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Knology Corporate Office Address: 1241 O. G. Skinner Dr., West Point
GA, 31833
Fax: 706-645-0148
Phone: 706-645-8553

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Trenna McNeary February 28 2013
I am very upset about the misrepresentation as a new customer. My original attempt was t transfer from Charter to Knology. I set up a plan & paid in advance. Not only that I paid an additional fee covering surcharges that comes a week & half after service. Before payment was made, Being an At&t Rep, I asked in the event I decided to cancel how would funds be reversed? I was told it goes over t accounts recievables & back to card. Today I decided to keep original provider until I return from Chicago, only to find that Service has to be canceled by rep that set up service. In dispute of that the Rep recieved authorization to cancel service, with no knowledge as to a return date. I called 3/4 times frustrated, & was finally told 7/10 B.days. That is ridiculous when the payment is still pending. I actually sold others on the idea of this service. The Reps fail to note accounts, or advise customers the difficulties of advance payments. I am really disappointed. It tooks minutes to place my 135.00 on hold, & yet I have to wait 7/10 B. days for a return. I have no account set up... My info can be found in the system under 6113 Blackstone Drive Montgomery Alabama 36116. (334) 450-5226. Noted under refund conf# 37412296.