patty that has been flame grilled. Aside from the Whopper, some of the other items that are featured on Burger King\'s menu include chicken sandwiches, salads, sides, desserts, and beverages.

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DANIEL F KESACK December 14 2012
After seeing your commercial for the 55c whopper we went to our local store at 4891 South US#1 Ft Pierce Fla 34982 Store #8742 I ordered the Whopper Meal and the 55c one. The manager stated that I needed to buy A Whopper to get the 55c one. The sign did say that you had to buy one. That is true! However it did not specify that the one could not be part of a meal. Since your goal is our satisfaction, I am NOT satisfied with these bait tactics and believe the advertising to be false.

520 Tropical Isle Circle
Ft Pierce Fl 34982
Phone 772 455 8067

Sarah Kennedy February 14 2013
The Burger. King n Monticello. Really sucks u hve to wait so long on food then it be cold made wrng.new people r nt friendly at all dnt greet you.i went there yesterday the people didnt look clean the manager wasnt friendly i recommend no one ray there food horrible i think her was kim she the only friendly one keep rest go.

Iesha Johnson March 01 2013
I went to Burger King in Laplace Louisiana thrusday night at 10:30 I order a chicken tender sandwhich and the meat was raw I mean really raw I have picture for proof and also the receipt and sumthing need to be down about this I can be reach at 1(985)8707886

Linda Staude March 18 2013
My Husband and myself stopped at the burger King #6487 in Myrtle Beach South Carolina the food was inedible I got a Philly Chicken sandwich meal and it tasted like they have not changed the grease in the fryer for weeks my husband got a whopper meal and his was raw I am sorry to say I will never go back there again It was a waste of $15 I came here from PA. and there was never a problem like this. People will be getting sick PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS.

Linda Staude March 18 2013
The food is cold and taste horrible the whopper was cold and the chicken sandwich made me sick tastes like the fryer grease had not been changed in weeks people could get really sick better check this out ASAP store #6487 in myrtle beach south carolina I will never eat here again please respond so that i know someone is reading these emails lcstaude@sccoast.net what a waste of $15 bucks.

Jill Henderson March 20 2013
Have been trying for weeks to get my sons W2 from burger king. Absolute nightmare. The number posted 305-378-3000 is not getting me through to an operator. It states press one, I press one, then it starts the message over again. Help!!!

Nancy Brown March 24 2013
Just came from the BK in Claremont NC. My husband just got the stuffed bacon cheddar hb. Although it was good it had no bacon or cheddar on it. Mayo, hb, 2 onion rings and lettuce. what a rip off

simone nadeau March 24 2013
the advertisement about the new latte is not what they give you. my mom and i stopped for one yesterday we expected a tall glass like on the ad for a 1.00 and it was the size of a small coffee thats false advertisement. you need to change the ad!!!!!

LISA in Elmwood Park, IL March 25 2013
THE BURGER KING AT HARLEM AND BLOOMINGDALE IN ELMWOOD PARK,IL. IS A MESS!! You wait for 10 minutes for THE WRONG ORDER. Their management and employees are slow, unhappy, rude and could care less about the customers. MY ENTIRE OFFICE WOULD NO LONGER GO THERE. We will make the longer drive ANYWHERE else.

Rebecca rineholt comeaux March 29 2013
Well i got off of work at three am and i was craving burger king i waited ten mins at the drive through inter com for them to tell me they was switching to breakfast and i would have to wait in the front so i parked in front after thirty mins i called and asked the manger to have someone let me know when they was done since i was waiting in front she had a horrible attitude and told me i had to call back because they are not done this happened in franklin louisiana

Grace LaFountain Oak Harbor, Wa. 4-11-13 April 11 2013
We go to Burger King in Oak Harbor every day in the morning and have coffe and read. We sometimes have breakfast while we are there. The manager (Charles) is on vacation and should be back today (I think). He has trained his employees well as they did a great job while he was gone. When Charles is there he comes out and talks to all of the regulars and is so great with all of us. We meet with several classmates from years gone by and we all love the Burger King in Oak Harbor and thought you should know what a great job they do!!

May 03 2013
I recently traveled to Wausau, WI for business. As I entered the city on Bus Hwy 51 (north) I saw a Burger King on the right side of the road and a McDonald’s on the left. Since I prefer a Whopper I turned into Burger King.

After I placed my order I asked the counter person “Do you have Wi-Fi” get this; his reply was “No, but if you sit in those back tables along the window you might be able to pick up McDonald’s signal. It took moving to three tables before I picked up McDonald’s Wi-Fi signal.

As I sat eating my meal, I scanned my emails. When the counter server came out to clean up some tables he walked over and asked “Were you able to get McDonald’s signal?” I replied “yes”
For the record, I cannot believe a major change like Burger King, operating in the largest city in central Wisconsin:

a)Does not have Wi-Fi in its restaurant
b)It openly encourages people to jump on McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Shame on you Burger King I thought you were better than that.

carol szemplinski May 04 2014

September 03 2014
I was at your Burger King in Wyomissing PA. Let me tell you how truly unprofessional the managers are there, with the exception of one. The breakfast manager is the only one I ever see actually working. She is the only one to keep the staff in check. I was there on Tuesday Sept 2, 2014 and once again, she was working while other managers ( including the store manager ) was in the lot doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. There are so many times I go there and see things that I feel as a customer to be unfair to the one manager always working while others are goofing around, smoking, and just being completely disrespectful. I thing you need to take a hard look at who is really running that store.

R Payne September 17 2014
It seems that an employees or district manager by Christine Cleve writes customers nasty emails. Now I know why the folks who.work at the Marion and West Memphis, Arkansas stores have bad attitudes and no standards. On a busy night one place has just 3 folks in store and the managers do not care because they take their cues from their district manager. Christine Clever does not care as bout the employees or customer service. I found her response rude and insulting. She is just getting a paycheck. Her training is lacking. She has ruined the stores in this area. Plus my neighbors have said the same thing. Heck one morning the Marion store was open but when I went in and stood and knocked on counter and said hello loudly and after ten minutes and there was no one in office or kitchen. This is the was Christine Clever runs her district. Goodbye to Burger King

Robert Perkins November 08 2014
I ordered some food at a Burger King in Laplace Louisiana and the Drive Thru menu prices were wrong they were cheaper than the register prices. I brought this to the attention of the manager and she gave me an attitude and told me there was nothing she could do about it she would not make the changes so that is false advertisement if someone would please contact me back at 4236 76140 thank you very much bye

Sara March 24 2015
I went to Burger King in Monticello Florida and order a cheese burger and a medium frie the lady asked me to pull forward and I stated I was in a hurry aND have to pick up my child. I then told her of someone came up behind me I would pull up. (They were making fries and had to wait) when my food was done she then throught it through the window and slammed the door. I have never experienced such rudeNess I will never come back. Did not like the way I was treated.

Jim April 03 2015
Based on your support of the NCAA
Based on their support of super rights for gay les in the Indiana freedom from religion laws we will be boycotting all of burger King
Yours truly sad patron

Butch Archer September 24 2015
I went to your store #56 in Gainesville, Fl yesterday and ordered a chicken sandwich. When i received it, the sandwich was cold, the bun was stale, your person at the counter was rude, and when I went outside I was approached by a very aggressive panhandler that demanded money. Your store makes no effort to keep the parking lot safe. I tried to use your bk experience slip, it did not work, the numbers on the bottom of the slip were cut off. I will never go back there again.

Sandra Capps November 21 2015
A few weeks ago a friend and I were to a newly remodeled Burger King 45465 W Kennedy Blvd. Tampa fl 33609. we each had the Whopper, onion rings and water. the food was almost cold. I told the manager and he said " sorry about that" and went on about his business. That same friend went back in a week or two and again the food was cold. it is a shame since this is a completely new place and the food is no good. Will not be going back there. McDonalds in a block away.